Sailor Moon:

Episode 6

Sailor Moon

Time Bomb

Jap.9 "Usagi's Misfortune! Beware of the Rushing Clock."

For a change, Queen Beryl decides to congratulate Jadeite on a job well done and asks him what his next plan will be. Jadeite informs her that he has done research on the humans and has found that they use enormous amounts of energy doing their day to day tasks and has decided to abuse this aspect of their personalities.

Sailor Moon: The Luna Clock In Tokyo, Serena and Amy perform a shopping montage as they race around the city window shopping and grabbing a few books on the way. Amy is surprised at the comics Serena reads and Serena's brain melts when she has a look at the books Amy's interested in.

As their shopping spree draws to a close they both decide to check out a clock store which appears to be having a big sale. Serena spies a clock that looks just like Luna and tells Amy how cool it is. Suddenly the store clerk appears behind them and tells Serena that for her she'll give them a 90% discount. Serena opens her wallet to buy the clock but finds that she still doesn't have enough money as she spent it all at the arcade!

Sailor Moon: Serena's house Surprisingly, when Serena gets home, her mother gives her a present: the Luna clock she wanted to buy! She tells Serena that when she saw it she immediately knew Serena would love it and that it would help her be on time for school. Serena takes it to her room and shows Luna. Serena is adamant about it looking just like Luna but Luna refuses to accept that she looks that strange.

That night while the family sleeps, Luna notices that Serena's new clock as well as a new clock that her mother bought for Sailor Moon: Serena sleeping herself are blasting a weird light at the sleeping family. Luna decides that in the morning the clocks must go.

The next morning everyone begins to act strangely. Serena gets up early and runs off to school while her father races off to work leaving a frantic mother home to do all the chores. Amy arrives to walk with Serena to school but her mother tells her she's already gone and runs back inside the house t start cleaning. Amy simply assumes that the whole family is crazy.

Sailor Moon: Sailor Mercury's Computer At school, everyone seems to have lost it with even Miss Haruna closing the class for the day so she can save time and go on several dates she has planned. Melvin, Serena and the rest of the class become very antsy over wasting time and leave class as well.

After school, Amy is relaxing when Luna runs up to her with the Luna clock tied to her body. Amy removes it and asks Luna what the problem is and they both quickly discuss how weird everyone's been acting and how the clocks must be behind it all.
It is then that Luna summons Sailor Mercury's computer and gives it to Amy. She instructs Amy to scan the insides of the clock but as soon as they open the clock up a bright force escapes and flies away. Luna tells Amy that it was too fast for the computer to scan but she can tell it definitely wasn't a good force.

Sailor Moon: Serena and a crashed bus. In the clock store, which is obviously a Negaverse base, the store clerk from before reveals her true form and comments on how Jadeite's plan to speed up everyone's time is such a good idea. Jadeite suddenly appears and tells the clerk, who's name is Memoir, to keep up the good work.

Meanwhile, the entire city is in chaos as people rush to get where they're going almost all the cars crash into each other and a bus which happens to have Serena on it races through every stop as the driver tries to finish his route in record time.

Sailor Moon: Luna The bus eventually crashes into a pole and all the passengers angrily get off the bus. Funnily enough, Amy and Luna are nearby and tell Serena that the clock store is behind all the trouble in the city. Serena, wanting to get this whole thing over with as fast as possible transforms into Sailor Moon. Amy also transforms and they both race into the clock store, using a Moon Tiara Magic attack to blast open the entrance. Luna runs after them but the entrance quickly reseals itself and Luna runs straight into a wall.

Sailor Moon: Old Granny Sailor Moon Inside the store they find Memoir who challenges them to follow her inside the store's giant grandfather clock. They both accept her challenge and find themselves in a kind of time warp. Suddenly Sailor Moon begins to shrink and becomes a chibi version of herself. Sailor Mercury is shocked but Sailor Moon quickly returns to normal. Sailor Moon dreads the thought of time speeding up and her becoming an old granny Sailor Moon.

As they proceed they find Memoir but she quickly uses the clocks time energies to freeze Sailor Mercury's body and Sailor Moon's legs. She then attacks them with her giant spear, terrifying them.

Sailor Moon: Clock and Tuxedo Mask rose. Luckily, Tuxedo Mask has sensed Sailor Moon in danger and followed them to the clock store. He hears their screaming coming from the clock and throws a rose at the clock's face, freeing all the time energy and unknowingly releasing Sailor Mercury and Moon.

Sailor Mercury quickly uses her Mercury Bubbles Blast attack to confuse Memoir and Sailor Moon uses her Moon Tiara Magic attack to finish her off.
As they exit the store, Luna runs up to them and asks them if they're okay. Sailor Moon and Mercury reply with a big "Yeah!".

Later that day, Serena and Amy reflect on the trouble that one shop caused and Serena even considers quitting shopping for good. Suddenly though, Molly appears and tells them that a shoe shop is having a "two for one" sale! Serena quickly forgets what she was talking about and runs with Molly to the sale... and trips over.

Sailor Moon: Memoir

Monster of the Day

Memoir, while using the time energies to reverse and freeze time it's unclear as to whether these powers are her own or simply energies she can tap into. The later seems to be the case as as soon as Tuxedo Mask destroyed the clock which contained the time energies Memoir became unable to use her time abilities.
Memoir was destroyed by Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Magic attack.

Interesting Facts

Sailor Mercury's computer made it's first appearance in this episode, though it wasn't very useful.

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