Episode 19

Sailor Moon

Molly's Folly

Jap.23 "Wishing to a Shooting Star! Naru-chan's Pure Love."

The episode starts with some Serena and Molly fanservice as the two take some time out relaxing in a swimming pool. Serena's really into the splashy fun but Molly is daydreaming about her new love of her life, Maxfield Stanton (that's Nephlite. Wink wink!).

Molly tells Serena about her crush which compels her to warn Molly about Nephlite. Despite Serena's vague warnings, Molly's mind doesn't get changed one bit.

Later on at Raye's temple, Serena fills her fellow Scouts in on Molly. Raye thinks that they should warn her right away (in more detail) but Amy suggests that they wait things out for a bit.

Meanwhile in the Negaverse, Beryl is fumming as she seems unable to get in touch with Nephlite and is getting more and more frustrated with his failings. Zoicite overhears Beryl's cursings and immediately teleports to Nephlite to gloat. They argue for a bit before Nephlite tells Zoicite to bugger off and he resumes his plan, once again using the power of the stars to find the crystal that everyone's after.
Using a massive ammount of power, Nephlite creates a black crystal which he claims will guide him to the Silver Crystal. As soon as it's created, it begins to glow and shows Nephlite an image of Molly causing him to come to the conclusion that Molly may know where the crystal is.

While things appear to be going well for Nephlite, Zoicite is rather upset and has once again sought comfort in the arms of Malakite. She's getting tired of Nephlite and is itching for her own moment to shine. Malakite comforts her and tells her to be patient. They summon the monster of the day, Yasha to spy on Nephlite.

Back in Tokyo, Serena still isn't sure exactly how to deal with Molly so has decided to go and ask Andrew for advice at the video arcade (and play some games while she's there!). Unfortunately for her, Darien also arrives at the arcade and so the three of them end up having lunch together with Darien and Andrew paying for the lot.

Serena asks then for their opinions on her situation and they both agree that even though Molly may be angry at first it's a lot better than doing nothing at all and having something bad happen to her. This advice cheers Serena up a lot and she celebrates by ordering as much food as she can.

Later that night, Nephlite rings Molly's house and asks her to come meet him in a park near her house. Molly agrees straight away and leaves to meet him before her mother can even ask where she's going!

As soon as she gets there, Nephlite puts on a dramatic story about how some bad people are after him and that if he had the Silver Crystal his problems would go away and he and Molly could be together. Molly of course buys this story and remembers a giant silver crystal that her mother has at her store. She runs as fast as she can, steals her mothers keys and removes the crystal from it's counter at the shop.
Molly's mother catches her in the act but Molly runs away before she can be stopped.

While looking for her daughter, Molly's mother comes across Serena and Luna. She asks Serena if she had seen Molly and explains that she started acting very strangely after she got a phonecall from a man called "Mr Stanton". Serena tells her that he's a very bad man and that they have to find Molly right away! Serena runs around town looking for Molly and eventually transform into Sailor Moon.

When they arrive at the park, Nephlite has been given the crystal from Molly, but he quickly tests it with his black crystal and finds that it isn't the one he's looking for. He does however sense a strong energy coming from Molly; her love.
Sailor Moon demands that he leave Molly alone but he simply replies by firing an energy blast at her. Just when all seems lost, Sailor Mercury and Mars arrive and distract him with Mercury Bubbles Blast and Mars Fire Ignite.
Sailor Moon powers up her Moon Tiara Magic attack and throws her tiara to Nephlite. Suddenly, Molly stands up and stands right in the path of the tiara in an attempt to save the man she still loves despite the fact that she has just found out that he's an evil being.

Sailor Moon screams for the tiara to stop. It does so within inches of Molly's face.
Yasha, who has been watching the whole thing, springs into action and attacks Molly. Nephlite, mysteriously concerned for Molly attacks Yasha, splitting her face in two. This only stops her for a second though as she gets up and attempts to attack them both. Before any harm can be done though, Sailor Moon defeats her with her tiara.

Nephlite teleports away and Molly still loves him much to the dismay of Moon, Mercury and Mars who try to convince her that it's a bad idea.
Sailor Moon sees a falling star and makes a wish for Nephlite to become a better person for the sake of Molly.

Monster of the Day

Yasha was summoned by Malakite and Zoicite to spy on Nephlite and gather information on the Silver Crystal. Her design obviously features a heavy influence from two different kinds of kabuki performers costumes, the Japanese woman and the demon.
Nephlite broke away the first form with an energy blast while saving Molly and Sailor Moon finished her off with her Moon Tiara Action attack.
While this monster of the day only appeared for a few minutes in this episode, the clip of her uncovering her face was used in the English opening credits and can be seen just before Queen Beryl strikes her dramatic pose.

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