Sailor Moon R: So You Want to be in Pictures

Episode 42

Sailor Moon R

So You Want to be in Pictures

Jap.48 "For the cause of love and justice! The Sailor Soldiers Revive"

It's a bright and sunny day and Darien is outside on the street. Suddenly Serena sees him and runs up to him and throws her arms around him. Darien, still having no memory of their love freaks out and asks what she's doing. Serena, realising that she's the only one to have her memories back feels a bit hurt though begins to explain to Darien who he is and how he knows her.

Sailor Moon R: So You Want to be in Pictures Unfortunately, Anne also sees Darien and runs over to him. Luckily for Darien and Serena, Anne gets caught in the middle of traffic, giving Darien the chance t escape. Serena tells Anne to stay away from Darien to which Anne replies by asking if he's her boyfriend. Serena tells her that he isn't right now but there's more to it. Hearing this, Anne realises he's available and doubles her efforts to make Darien her own.

Sailor Moon R: So You Want to be in Pictures Later that afternoon, Anne returns to her apartment and is greeted by a terrible sight; the Doom Tree is dying! Alan tells her that it needs more energy so Anne selects a new Cardian, the Minotaur to help them on their quest.

Back in Serena's bedroom, Artemis and Luna are debating whether to awaken the other Sailor Scouts. Artemis seems sad because they are all finally living normal lives. Suddenly Serena enters and tells them that she'll protect the world all by herself. Luna and Artemis then remember how Serena beat Queen Beryl and agree that they should have more faith in Sailor Moon. Serena then picks up a volleyball and hits it across the room in determination. Funnily enough it rebounds off of the wall and hits her square in the face.

Sailor Moon R: So You Want to be in Pictures Meanwhile at a tv studio, several men are looking at photos of schoolgirls they have taken to scout for a role in their new movie. Photos of Molly, Raye, Amy, Lita and Mina are all shown and the men decide to invite them all in for a casting call. A photo of Serena is also shown but they decide she isn't what they're looking for.
Suddenly Anne and Alan appear in the room and knock all the men out.

At school the next day, Molly tells Serena about the casting and tells her that she would be more comfortable if she came with her. Unfortunately when they arrive at the studio, Serena is told to wait outside as only scouted individuals can enter.

Sailor Moon R: So You Want to be in Pictures Outside the studio, Amy and Lita arrive together and run into Raye and Mina. They all agree to go in as a group. Suddenly, all four of them get a sense of deja vu as if they know each other from somewhere. They all shrug it off and go in, walking right past Serena who is more than happy to see her old friends together once again.

Once the girls and Molly are inside, Anne and Alan reveal themselves. Amy tells them that she's not sure being an actress is for her and begins to walk out but Alan and Anne summon the Minotaur which attacks them all. Anne tells Alan just to take their energy but Alan tells her that getting it is the fun part and continues to terrorise the girls. Anne leaves to get some energy for herself.

Sailor Moon R: So You Want to be in Pictures Luna, who was also there, tells Serena that everyone's in danger and that she must transform into Sailor Moon. She does so and goes in to attack the Minotaur. All the girls, with the exception of Molly who has passed out, begin to remember fighting evil. Suddenly, Sailor Moon gets caught when she realises that she can't revert the Cardian back into a card because she lost her Moon Wand in the battle with Queen Beryl. Luna runs up to the girls and tells them that they must help Sailor Moon fight. After the initial shock over hearing a cat talk they all agree and Luna uses the Luna Mind Meld to awaken their memories.

All of their transformation pens then fly to their hands and they once more transform into the Sailor Scouts!

Sailor Moon R: So You Want to be in Pictures Sailor Mercury uses her Mercury Bubbles Blast which creates a fog to distract the Cardian so she can jump up and snatch Sailor Moon from it's grasp. Sailor Jupiter then shocks it with her Jupiter Thunder Crash and Sailor Venus and Mars finish it off with a Mars Fire Ignite and Venus Crescent Beam combo attack.

Later at Raye's temple Luna asks them all if they forgive her for giving them their memories back. Lita tells Luna that she prefers the action life of a Sailor Soldier over a boring normal life any day. Raye, Mina and Amy all agree. Serena tells them that she's so happy that they're all back and that all she has to do now is get Darien to remember his memories as well.

Sailor Moon R: So You Want to be in Pictures

Monster of the Day

The Cardian today, simply called "The Minotaur" seemed very strong and had the ability to extend it's horns and capture people, in this case Sailor Moon, with them and shock them.
It was defeated by Sailor Mars and Venus though it was distracted by Sailor Mercury and weakened by Sailor Jupiter.

Interesting Facts

It's worth mentioning that this episode gave us the rare instance of the Sailor Scouts defeating a villain without Sailor Moon's help.

For some reason Artemis was missing from the final scene which is very strange as it was their reunion gathering of sorts.

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