Sailor Moon

Episode 9

Sailor Moon

Cruise Blues

Jap.12 "I Want a Boyfriend, Too! The Cruise Ship Trap!"

Jadeite is furious. Sailor Moon has beaten him again. Luckily a being called Tidus appears and offers to help him. Jadeite quickly dismisses her though, having worked with her before. Tidus tells him that she's a lot more powerful than when they last met and that she has a plan on how to capture a lot more energy. Jadeite eagerly listens to her plan having heard this and she begins to tell him about how they should plan a love cruise.

Sailor Moon Their plan proves to be a huge success with tickets selling out everywhere. Serena sees this on the news and longs to go. As soon as she gets to school the next day she tells Molly about it and they both dream about how great it would be to go. Melvin drops by and mentions that he won two tickets over the internet and that Serena should try to win a pair at the new competition down the street.
No sooner had she heard this, Serena runs to the stall, knocking everyone and thing out of her way.

Sailor Moon: At the stall, Serena tries several times but only ends up walking away with heaps of soap. Raye walks by and asks Serena what she's doing and gives the game a try herself. Lucky for her she has mystical powers which she uses to rig the game and win first prize. Serena isn't too happy with this blatant cheating though begins to pester Raye to take her with her on the trip.

Raye refuses to take Serena because she finds her annoying. When asked who she'd take, Raye realising she doesn't know anyone else besides Grandpa grabs Amy as soon as she arrives and drags her off to a nearby cafe to talk her into taking the tickets.

Sailor Moon: Serena, who had followed them, hears this and becomes furious yet determined to go on the boat trip with them.

On the night of departure, Serena uses Moon Disguise Power and sneaks aboard (with Luna) as a photographer.

Elsewhere on the ship, Raye and Amy quickly realise that they're the only two single people on the boat and resort to hanging out with each other instead of picking up.

Sailor Moon: Meanwhile, Serena, still in disguise is caught by Jadeite who is in his own disguise as the ship's captain. Neither of them recognise each other and they proceed to have a rather interesting conversation which ends up with Serena having the hots for Jadeite and he becoming a little attracted to her. Jadeite invites her to site with him at the captain's table at dinner and then excuses himself. As soon as he's gone, Luna tells Serena to be careful as she sensed strange energy from him.

Sailor Moon: They both decide to follow him and catch him talking to a strange woman (Tidus) with a strange glowing object next to them which makes them both think they're from the Negaverse. Luna tells Serena that they should find Amy and Raye.

Amy and Raye, meanwhile are enjoying dinner in the Banquet Hall, Raye a little too much. Amy tells Raye to stop eating so much because people are looking at them. Raye simply says that everyone's been looking at them all night because they don't have any dates.
Suddenly the captain, Jadeite announces that the dancing will start in the Ball Room any second and tells everyone to make their way there. Raye freaks a bit because she's eaten too much to dance.

Sailor Moon On deck, Sailor Moon and Luna hear the same announcement and run as fast as they can to the Ball Room. Unfortunately they're on the other side of the ship and have a long way to run.

In the Ball Room, with everyone gathered, Jadeite and Tidus reveal their true forms and begin to drains all of the love energy from the people on board. Funnily enough, because Raye and Amy aren't in love their energy isn't drained at all and they're left standing all alone in the middle of the room with Tidus hilariously asking them what the Hell the two of them are doing on a love cruise anyway?

Sailor Moon: Suddenly all of the crew members transform into black creatures and begin to move towards Raye and Amy. Raye manages to slice one in half with a chair but it quickly doubles and begins it's advance on them again.
Luckily, Serena arrives and transforms into Sailor Moon. Tidus lunges at her and they both fall through the Ball Room's giant window onto the ship's deck. Raye and Amy both transform, defeat the black guys and join Sailor Moon outside.

Sailor Moon: Tidus summons her water powers and fires blast after blast of water from the ocean at them. Sailor Mercury uses Mercury Bubbles Blast to confuse her while Sailor Mars uses Mars Fire Ignite to weaken her. Sailor Moon quickly uses Moon Tiara Magic to finish her off and all three Sailor Scouts surround Jadeite and demand to know why he's collecting energy. Jadeite quickly teleports away though, leaving the girls with no answers as the ship reverts to it's true form, a rusty old wreck.

In the Negaverse, Queen Beryl is furious with Jadeite and tells him that she is going to decide his fate.

Sailor Moon:

Monster of the Day

Tidus really stood out compared to a lot of the other The Monsters of the Day. She seemed to have been given a little backstory with Jadeite where apparently he didn't respect her in the past because of how week her powers were, but now that she's stronger and has a plan to gather energy he reluctantly agrees to work with her.
She also seems to have two monster forms. The first we see when she talks to Jadeite in the Negaverse is rather human looking but once she begins stealing the people's energy later in the episode she reveals another form which features a mask, thorns and a funky wardrobe. She also had a civilian form as the captain's assistant.
Her powers seem to be mainly water based as we see her controlling the ocean itself and she is defeated by Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Magic attack after being distracted and weakened by Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars.
Queen Beryl seemed to be very angry over the loss of Tidus.

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