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Moon Stick

First Manga Appearance
Act 5 (New Manga #1) / Act 5 (Original Manga)

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anime - live action - musicals

The Moon Stick was given to Sailor Moon by Luna immediately after the awakening of Sailor Jupiter.

sailor moon's moon stick from the sailor moon manga

While Luna seemed to summon the Moon Stick (or possibly teleport it from another location) it is unknown if she, or in fact anyone created it. Given that the Moon Stick was shown to materialise in front of Sailor Moon when she needed it, it's entirely sailor moon's original design moon stick from the sailor moon mangapossible that the Moon Stick was simply called into being by the magical powers associated with being a Sailor Guardian.

The original design of the manga Moon Stick featured a basic pink handle with a ball on top. On the front of the ball sat a smaller pink ball above a yellow crescent moon with four smaller gems around it. On top of the stick sat a larger crescent moon made from clear crystal. When shown on cover art (right) two white ribbons were attached to the sides of the large ball and the four smaller gems were removed.

sailor moon's new design moon stick from the sailor moon manga When the live action Sailor Moon tv series began airing in Japan, Naoko Takeuchi re-released the Sailor Moon manga with new covers and redrawn interior artwork.

With this re-release the Moon Stick's design was changed (upper and left) to reflect that of the live action's design with a much more detailed handle and ball and a much sharper crystalline look to the crescent crystal.

Despite it's visual transformation, the Moon Stick's role in the story remained unchanged, being used to channel Sailor Moon's growing magical powers and most famously being used in her Moon Healing Escalation attack.

More information to be added with each manga release....

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