Episode 5

Sailor Moon

Computer School Blues

Jap.8 "Is the genius girl a Youma? The brain washing cram school."

Queen Beryl has summoned Jadeite once more and demands to know his progress in collecting energy for the Negaverse. He tells her not to worry and explains how humans spend enormous amounts of energy on studying and becoming smarter.

Sailor Moon: Serena and her mother Ironically at that very moment, Serena is being scolded by her mother for not studying. Serena's finding way more fun to read a funny comic book and shows her mother. Her mum starts laughing after seeing how funny it actually is but quickly becomes serious and asks her why she isn't studying instead. Serena goes on and on about the pressures of being young. This doesn't work though as Serena's mum tells her that she used the same excuse when she was her age. Serena is send to her room to study for school.

Sailor Moon: Luna and Central Control Later that night, Luna is watching Serena to make sure she's studying but discovers that she's been reading comic books all along!

Luna, furious, decides to go for a walk and checks in at Central Control at the Crown Arcade. After logging in, Central Control alerts Luna to a strange new girl with blue hair who could possibly be from the Negaverse.

Sailor Moon: Amy meets Serena and Luna As fate would have it, the girl has enrolled in Crossroads Junior High where Serena and her friends go and she quickly becomes the target for gossip. Molly and Serena thinks she's a bit snobby but Melvin says that he's looking forward to an intellectual rival as apparently she's a genius.

On her way home after school, the girl is jumped by Luna who's trying to investigate what's so strange about her. Serena, who was walking behind the girl sees this and calls Luna over to her. She apologises to the girl and introduces herself to her. The girl tells her her name is Amy and they quickly become friends.

Sailor Moon: The Sailor V computer game Serena immediately drags Amy to the Crown Arcade to play the new Sailor V computer game. Amy's hesitant at first but quickly picks up the game's tricks and easily breaks the record!

Suddenly, Amy realises that she's late for cram school and runs out of the arcade. Serena races after her but Amy's in such a rush that she disappears. Andrew runs out of the arcade and gives Serena a computer disk that he thinks is her's. Unfortunately it's Amy's. Serena and Luna decide to to return it to her. Luna is still very suspicious.

Sailor Moon: Darien, Serena and Luna When they get to the cram school they stop at the entrance to plan their strategy. Suddenly Darien appears and scares Serena and Luna so much that they panic and run as fast as they can away. Luna's worried that Darien had heard her talk!

They quickly calm down and get their bearings. Serena realises that with all the excitement she had forgotten about returning Amy's disk. Luna suggests that they check out the contents first at a computer store first. When they get to the store and put the disk in the computer and Negaverse brain washing program begins playing. Luna claims that this is evidence that Amy is working for the Negaverse!

Sailor Moon: Serena uses Moon Disguise Power When they return to the cram school, they ponder over how to get in without alerting the bad guys. Serena realises that the easiest way would be to disguise herself as someone and immediately uses Moon Disguise Power to transform herself into a school super intendant.

When they get inside, they find that all the students look rather doped up. Amy, who had been left in charge of the class asks Serena (not knowing it's her) if she can help her but before they can do anything the teacher returns and transforms into her true, Negaverse monster form. Serena transforms into Sailor Moon and tells her to give up, but she refuses and tries to drain all of Amy's energy while she sends all of the other students, now in her control, after her and Luna!

Sailor Moon: Amy awakens as Sailor Mercury Through the stress of the situation, Amy begins to awaken as a Sailor Scout as the symbol of Mercury begins to glow on her forehead! Luna sees this and realising that she had made a mistake, summons the Mercury transformation pen and tosses it to Amy who transforms and then uses her first attack, Mercury Bubbles Blast to stop the zombified students and hide them from the monster.

Sailor Moon, now free form the students uses her Moon Tiara Magic attack to Sailor Moon: Amy, Luna and Serena defeat the monster and return the energy to the students. Luna and Sailor Moon welcome Sailor Mercury to the Sailor Scouts.

The next day at school Serena and Luna appologise to Amy for thinking she was a bad guy, but Amy says it's fine as she would have come to the same conclusion. The three quickly become friends.

The second Sailor Scout has been found!

Sailor Moon: Nega Creep

Monster of the Day

Not much can be said about this rather generic monster of the day. Like the others it can transform into a civilian identity. It also has the ability to morph it's arms into a giant axe.
It was defeated by Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Magic attack.

Interesting Facts

This episode saw the first appearance of Sailor Mercury's first attack, Mercury Bubbles Blast.

Obviously this episode gave us our for look at Amy Anderson, aka Sailor Mercury!

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