Sailor Moon R: Kindergarten Chaos

Episode 46

Sailor Moon R

Kindergarten Chaos

Jap.52 "The Kindergarten Kids Get Attacked! Venus' Great Performance"

Mina wakes up late (again) and leaps out of bed, sending Artemis flying. She throws on her school uniform and races out the door to get to school on time. Artemis goes with her.

Sailor Moon R: Kindergarten Chaos On her way she runs into a small girl being bullied by some guys. She quickly yells at them to leave her alone and scares them off. The little girl thanks her but then begins to cry because she'll miss her school bus. Minako gets guilted into helping her out and picks her up and runs her to the bus stop just in time.

Realising that she's still late, Mina starts running to school again and funnily enough runs into Serena who is also late for school. The two run together for a bit but then go their separate ways to their own respective schools. Serena makes it just in time (and is once more flirted with by Alan). Mina however is late.

Sailor Moon R: Kindergarten Chaos On her way home after school, Mina runs into the girl she helped this morning who is once being bullied by some boys. The boys are telling her that Sailor Moon isn't real but she believes that she is. Mina approaches them and tells them that Sailor Moon really is real but they don't believe her and call her an old lady. Mina starts fuming which scares the boys away.

Mina then sits down with the girl and the two talk about Sailor Moon. Eventually she asks her what she thinks about Sailor Venus. Unfortunately the girl has never heard of her. This upsets Artemis who realises that there's no chance that the girl would know of him then.

Caught up in the spirit of making the girl happy, Mina promises to come to her school and tell everyone that Sailor Moon is real and that she in fact knows her personally. Artemis is shocked that Mina would be so careless with their secret identities but Mina is determined to help the girl out.

Sailor Moon R: Kindergarten Chaos Meanwhile, Alan and Anne realise that the youth of Earth are full of heaps of energy and decide to target the school children in Tokyo. They immediately activate a new Cardian, Vulturous who sets about attacking numerous school buses in Tokyo.

The Sailor Scouts get word of this and call a meeting at Raye's temple. They all decide to do something about it and Amy has calculated which school will be targeted next.

Ironically this is the same school that Mina is at right now telling everyone that Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts are real.

Sailor Moon R: Kindergarten Chaos Serena heads over there right away and uses Moon Disguise Power to transform herself into a kindergarten school teacher so she can ride the school bus with the children. Mina who has volunteered to also ride the bus recognises Serena right away and the two quickly make a party of the trip and begin singing school bus songs over the mic system. Artemis considers the fact that the Negaverse may be doing the world a favour by attacking this bus.

As the bus enters a tunnel, the Cardian attacks and drains the bus driver's energy. Serena and Artemis attack Vulturous but are thrown out of the bus through a window.

Sailor Moon R: Kindergarten Chaos Serena quickly transforms into Sailor Moon and begins to fight the Cardian but it appears to be too strong and gets the upper hand. Mina sneaks out of the bus and transforms into Sailor Venus and blasts the Cardian with a Venus Crescent Beam Smash attack but the Cardian is just too powerful.
As the Cardian moves in on the defeated Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus a white rose flies through the air and stops it's attack. The Moonlight Knight appears! he tells Sailor Venus to believe in herself as she already has so many other people who do so. Sailor Venus stands up, reenergised and summons the power of the planet Venus and attacks with a powerful new attack, Venus Shower which almost defeats the Cardian in itself!

Sailor Moon R: Kindergarten Chaos Sailor Moon then raises her Moon Sceptre and finished the Cardian off with Moon Sceptre Elimination. The Moonlight Knight then congratulates them both and leaves as quickly as he came. Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus then return to the bus to talk to the children who are all now clearly Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus fans.

Later that evening, Mina is hanging out with the girl in a park. The girl simply loves Sailor Venus now and raves about how she wants to look like Sailor Venus, act like Sailor Venus, be like Sailor Venus...

Sailor Moon R: Kindergarten Chaos

Monster of the Day

The Cardian used this episode was an incredibly powerful one. Not only was it super strong with the ability to fly but it also had the ability to fire energy blasts from it's hands and survive a direct hit from Sailor Venus' Venus Crescent Beam Smash. It wasn't defeated until Sailor Venus' new Venus Shower which severely damaged it and made it weak enough for Sailor Moon to completely destroy with Moon Sceptre Elimination.

Interesting Facts

Sailor venus gained her second anime attack Venus Shower in this episode!

The park featured in this episode is actually a real world location in Azabu Juban in Tokyo and is used several times throughout the Sailor Moon anime. For more information on this park, check out the Sailor Moon Travel Guide.

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