Episode 1

Sailor Moon

A Moon Star is Born

Jap.1 "Graceful Change of Cry Baby Usagi."

As the episode opens we are given a brief introduction to the Moon Kingdom that thrived on the Moon a thousand years ago. It was a happy time until the evil Queen Beryl arrived and destroyed it with the power of the Negaforce.
Queen Serenity in an attempt to save everyone, sent them to the future to live their lives again and gave Artemis and Luna the task of awakening the Sailor Scouts should they be needed.

It is here that our story begins.

Sailor Moon: Serena meets Luna Our hero, Serena wakes up. She's late again and rushes out the door, almost without her lunch. Her mum calls her back and gives it to her as she runs off again.

On the way to school, Serena comes across three little boys beating up a black cat. She scares them away and picks up the cat which strangely has had bandaids placed over it's forehead. Serena removes them and is surprised to see a shiny gold crescent moon! Before she can think any more about it she realises that she's still running late for school. says goodbye to the cat and runs off.

Surprisingly, the cat thinks to herself about how she senses something from this girl.

Sailor Moon: Melvin, Molly and Serena As Serena arrives at school she's greeted by a very angry Miss Haruna who gives her her algebra test result: 30%!
During lunch, Serena confides in Molly that she can't show her mother this. Melvin, the resident nerd pops out of nowhere and tells them that he only got 95% and that his parents will be furious. Molly ignores him and tells Serena that she should come by her mother's jewellery shop to cheer herself up.

Sailor Moon: Queen Beryl Meanwhile, the evil Queen Beryl, our villian, is scheming. She summons her first general, Jadeite. He tells her that they're ready to invade Earth and start collecting energy.

Back in Tokyo, Serena and Molly are checking out the jewellery store and it seems Molly's mother is having a sale. The place is packed with women who are buying as much as they can. As soon as Molly's mother tells Serena that she'll give her a discount on a diamond ring the women go crazy for the same discount and almost squash Molly and Serena.
They both sneak out and Serena says goodbye to Molly.

Sailor Moon: Serena meets Darien Still angry about her test, Serena scrunches it up and throws it away. Unfortunately it hits a man on the head. He unscrunches it and asks Serena if she's stupid or just lazy to get such a bad score. Serena angrily snatches the test back and walks away.

Eventually she goes to the Crown Game Centre to blow off some steam and notices a poster for the new Sailor V game. She dreams about how great it would be to be like Sailor V and then remembers her test results and starts crying.
The mysterious cat who had been watching her asks herself if this crybaby could be "the one".

Sailor Moon: Serena's mother and Serena When Serena's mother sees her test she loses it and throws Serena out of the house to go to the library and study for a make up test.

Meanwhile at the jewellery store all of the customers have started to faint. Molly, who is now very scared asks her mother what's wrong with everyone. Her mother though simply laughs and tells Molly that she isn't her mother. Molly screams.

Sailor Moon: Luna tells Serena about Sailor Moon Meanwhile, Serena has been let back into the house and is lying on her bed resting. Unknown to her the mysterious cat has snuck in through her window. As the window slams shut, Serena wakes up and is surprised to see the cat in her room. The cat begins to speak and introduces herself as Luna and tells Serena that she's the legendary Sailor Scout, Sailor Moon and that her friend Molly is in danger! Serena doesn't believe her though and tells herself that it's just a dream.

Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon's first transformation Luna then leaps into the air and as she's twirling around the Moon Compact appears. Luna tells Serena to take it and yell "Moon Prism Power". Serena does so and is surprised to see that she transforms into Sailor Moon! She can't believe this is happening and still thinks it's a dream.
Before she can do anything else though her hair pieces start to glow and she hears Molly screaming for help. Luna tells her that as Sailor Moon she will know in her heart what to do.

When they arrive at the jewellery store, they see that Molly's mother is really a monster (the real one is tied up in the basement)! She commands all of the fallen women who's energy she had drained to attack Sailor Moon. They all stand up and start to walk towards Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon, terrified screams. Luckily her screams appear to be an attack and knock all the people out.

Sailor Moon: Tuxedo Mask appears The monster, very angry leaps into an attack on Sailor Moon. Luckily a rose flies out of nowhere and a mysterious man appears above and announces that his name is Tuxedo Mask. He tells Sailor Moon to believe in herself and then disappears.

Sailor Moon then uses Moon Tiara Magic which completely destroys the monster, returning all of the energy to the women. Luna congratulates her on a job well done but Sailor Moon us too busy thinking about how hunky Tuxedo Mask was.

The next day at school, Molly and her friends are talking about the strange dream they had where Sailor Moon saved them but Serena is too tired having been up late fighting evil.

Sailor Moon: The first Sailor Moon monster of the day.

Monster of the Day

The very first Monster of the Day wasn't given a name. She appears to have the ability to make herself look like anyone (as seen by her mimicking of Molly's mother) and can turn people who's energy she has drained into mindless slaves.

She was killed very easily by Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Magic attack and while she claimed that she would return she obviously didn't realise how doomed she was when that attack hit her. She was completely moon dusted.

Interesting Facts

This episode features the first appearance of Serena/Sailor Moon, Luna, Queen Beryl, Jadeite, Sailor V (on a poster), Molly, Melvin, Miss Haruna, Darien/ Tuxedo Mask and Serena's mother. In the English version Artemis and Queen Serenity (as well as the other Sailor Scouts) also appear in the opening scene but this scene was taken from clips from a later episode so was not in the original Japanese episode.

First use of "Moon Hearing", "Sailor Scream" and Moon Tiara Magic.

The music for the episode title screen as well as Sailor Moon's transformation are different in this episode most likely due to several music cues not having been scored yet or maybe just to add extra effect to Serena's very first transformation into Sailor Moon. The music played during Moon Tiara Magic while the same as used in later episode was a lot softer than what it normally is.

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