Sailor Moon R: Diamond in the Rough

Episode 80

Sailor Moon R

Diamond in the Rough

Jap.87 "Believe in Love and the Future! Usagi's Resolution"

After the departure of Sapphire, Tuxedo Mask tells the others that he'll try find a way into the dark crystal that is now towering over all of Tokyo while the Sailor Scouts work Sailor Moon R: Diamond in the Rough out a plan.

While running to meet the others, Serena runs into Molly who tells Serena that she's realised she's been worried lately and can't help but think that she has something to do with the giant crystal that just appeared. It's implied that Molly suspects Serena is Sailor Moon but she doesn't say so and simply wishes Serena luck and tells her that if she ever needs help, she only has to ask.

Sailor Moon R: Diamond in the Rough Serena thanks her and continues running, thinking what a good friend Molly is.

In the future, Diamond confronts Wiseman concerning Sapphire's accusations. Wiseman reminds Diamond how the people of Earth expelled him and his people to Nemesis, the Nega Moon and how they must get revenge. Diamond tells him that he agrees but he will look more into what Wiseman is up to after they win their battle against Earth.

In Tokyo, Serena has caught up with the other girls. Amy tells them all that she's never had better friends or team-mates before. The girls tell her not to be so serious as Sailor Moon R: Diamond in the Rough they're all sure to make it through this battle and return Rini to normal.

They all then transform into Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus and march towards the giant crystal.

When they arrive, Sailor Moon is zapped by a strong energy blast. They then decide to get past all the defences by summoning all of their planets' powers and teleport inside.

As soon as they're inside, Sailor Moon falls through a trap door and is confronted by Prince Diamond who attempts to use his mind control powers on her. Thinking of Rini, Sailor Moon R: Diamond in the Rough Molly and the Sailor Scouts and of course Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon resists his hypnosis.

Sailor Moon tells him that he can't change someone's emotions though power. They begin to talk and Sailor Moon actually convinces Diamond that all they had to do was ask to come back to Earth and they would have been allowed. She uses Catsy and the others as an example.

Wiseman then appears and attacks Diamond. Diamond manages to defend himself, but Wiseman then attacks Sailor Moon! Diamond dives in front of the attack and is stabbed by several spears. He then fires back at Wiseman and destroys him!

Sailor Moon R: Diamond in the Rough As he lies down dying, Diamond tells Sailor Moon that he's sorry for all the trouble that he's caused and that he really did love her.

Unknown to Sailor Moon, Wiseman has resurrected himself piece by piece and uses his mind powers to try and control Sailor Moon. He tells her that Tuxedo Mask and Wicked Lady are now together and that they both never loved her. Sailor Moon is hurt at first but refuses to believe this. As Wiseman increases his attack, a rose flies across the screen and distracts Sailor Moon R: Diamond in the Rough Wiseman. Tuxedo Mask arrives and tells Wiseman that he's despicable for trying to trick someone like this. The Sailor Scouts then also arrive.

Wiseman tells them that when this crystal explodes it will destroy half the planet anyway and teleports away. Tuxedo Mask tells them that he's found a way to the Dark Gate at the top of the crystal and leads them there.

Once at the top, they're all confronted by Wicked Lady, who is ready for the final battle.

Interesting Facts

The scene with Molly has been the topic of much discussion among the Sailor Moon fanbase. Do you think Molly knows Serena is Sailor Moon? What's your take?

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