Episode 21

Sailor Moon

Jupiter Comes Thundering In

Jap.25 "Power Girl in Love, Jupiter-chan!"

With the betrayal and death of Nephlite in the previous episode, Queen Beryl consults the Negaforce about where to go from here.
After offering a huge amount of energy to the evil force, the manifestation of the Negaforce appears and tells Beryl about the fate of her seven strongest warriors that she used in the past in the battle against Queen Serenity. It turns out that Queen Serenity used the Imperium Silver Crystal to imprison the seven warriors but the process caused the crystal to shatter into seven Rainbow Crystals which floated towards earth and dissolved in it's atmosphere.

The Negaforce tells Beryl that if she can locate these warriors she will gain the power to defeat the Sailor Scouts and rule the entire universe!

In Tokyo, Serena is once again running (literally!) late for school with Luna in tow carrying her lunch. As she races around a corner though she unfortunately bumps into a man and knocks him off his feet. Instinctively she yells at him to watch were he's going but then realises that he's rather buff and has two big friends with him!

The three men begin to approach Serena, ready to cause trouble and just when all seems lost a mysterious girl wearing a brown school uniform walks up to the men and tells them to leave her alone. The men don't listen but instead go to attack the girl.
Much to Serena's surprise, the girl is more than capable and manages to knock two of the men out cold and send the other running. Serena thanks her but the girl simply smiles and tells her to take care of herself and leaves.
Serena notices her beautiful rose earrings and Luna says that she seems to sense something from this girl.

Back in the Negaverse, Beryl has called for a meeting with herself, Zoicite and Malakite. She tells them both about their new mission, to find the Seven Rainbow Warriors. Zoicite seems to already have hear from somewhere that they were imprisoned within different crystals but she doesn't know what happened to those crystals. Malakite explains that they were reborn as people on Earth and that these people have no memory of their previous selves as warriors of the Negaverse.
Beryl, who has been pleased with Zoicite's previous work assigns her in charge of finding these Rainbow Crystals.

Meanwhile at Crossroads Junior High, Melvin's filling Serena in on all the gossip about the new transfer student who just happens to be the girl who helped Serena this morning! Apparently she was expelled from her last school from fighting. This doesn't stop Serena though and she's soon become best friends with the new girl who we find out is called, Lita.

After school, Serena and Lita drop by the video arcade to play some computer games. While there they see a rather suspicious boy called Game Machine Man Joe at the UFO Catcher who seemingly has the ability to get any toy he wants. Serena thinks he's amazing but Lita thinks he's incredibly cute and looks just like her old boyfriend.

After Joe leaves, Raye, Amy and Luna arrive, all pretty angry. Apparently they were all supposed to meet at Serena's house after school. Serena introduces them to Lita who seems to get along very well with Luna.

On his way home after winning all the toys, Joe is confronted by Zoicite who uses a new tracking crystal to activate the read Rainbow Crystal within Joe's body. A black hole opens up in his chest and the red crystal appears. Before the crystal can be removed however, Lita appears and attacks Zoicite for attacking Joe. Amazingly enough, Lita even manages to get a hit in before Zoicite attempts to fight back. Before Zoicite can though, Serena and Luna run up to see what's happening. Not wanting to be seen by people, Zoicite retreats for now.

Joe is very angry at the girls for helping him and storms off and Lita decides to follow Joe to make sure he's okay. Left by themselves, Luna tells Serena that she sensed strong energy from both Lita and Joe and that Serena should follow them both.

When she catches up to them, Joe has left Lita to sit by himself in a cafe and relax as he's started getting chest pains. Eventually he invites Lita in to talk and he apologises for being rude before. He just didn't want her to think that he was a wimp.
Lita asks him how he gets all those toys from the UFO Catcher. He says that ever since he was born he's had the ability to move things with his mind and shows her an example by making the ashtray float.

Suddenly Zoicite appears and attacks them both. Joe runs away and Serena runs into the cafe to check on Lita. Zoicite eventually catches up with Joe and manages to completely remove the Rainbow Crystal from his body, transforming him into his old self, a legendary warrior from the Negaverse! In an attempt to save Joe, Lita arrives and actually throws Zoicite out of the way. Surprisingly while doing so, the green symbol of the plant Jupiter manifests on her forehead. She's the fourth Sailor Scout!

Zoicite, having got her Rainbow Crystal teleports away leaving Lita to battle the resurrected Game Machine Man! Luckily Sailor Moon arrives but before she can go anything she's caught! Luna approaches Lita and tells her that she's destined to be a Sailor Scout and gives her her transformation pen. Lita picks it up and transforms in to Sailor Jupiter and uses her first attack Jupiter Thunder Bolt Crash which frees Sailor Moon and knocks Game Machine Man down for a bit.

Luna, realising that there's no other way, summons the Moon Wand and gives it to Sailor Moon who uses it to perform Moon Healing for the very first time which turns Game Machine Man back into Joe.
Luna welcomes Sailor Jupiter into the Sailor Scouts and explains to Sailor Moon that she must hold onto the Moon Wand until they find the Moon Princess.

The next day Serena and Lita are once more playing video games at the arcade when Andrew comes in. Lita's eyes glaze over and she whispers that he looks just like her old boyfriend. Serena incredulously screams that she can't get a crush on every guys she sees. Luna tells Serena that she can hardly talk.

Monster of the Day

Game Machine Man was the first of the legendary seven Rainbow Crystal monsters to be awakened in present day. His Rainbow Crystal was red and he had physical abilities such as spikes and crane weapons.
After being weakened by Sailor Jupiter's Jupiter Thunder Crash he was the first Monster of the Day to be healed by Sailor Moon's Moon Healing Activation.

Interesting Facts

This episode featured the first appearance of Lita (aka Sailor Jupiter)!

Sailor Jupiter's first attack, Jupiter Thunder Crash was used for the first time in this episode.

The legendary Moon Wand premiered in this episode and with it the famous attack, Moon Healing Activation.

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