Sailor Moon:

Episode 8

Sailor Moon

Nightmare in Dreamland

Jap.11 "Usagi and Rei face off? The Dreamland nightmare."

Serena, Amy and Luna have quickly become friends with Raye since meeting her in the previous episode and are hanging out at her temple. Serena seems to be clashing with Raye however as they're constantly fighting with each other, currently over a Sailor V manga.

Sailor Moon: Amy suggests that they all take a break and check out the new amusement park where over fifty people have disapeared in the last few weeks. Amy thinks the Negaverse may be behind it.

Speaking of the Negaverse, at that very moment, Jadeite is being yelled at by Queen Beryl for failing once again. Not helping the matter is the fact that another Sailor Scout, Sailor Mars has awoken. Queen Beryl is furious and tells Jadeite if he fails again his punishment will be severe.

Sailor Moon: With that threat fresh in his mind, Jadeite heads back to the amusement park in his guise as a security guard and gets rid of all the reporters which have stormed the park for answers concerning the people who have disapeared.

Amy, Raye, Serena and Luna who were nearby overhear this ruckus and then head into the park to investigate for themselves. Amy and Raye soon lose Serena who gets distracted by a merry-go-round and sit down with Luna to scold her and tell her to be more responsible.

Sailor Moon: The gang are soon startled by the appearance of a giant lion in the park! Terrified with fear and unable to move they completely freak out as it walks closer and closer to them. Suddenly a beautiful woman appears who Serena recognises as the Dream Princess.

The Dream Princess explains that all the animals in the park are machines and completely safe. Serena immediately begins to play with all the animals but Raye seems to sense that something's wrong about the Dream Princess and tells Serena to get away from her.
Serena thinks Raye's crazy but the Dream Princess says it's okay and invites them all to a big party at her palace later in the day.

Sailor Moon: Agreeing to go to the party, Luna and Amy decide to split up and search the park for more clues, leaving Serena and Raye together.
As Raye and Serena watch the Dream Princess Raye panics when she sees her placing a little boy on a robot bear and tells the Dream Princess to put the boy down. Serena says that he should be allowed to as it looks like fun and places the boy back on the bear. They two friends begin to fight and pull and tug the boy all over the place, trying to do what's best for him. They're suddenly stopped when his mother appears and demands that they put her son down at once.

Sailor Moon: Elsewhere, Jadeite boasts about how much energy he has captured. Serena and Raye meanwhile have decided to take a small train around the park to get a better view of everything. Much to their embarrassment, Darien is in the carriage in front of them and asks them what they're doing. He calls Serena "Meatball Head" and Raye quickly takes a shine to him and thanks him for thinking of the perfect nickname for Serena.
Something then occurs to Raye and she asks Serena for her opinion. "Doesn't Darien look like Tuxedo Mask?" Serena says she's crazy though.

Sailor Moon: Suddenly they hear an announcement stating that the party in the palace has started and they go to check it out. Amy meanwhile is already inside the palace and is shocked to discover that the food has been drugged and the Dream Princess is a monster from the Negaverse who begins to drain all of their energy!

Outside, Serena and Raye notice that all the noise from inside the palace has stopped. They try to get in but the doors are locked! The both transform and Sailor Mars blasts the doors open with Mars Fire Ignite.

Sailor Moon: They race in and are greeted by the Dream Princess who gives Sailor Moon a wreath of flowers. Sailor Mars, realising it's a trick leaps in front and grabs the wreath which transforms into a snake and bits her on the arm! The snake turns to stone, as does Sailor Mars' arm! As the rest of her body also starts to turn, she quickly uses Mars Fireball Charge and breaks the curse, returning her arm to normal.

The Dream Princess, seeing they're on to her transforms into a darker version and sends them into a dream featuring Tuxedo Mask which they fall for. Luckily the real Tuxedo Mask appears and snaps them out of it.

Sailor Moon: Sailor Mars and Moon race through the palace and find Amy. She wakes up and transforms into Sailor Mercury as fast as she can. She then uses Mercury Bubbles Blast to confuse the Dream Princess. Sailor Mars then uses Mars Fireball Charge once more to freeze her and then uses Mars Fire Ignite in combination with Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Magic which completely destroys the Dream Princess and returns the energy to all of the people.

Sailor Moon and Mars learn that by working together they can be more powerful, but they still fight moments later over how they eat their ice creams causing Serena to drop hers.

Sailor Moon:

Monster of the Day

The Dream Princess became a fan favourite during the early years of Sailor Moon due to her powers and mature personality and creepy duality. Her powers include the ability to create illusions and even cast spells such as the one we see in this episode where she creates a snake that can turn people to stone with it's bite. She used her magic apple (an obvious Snow White reference) to drain the energy from the people in the park and has two forms, a beautiful one and an evil "Dream Dolly" version. It's possible that the robot animals in the park were also created by her but that is speculation on my part.
She was destroyed by the first combination attack featuring Sailor Moon and Mars' Moon Tiara Magic and Mars Fire Ignite attacks.

Interesting Facts

Sailor Mars uses the Sailor Mars version of Mars Fireball Charge for the first time in this episode though she used her normal Akuryou Taisan civilian version in the previous episode.

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