Sailor Moon S: No Turning Back

Episode 109

Sailor Moon S

No Turning Back

Jap.109 "A Time of Shock! True Identities Revealed to One Another"

Eugeal calls Doctor Tomoe about an issue with the computer system and is told that it means that the true Sovereign will soon be reveled!

Eugeal asks if it could be someone who is not in their organisation and Doctor Tomoe tells her that if she does her job correctly it won't be.

Sailor Moon S: No Turning Back Meanwhile at Raye's temple, all the girls are studying. Serena happily finishes her practice test but when Amy checks her scores she finds that they're all wrong.

Serena begins to complain about it being too much for her but Raye, Lita and Amy tell her to keep things in perspective as studying is nothing compared to the pain of having their Heart Crystals stolen. Mina, who has not had her Crystal stolen appears frustrated.

That night, Mina sits in a park with Artemis. Artemis assumes correctly that she's worried that her heart may not be pure enough to be stolen but with one angry look from Mina he tells her that that's ridiculous.

The next day, Serena, Luna and Artemis (who had told them about Mina) track her down and find her practicing volleyball. After being hit in the face by several balls, Serena asks Mina what she's doing and is told that she thinks the reason her heart isn't pure is because she Sailor Moon S: No Turning Back isn't pursuing something with passion.

They all head out and chill out at a UFO catcher. When it becomes obvious that Mina is planning to deliberately have her Heart Crystal targeted, Serena grabs her and tries to shake some sens into her. Funnily enough, all the shaking causes the UFO catcher to pick up a huge collection of plushies.

Later on, Mina heads to a bookstore to research Pure Hearts. While holding a book on the subject, Amara and Michelle see her and wonder if she's involved in the Heart Snatchers' quest.

Mina sees them and asks for their opinion on the subject. Through some fumbling they tell her that a person with a Pure Heart thinks of others. Suddenly a car advertising blood donations drives past. Mina races outside to chase it but quickly returns and interrupts Amara and Michelle's pose to give them a plushie each.

Sailor Moon S: No Turning Back Mina manages to track down the blood drive and drops in several times to give as much blood as she can.

At the Death Busters' base, Tomoe prepares a new Daimon based on a doorknob and sends it off with Eugeal to the blood drive.

The next day Amy, Raye, Lita, Luna and Artemis are spying on Mina and have had enough of her crazy attempts at proving the strength of her heart. Suddenly Serena appears and gives Mina some energy drinks. As the two talk, Eugeal appears in her car, stops and fires her gun, zapping Mina!

Mina's Heart Crystal materialises in front of her body. Serena tells Mina to quickly put it back but Mina, delirious from having her Heart Crystal removed grabs it and runs away with it, ranting about having a Pure Heart.

Sailor Moon S: No Turning Back Serena runs after her as does Eugeal. Luna and Artemis and the girls run after them but end up tripping over each other and falling to the ground. Amara and Michelle who were watching everything from nearby, run after Serena.

Eugeal is the first to find Mina unconscious in an underground car park. Serena arrives and commands Eugeal to leave Mina alone. Eugeal releases the newest Heart Snatcher, Doorknocker who begins to seal all the exits. Amara and Michelle sneak in just in time.

Serena, seeing no choice, transforms into Sailor Moon, much to the surprise of Amara and Michelle but is also quickly tackled by Doorknocker.

As Eugeal reaches for Mina's Heart Crystal Michelle throws the plushie Mina gave her at Eugeal's hand. Doorknocker then turns her attention Sailor Moon S: No Turning Back to them, forcing them to transform to save themselves.

Sailor Uranus attacks with Uranus World Shaking but it has little effect.

All of a sudden Sailor Mercury, Mars and Jupiter can be heard attacking the barriers outside.

Sailor Moon attacks with Moon Spiral Heart Attack but Eugeal blocks it with her new Fire Buster gun. Fortunately though the hearts rebound and destroy Doorknocker.

Eugeal though is unharmed.

With Doorknocker gone though, her barriers fade and the other Sailors enter.

Mina, now recovered, stands up and transforms into Sailor Venus and attacks with Venus Love Chain Encircle destroying the Fire Sailor Moon S: No Turning Back Buster gun.

Eugeal screams in frustration, jumps into her car and speeds away.

Sailor Uranus and Neptune walk away, leaving the others to wonder why they didn't realise they were Amara and Michelle before.

Later that night, Michelle and Amara reflect on Serena being Sailor Moon and their mission.

Sailor Moon S: No Turning Back

Monster of the Day

Doorknocker was a very powerful Daimon with the ability to create strong metal barriers that could hold back almost all the attacks of the Sailor Scouts.

She was eventually destroyed though but a refraction of Sailor Moon's Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

She was the final Daimon of the first generation to appear on the series.

Interesting Facts

Most of the books in the bookstore contained titles pertaining to Pure Hearts with one even being labelled in hilariously bad English, "TARISMANS". Gotta love Japan.

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