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Hello there, Sailor Moon fan, and welcome to, a fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga, musicals, and classic 90s Sailor Moon anime to the PGSM live-action series, Sailor Moon Crystal, Eternal, and Sailor Moon Cosmos! The site can be navigated via the above main menu and via the side content. Sailor Moon Says!

~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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Episode 2

Sailor Moon

Talk Radio

Jap.3 "Mystery of Sleeping Sickness, Defend the Loving Heart of Maidens."

We start off today with Beryl asking Jadeite how his plan to gather energy is going. He says it's going well and that his latest plan is proving to be a big success. He tells her about this amazing human emotion called "love" and how he's managed to find a way to steal as much of this energy as they need.

Sailor Moon: Serena and Luna Molly, meanwhile is listening to a hot new love program on the radio. Funnily enough Serena is also listening to it at her place as well. Looks like this show is really popular!
Serena tells Luna how great the show is but Luna simply yells at her to get her act together and stop wasting time with things like this when she should be training to become a powerful Sailor Scout.
Their fighting is interrupted by a love letter from someone who is obviously Serena's teacher, Miss Haruna. Serena freaks out a bit and says it couldn't be her because teachers don't have boyfriends.

Sailor Moon: Serena's mother and father The next morning Serena's father's reading the newspaper before he heads out to work and notices that today's date has been circled in red. He jokingly asks his wife why it's circled and she hints that today could be an important day. He then tells her that he did remember and that he's made a reservation at a restaurant tonight. The begin to play with their food and just catch Serena running out the door, late again to school.

Sailor Moon: Miss Haruna When Serena gets there, she's surprised to find that Miss Haruna isn't in class yet! She asks Molly if she knows where she is but she tells her that noone has a clue as to what's happened.
Suddenly, Miss Haruna finally arrives and staggers to the front of the class before collapsing at her desk fast asleep! Molly suggests that they call the principle but Serena says it'd be much more fun to just stay in class and watch her.

Sailor Moon: Luna Meanwhile, Luna is walking the streets frustrated with how Serena is nowhere near the powerful woman she was expecting. Suddenly she realises that she's just out side the video arcade where Serena likes to go. Before she can do anything, Andrew has seen her and begins to pat her. He tells her that he remembers her and that she heard her name was Luna. Luna warms up to him straight away due to his masterful patting and scratching.

Sailor Moon: Serena, Darien and Molly Back at Serena's school, Miss Haruna is being taken away in an ambulance. Apparently noone can wake her up! On the way home, Serena and Molly talk about how they want to write a letter to the radio show. Serena says that could be hard as neither of them have boyfriends but Molly says that it'd be easy! All they have to do is make one up as all they want is for their letter to be read on air! Deep in thought about what to write, Serena accidentally walks right into a pole and wouldn't you know it, Darien just happened to be there. He laughs and walks away while Serena's just feeling very angry.

That night, after completing her letter, Serena decides to drop it off at the station in person but is surprised when she gets there when the guard tells her that the station doesn't broadcast any such show.

Sailor Moon: Serena in Moon Disguise At school the next day, Molly comes in with a new broach, almost identical to the one Miss Haruna was wearing the other day! Molly's excited about how her letter was read on the air but then starts to faint as the broach begins to glow and drain her energy! Serena bends down to check on Molly but her energy is taken too! They both end up in hospital.

After waking up in the ward, Luna tells Serena that she thinks the Negaverse is behind this so they both go to investigate the station. Once there, they see that there's a guard at the entrance still. Luna tells Serena that she has an idea and leaps into the air, materialising the "Lunar Pen". Serena holds it up uses Moon Disguise Power to transform into a "sophisticated talent agent" and walks right in... after falling over in her new high heels of course.

Sailor Moon: Serena fights Jadeite Once inside they see that all of the people inside have had their energy completely drained! Serena barges into the sound booth and tells everyone listening not to listen to the program any more and that the broaches are evil and that they should throw them away. Jadeite, who was on the air gets angry and tells her to stop, but it's too late. Even angrier is the monster of the day who smashes into the booth and attacks Serena. She transforms into Sailor Moon and eventually takes the fight into the roof of the building.

Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon and a rose After lots of dodging and screaming she eventually kills the monster with Moon Tiara Magic and then faces Jadeite. He stops her tiara in mid-air and then proceeds to beat Sailor Moon left, right and centre. Luckily Tuxedo Mask appears and throws a rose at the ground. Not wanting to fight an unknown opponent, Jadeite teleports away leaving Sailor Moon to think about how hunky Tuxedo Mask is once more.

The next morning at school, Serena is writing a love letter in class. Molly it up because she wants to read it and then Miss Haruna who thinks it's Serena's homework also wants to read it. Haruna and Serena chase Molly around the classroom. A very happy ending.

Sailor Moon: a monster of the day

Monster of the Day

This Monster of the Day didn't really show anything special when compared to the other ones. Super strength, the ability to change it's appearance, etc. It did however fly for a bit. Overall a pretty basic Monster of the Day.

Interesting Facts

First appearance of Serena's father.

First use of Moon Disguise Power.

First appearance of the Lunar Pen.

The radio station's name features the number 10 which is a running joke throughout the Sailor Moon series. The most famous examples of this are the fact that there are 10 Sailor Scouts for this solar system and the area of Tokyo where they live, Juban (full name, Azabu Juban) is Japanese for "number ten".

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