Sailor Moon R: The Return of Sailor Moon

Episode 41

Sailor Moon R

The Return of Sailor Moon

Jap.47 "Moon Revives! The Mysterious Aliens Appear"

As the episode starts, the narrator introduces the viewer to the story of Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts and recaps the epic battle that was fought in the previous episode.

The story then picks up in the present and we find Serena, once more running late for school. Luna and Artemis watch her from atop her house and comment on how they're glad that Serena can live a normal life since defeating Queen Beryl.

Sailor Moon R: The Return of Sailor Moon As (bad) luck would have it, that night while Serena's asleep in her bed, a meteor blasts into the Earth's atmosphere and crashes in the neighbourhood creating a large crater in the process. The meteor then magically rises from the hole and hovers towards a nearby apartment building.

A huge crowd gathers around the crater. Serena sees Amy and Lita and says hello as they go to the same school but none of them remember knowing each other before as well as they had though Serena gets a very strong sense of deja vu. Rei and Mina are also standing around the crater though they don't seem to know any of the other girls at all at the moment.

Sailor Moon R: The Return of Sailor Moon Behind Serena, Amy and Lita Darien arrives and notices Serena's hairstyle and calls her "Meatball head". Serena gets angry and yells at him.

Up in the nearby apartment building, two mysterious green skinned figures look out at the night sky. They're called Alan and Anne and they discuss how they've come to Earth to find energy for their "Doom Tree" after hearing about it from Queen Beryl. Alan tells Anne that they will enrol on the local high school.

Sailor Moon R: The Return of Sailor Moon The next day Molly, Serena and all the girls at the school go crazy over how sexy Alan looks in his human form. Alan begins to flirt with all the girls, especially which makes Anne rage with jealousy.

On their way home after school, they talk about what happened. Alan assures Anne that what he was doing meant nothing. Funnily enough, as Anne is bagging out how uninteresting humans are Darien walks by and she becomes immediately attracted to him. She leaves Alan and begins to follow him but suddenly collapses from lack of energy.

Alan takes her back to the Doom Tree which revives her. They both then set about starting their mission to gather energy to give back to the Doom Tree so it in turn can keep them alive. Alan pulls out a deck of cards and asks Anne to pick one. She does so magically and the card transforms into a monster "Cardian".

Sailor Moon R: The Return of Sailor Moon Later that night, Luna comes across one of the Cardian's victims, a woman with all of her energy drained. She tells Artemis and the two decide to take care of this threat by themselves so the Sailor Scouts can continue to live their normal lives.

As fate would have it, the Cardian makes it's way into Molly's bedroom via an open window and attacks her while she's on the phone with Serena. Luna and Artemis both attack the Cardian but only seem to to make it more and more angry.

Sailor Moon R: The Return of Sailor Moon Just then Serena arrives and tries to help Molly but she too is attacked. Artemis leaps at the Cardian, then jumps out the window while challenging the monster to follow him. It does and Luna and Serena are left alone with an energy drained Molly and her mother who had passed out from fright.
Serena is shocked at first that her cat can talk but then begins to ask what's going on. Luna, seeing no other way to stop the Cardian decides to awaken Sailor Moon with a special "Luna Mind Meld" move. Luna's crescent moon on her forehead begins to glow and blasts a ray of light which hits Serena's forehead. Quickly, Serena begins to remember all of her friends and battles from the past year. She then tells Luna that she's thankful for being awakened as now she and Luna can talk to each other again.

Sailor Moon R: The Return of Sailor Moon She then transforms into Sailor Moon and tracks down the Cardian which has begun to drain Artemis' energy. The Cardian then manages to capture Sailor Moon but Luna jumps to the rescue and bites the Cardian causing it to release her.

Sailor Moon uses Moon Tiara Magic which reverts the Cardian back into it's card form which disintegrates where it lands.

Alan and Anne then appear in the air and tell Sailor Moon that they didn't know this planet had people like her but they'll still proceed with their plan to collect energy. They then disappear, leaving Sailor Moon alone with Luna and Artemis.

Sailor Moon tells Luna that she guesses this means no more movies or shopping. Luna remarks that she had never been stopped before.

Sailor Moon R: The Return of Sailor Moon

Monster of the Day

The first Cardian, Vampeel is a strong Cardian. It has super strength and speed and also the ability to shoot out long tentacles that it can use to hold onto victims and the power to drain the energy from those it captures.

After a long battle with Luna and Artemis, Vampeel was defeated by Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Magic.

Interesting Facts

The aliens Alan and Anne as well as their Doom tree appeared for the first time in this episode.

The Cardian, Vampeel seen in this episode has it's card form used in the English dub scene transitions throughout the Doom Tree story arc.

This whole Doom Tree arc is unique to the anime version of Sailor Moon. Alan, Anne and the Doom Tree never appeared in the manga. This short arc was created to allow the manga which was being published at the time to catch up with where the anime series was.

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