Sailor Moon S: Related By Destiny

Episode 106

Sailor Moon S

Related By Destiny

Jap.106 "The Bond of Destiny! The Distant Days of Uranus"

Amara is thinking back on how she has always wanted to run as fast as the wind as she rides her motorbike trying to relax.

Meanwhile Serena, Amy, Raye, Mina and Lita are checking out a high school that they may be going to next year if they all do well in their tests. Sailor Moon S: Related By Destiny Suddenly they see a woman running really fast on the race track. They recognise her as Elsa Grey who apparently is really famous for her running and go to say hi.

Elsa stops running and sits down to talk to them all. She tells them of how she once raced with this woman (Amara) who ran as fast as the wind and ever since she has been trying and trying to run as fast.

Amara who had been watching recalls how she raced Elsa and remembers when she first began getting visions of the approaching silence and of her cousin, Michelle as Sailor Neptune.

Sailor Moon S: Related By Destiny On the race track, Michelle approaches Amara and Else and drops subtle hints that she knows Amara has been having visions and that she should embrace her destiny.

Back in the present, Eugeal appears and targets Elsa with the athletic Heart Snatcher, Scrappy! Serena and the girls transform into Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus and begin to fight. Sailor Venus attacks with Venus Love Chain Encircle but misses.

The Heart Snatcher then captures them all in a laso.

Sailor Moon S: Related By Destiny Amara who had been watching from behind a tree pulls out her communicator and tells Michelle about what's happening. Michelle says she'll get there as quickly as she can. Amara continues to watch as Elsa has her Heart Crystal taken.

Amara then recalls a moment in her past where she went to watch Michelle perform on a cruise ship. She plays beautifully and the audience is in awe of her skills as a violin player and a painter.

After the performance Amara confronts Michelle. Michelle tells Amara that she has to accept her destiny but Amara tells her that she's seen visions of the future and that she doesn't want anything to do with it.

Sailor Moon S: Related By Destiny Later that week as Amara walks into a car garage at the race track she sees a young boy in pain. As she moves to check on him though he transforms into a giant monster!

Suddenly the Sailor Uranus transformation pen magically appears before Amara. She begins to reach out to it but Michelle's voice yells out at her to stop. Amara turns around and sees Michelle standing in the doorway as the pen falls to the ground. Michelle tells her that if she takes the pen there's no turning back.

Michelle then transforms into Sailor Neptune and begins attacking the monster. Amara tells her to stop as the boy is still inside there somewhere.

Sailor Moon S: Related By Destiny As Neptune fights, the monster begins begins to overpower her and beat her. Neptune then dives in front of Amara to protect her but gets viciously cut by the monster. As a last resort Sailor Neptune fires a Neptune Deep Submerge at the monster which reverts it back to the boy form.

Amara looks at Michelle and tells her that she doesn't want Michelle to be doing this by herself and accepts her destiny as Sailor Uranus and picks up her pen.

In the present, Michelle arrives and both her and Amara transform into Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus. They attack the Heart Snatcher with Neptune Deep Submerge and Uranus World Shaking and manage to inspect the Heart Crystal. LuckilySailor Moon S: Related By Destiny it's not the one they're after and they return it to Elsa.

Sailor Moon then finishes off the Heart Snatcher with Moon Spiral Heart Attack as Eugeal escapes.

The Sailor Scouts turn to thank Uranus and Neptune but they've already begun leaving.

Later as they drive in their car they both appear happy with their decision to follow their destiny and decide to go relax for the moment and grab a milkshake.

Sailor Moon S: Related By Destiny

Monster of the Day

Breaking away from the average episode, this one had two Monsters of the Day, one in the past and one in the present.
The one in the past didn't seem to be connected to the Heart Snatchers at all and appeared to be a regular evil monster which possessed the boy. Funnily enough it actually looked more like the monsters in the Sailor Moon S manga arc than the official ones in the anime.

It was defeated by Neptune Deep Submerge.

Sailor Moon S: Related By Destiny

Monster of the Day

Scrappy was the Monster of the Day that appeared in the present and was your run of the mill Heart Snatcher, obviously sports inspired in design.
Was able to capture Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus but in the end was defeated by Sailor Moon's Moon Spiral Heart Attack

Interesting Facts

This episode raised the interesting concept of a Sailor Scout refusing to become a Sailor Scout as it's stated that if Amara never grabbed her transformation pen she could remain a regular civilian.

This episode featured the first appearance of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune's transformation items (and transformations) as well as Sailor Uranus' communicator.
Interesting to note that while Luna and Artemis seemed to give the Inners their items, Sailor Uranus' pen materialised before her as she began to awaken and it's alluded to that Neptune's did the same for her. Also, while it's not shown where Uranus and Neptune got their communicators from it stands to reason that they magically appeared like their transformation pens though being really rich, Amara or Michelle could have easily invested in the technology to create them themselves.

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