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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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new english sailor moon #2 manga cover featuring sailor mercury

Pretty Guardian

Sailor Moon #2 / /
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Does this second volume of the Sailor Moon manga improve on the first? Ask Princess Beryl, Queen of Dark Kingdom.


Visually this English language release of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon #2 looks fantastic. Like the first volume, it's quite a bit bigger than the original Japanese release though the artwork doesn't suffer at all and is actually easier to appreciate in this size format (which is the typical size for an English manga).

The cover also looks better with this release with the shiny cover really helping the colours pop a lot more than the original.

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Somewhere where this volume improves on over the first is in the lettering. Almost immediately I notice just how much better the dialogue and sound effects looked. The choice of fonts is much more varied and appropriate here compared to the first volume whose lettering fell flat and looked rushed. A look at the back credits confirms that a new letterer was indeed hired. Here's hoping they keep this one for future volumes.

Where the presentation fails a bit is in the half translated "Concept Art Exhibition" and several blank pages towards the end of the book which I will go further into detail about when talking about the adaption in general.



The story in this volume really impresses. Not only do we get the arrival of Sailor Venus (making this a great manga to read right after the second volume of Codename Sailor V) but we're also shown the awakening of the Moon Princess, Tuxedo Mask's brainwashing and Queen Beryl's confrontation (in person!) with Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Guardians.

The plot flows very quickly which is sure to please those fans of the Sailor Moon anime who disliked all those filler episodes and we're given some very cool moments with Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask as well as Sailor Venus. Sailor Mars and the others don't seem to get that much time in this volume but this first arc is very much about Sailor Moon and readers should be pleased to know that they're given a lot more individual attention as the manga progresses.



I was really hoping that this volume would improve on the numerous issues I had concerning the translation in the first volume but unfortunately things haven't really gotten any better at all.

There still remains quite a bit of very awkwardly phrased dialogue throughout the volume that constantly took me out of the reading experience and made several characters either fall flat or act like someone else completely.

A good example of this is Usagi's parents who are supposed to be two regular loving parents in the original version who now come across as two very posh upper-class individuals thanks to Kodansha's English translation that has them say lines like "...Say, Mother?" and "Yes father?" when talking to each other. Much like Usagi's "Oh honestly!" in the first volume, this is one of many instances where a quick translation was chosen over one that maintains the characterisation and energy of the original script.

What's more, there's several instances of just plain strange translation choices being made that change the meaning slightly or are just completely wrong as seen on page 230 with Queen Beryl introducing herself as "Princess Beryl. Queen of the Dark Kingdom!!" which makes absolutely no sense at all and is especially odd since Beryl doesn't say anything about any princess at all in the original Japanese panel. Even the most loyal Kodansha fans will have a hard time defending this goof.

This volume also has issues with translation consistency concerning signs and sound effects with half of them getting romanised Japanese script while the rest get translated into English ones (more often than not, strange sound effects at that) depending on the panel you're reading. Apparently fans want "Pyuun" left as is while "Dokin" should be translated as "B-BMP".

Where the translation begins to look really rushed (as if it didn't already) is in the bonus sketches at the rear of the volume. For some reason Kodansha decided to translate the bonus sketches in the first volume of Sailor V but felt it was only worth translating the titles here. This is a big let down for fans as the notes are actually quite interesting for those curious about the character designs.

As if to add salt to the wound, Kodansha has also chosen to completely exclude the two pages of bonus comics that Naoko drew especially for the Sailor Moon manga re-release. These humorous strips portrayed Naoko as a bunny and thanked fans for buying the re-released manga and provided some really fascinating insight into both creating the manga when it was first released and fixing it for this new release.

There really is no excuse for not including this material, especially when Kodansha has gone on record as saying that these new versions will include everything that was in the original Japanese re-release.

Something else worth mentioning is the several blank pages at the back of the manga that could have possibly been meant for the missing comic strips but due to their placement after the preview for volume 3, were most likely going to include the usual full Sailor Moon manga series advertisement. Either way it definitely looks like further proof that this release was both rushed and badly planned.

For a full list of the translation/adaption issues in this volume, check out my Manga Mistakes page.


Overall Score

For Sailor Moon fans who have yet to read the manga, I still recommend picking this up as the story is intact and is absolutely worth your time if you're a fan. It's important to keep in mind though that this is anything but a perfect release with characters not really coming across the same as they do in the original and is missing content that was printed with the Japanese re-release.


(not an average) / /
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new sailor moon anime in 2013

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal anime title logo

Watch the totally new Sailor Moon anime, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal for free online every second Saturday on Crunchyroll, Hulu and Niconico! Note that Niconico is totally open to viewers worldwide with no region block.

Current Episode
Act.23 Covert Maneuvers - Wiseman -
Next Episode
Act.24 Attack - Black Lady -

For more information on Sailor Moon Crystal, check out my New Sailor Moon Anime Information Page and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Anime Episode Guide.

original 90s sailor moon anime

Watch the classic 90s Sailor Moon anime, in the original Japanese with English subtitles in free streaming format on Hulu and Viz! Buy HD episodes and seasons to keep on, USA/CAN Xbox Video, USA/CAN Playstation Store, CAN iTunes and USA iTunes.

For the original English dub of the classic 90s Sailor Moon anime, check out the shopping guide for a full listing of official DVDs containing the first and second seasons as well as the third and fourth seasons, Sailor Moon S and SuperS. This original English version is no longer being produced and will not be re-released in the future.

sailor moon podcasts

sailor moon news roundup podcast

Sailor Moon News Roundup Episode 006: What a great episode of Sailor Moon Crystal! In this episode of the Sailor Moon News Roundup, I talk about my thoughts on the beginning of Sailor Moon Crystal Season 2 and break down some pretty big news coming right out of Japan. I also answer a couple of questions from's Twitter and Facebook page about my thoughts on changes made in the English version of Sailor Moon and discuss who my favourite character is. Sailor Moon Says! Listen to the podcast and read the full episode notes here.

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new sailor moon dvds

viz media's sailor moon season one part 2 blu-ray and dvd box set

VIZ Media is releasing the the 90s Sailor Moon anime with the original Japanese audio and a new English dub.

Sailor Moon R
Blu-ray & DVD Combo Pack 1

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Blu-ray & DVD Combo Pack 2
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DVD Only 2
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For more information on this version of Sailor Moon, check out my Sailor Moon 90s Anime Blu-ray and DVD Shopping Guide.

sailor moon crystal blu-rays and dvds

Sailor Moon Crystal Blu-rays and DVDs are on their way in a variety of collections!

Vol.13 DVD: / /
Vol.13 Blu-ray [limited edition]: / /
Vol.13 Blu-ray [regular edition]: / /

For more information on these releases, check out my Sailor Moon Crystal Blu-ray and DVD Shopping Guide.

sailor moon reconquista musical dvd

The Sailor Moon musicals are back in Japan and available on DVD for everyone to watch!! Check them out!

new sailor moon manga

official english and japanese manga

The Sailor Moon manga is back with brand new re-releases! Check out the latest English language Sailor Moon manga releases here and the latest Japanese releases here. Each page has information on each release, images and links for where to order the Sailor Moon manga online. Happy reading, Sailor Moon fans!

hot sailor moon merch

sailor moon crystal opening and closing song single cd and blu-ray

Sailor Moon Crystal is here and with it an epic new opening theme song, Moon Pride and a beautiful closing theme, Moonbow. Both songs are available (with karaoke versions!)on a regular CD release and special Blu-ray/CD set which contains the Moon Pride music video!

Moon Pride Blu-ray/CD: / / Exclusive:
Moon Pride CD: / / Exclusive:
Moon Pride Digital Downloads: USA / UK / Australia / Canada / Germany / Italy / Japan / Mexico / Peru

For more info, pics and links check out my Sailor Moon Crystal Music Shopping Guide.

sailor moon figures and models: super sailor moon

Sailor Moon Figures and Models

Check out these awesome, new, highly detailed, official Sailor Moon figures and models in the Shopping Guide! Coming soon; Sailor Mini Moon, Tuxedo Mask and Super Sailor Moon!

sailor moon 20th anniversary memorial tribute cd

Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary
Memorial Tribute Album

CD: / / /
AUS iTunes / CAN iTunes / UK iTunes
USA iTunes

tamashii nations proplica crystal star compact / brooch

Crystal Star Compact Proplica

The latest high quality replica has been announced and it's of Sailor Moon's Crystal Star Compact / Brooch! Designed for collectors and casual fans alike, make sure you pre-order as soon as you can.

Pre-Order NOW on!
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official sailor moon mens and womens t-shirts

Official Sailor Moon T-Shirts

Lots of new Sailor Moon t-shirts for men and women have been released recently and are selling out very quickly. Find images and shopping links for all these new tees in the Sailor Moon T-Shirt Shopping Guide!

sailor moon costumes

Sailor Moon Costumes

Get ready for the latest convention or costume party with some new and official Sailor Moon costumes and accessories! All listed with images and shopping links in the Sailor Moon Costume Shopping Guide!

For a complete listing of all the new official Sailor Moon merchandise, check out my Sailor Moon Shopping Guide.

moonie mailbag

"What does Sailor Pluto's skin tone mean?"

"Will the new Sailor Moon anime in 2013 be subbed in English?"

"What is your favourite Sailor Moon anime season?"

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sailor moon episode spotlight

Sailor Moon S

The Purity Chalice

Can Sailor Moon and the others save the lives of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune? Can Sailor Pluto help them? Who has the third Talisman and who will get the Purity Chalice?

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