Sailor Moon S: Lita Borrows Trouble

Episode 96

Sailor Moon S

Lita Borrows Trouble

Jap.96 "Cold Hearted Uranus? Makoto in Trouble"

As Serena and Lita are walking down the street, Amara comes out of nowhere and almost hits them with her motorbike!

Sailor Moon S: Lita Borrows TroubleAmara dismounts and runs up to them to make sure that they're okay. They are but Lita appears to have hurt her hand. Amara takes a silk scarf of hers and wraps Lita's hand with it. Lita is very impressed by Amara and as she leaves, Serena gets the sense that Amara could become Lita's new best friend! Lita tells her that she has nothing to worry about though.

Later on, Amara finds Michelle swimming in the pool. Michelle tells her that she's been getting visions of the approaching silence. Amara tells her that she believes peace Sailor Moon S: Lita Borrows Troubleis possible but that they must be ready to sacrifice much for it.

Still walking around the street Lita takes a look at the scarf Amara gave her but it blows away! Lita runs after it and finds it under a car. Unfortunately Kaori Night who thinks that Lita may have a Pure Heart Crystal, has sent a Daimon pod to bond with it. As Lita grabs it it transforms into a Heart Snatcher called.... Scarf!

Serena and Amy who had been running after Lita see what's happening and transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury. As Scarf grabs Lita, Sailor Mercury attacks with her Shine Aqua Illusion attack that Sailor Moon S: Lita Borrows Troublefreezes it's tentacles and frees Lita.

Kaori Night who had been watching, commands the Heart Snatcher to retreat. Sailor Uranus and Neptune see this and decide to follow Lita now that she's a target.

That evening Amara and Michelle offer to take Lita for a ride. Lita jumps at the chance as she's still idolising Amara and jumps in the car. As they drive Lita asks them how they got a driver's licence. Amara tells her that she's old enough and that she got it when they were living overseas.

Sailor Moon S: Lita Borrows TroubleEventually they get to a warf and stop to enjoy the view. Lita calls the girls on her communicator to tell them everything's fine but she's soon attacked by the Heart Snatcher again. Amara and Michelle pretend to try and stop it but are thrown into a nearby bush where they transform into Sailor Uranus and Neptune and watch to see what happens.

Lita, unable to transform gets her Heart Crystal taken from her. Uranus and Neptune then come out of hiding and begin fighting Scarf for the crystal. Sailor Neptune attacks with Neptune Deep Submerge and manages to get the crystal however they soon realise it isn't the one they want.

Sailor Moon S: Lita Borrows Trouble Sailor Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus arrive and help Lita get to safety where she transforms and attacks with Jupiter Thunderclap Zap. Sailor Moon then uses Moon Spiral Heart Attack which reverts the Heart Snatcher back to Amara's Scarf.

Sailor Jupiter then sees Uranus and Neptune and begins to attack them as they just let her have her Heart Crystal taken. Uranus punches her in the stomach Sailor Moon S: Lita Borrows Troublethough and runs away with Neptune. As they run, Neptune notices Jupiter had injured Uranus' hand. Uranus says that Jupiter is tough.

The next day, Lita meets up with Amara and notices her injury and wraps it around her hand. She then goes shopping with Serena and buys a scarf for herself.

Sailor Moon S: Lita Borrows Trouble

Monster of the Day

Scarf had two forms, it's outer form and it's much thinner feminine form. It also showed the ability to extend it's wraps a great distance hold onto things and people.

As usual it was defeated by Sailor Moon's Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

Interesting Facts

A difference between the English version and the Japanese version of this episode involves Sailor Jupiter and plays on her perceived "masculine" personality. In the Japanese version Sailor Moon and the others suspected Sailor Jupiter may in fact be a lesbian and that she had developed a crush on Sailor Uranus. In the English version though this was obviously lessened and made into a kind of admiration.

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