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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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Naz Edwards

First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview! It really is such an honor!

The Sailor Moon anime became such a huge part of so many people's childhoods all over the world. Even now, over a decade later, the characters of Sailor Moon are still household names and everyone that grew up in the 90's recognises the show's theme song. Did you have any idea just how big the show would be when you first came on?

I had no idea Sailor Moon would take off like it did. I don't think anyone did. I'm sure the producer did. But as far as the actors, I really think we were surprised.

You played the role of the evil Queen Beryl in the first season. How did you get this part?

My agent called me with an audition time and when I got there I read the script and laughed, because it was a character type I was very tuned into. It was an easy audition for me because I have played roles like Queen Beryl before and I knew what to do with her right off the bat.
I did read a few other parts I think.

4) I'm hoping that the character is very different from your real personality. lol! What was your inspiration for creating such a wicked persona?

Haha... I am very different than Queen Beryl. I'm a character actor and I just seem to pull these mean persona's out of somewhere.They are fun to create and figure out.

5) I'm very curious about the recording of the show. Did you get to see footage of the show while you were recording or were you just directed by the voice director?

The set up was with a TV and a mic and we wore headphones to hear the Japanese dialog. The dubbing was done with a technique called Rhythmoband. There is a foot wide screen over head and a horizontal line on the right side. When the dialog your reading hits that line that's when you start speaking. It's a tricky technique because, you are acting, reading and watching the TV so you can be in sync with the mouths. It was a bit crazy.

Did you ever get to record with the other voice actors?

I think I did record with a few of the actors, but not too often.

What was the schedule like? I've heard that sometimes the work could be very intense with several episodes being produced weekly. What was it like for you?

It was sometimes very challenging. Some days you would just fly through and the sync was perfect and then some days you'd be going along and all of a sudden there would be one line that would take a half hour.

Any funny stories about your time on the show?

When I was recording my death scene and our director, Rowland Parliment said we'll just do a rehearsal one and it was perfect, except I was under water and I was still talking..... it was funny and I think they kept it. So, you may catch me dead but still talking..........

Note: She's referring to when Queen Beryl was hit by Tuxedo Mask's rose in Day of Destiny and melted through the floor to Queen Metalia's chamber.

The English version of the Sailor Moon anime in particular has inspired a whole new generation of voice actors. I don't think an audience had been so interested in English speaking voice actors before Sailor Moon aired, which is a testament to the impact you all made. Any advice for aspiring voice actors?

Learn all the different techniques you can. Be a flexible actor. You have to have a special energy as a voice actor, to get your character to come to life. I think it's a lot like performing musical theatre.

Many fans may be surprised to know that you've had a HUGE career as a stage actress in such performances as Phantom of the Opera, Zorba, Guys and Dolls, Fiddler on the Roof and numerous others. What has been your most memorable stage experience?

They all have a very special place in my heart. But what do you mean by "had" Brad. I'm still as busy as ever. LOL. I don't live in a big city anymore but, I work a lot. Really special moments have been, Zorba,Souvenir, Once Upon a Mattress. I'm just starting rehearsal for Little Shop of Horrors. As the plant Audrey 11. I know that sounds crazy but, it's happening. I'm going to be on stage. I think she's going to have a bit of Queen Beryl in her. Then I'll be doing a one women play called, Women Before a Glass.

Sounds fantastic! You were lucky enough to star with Anthony Quinn in Zorba a while back. I have to ask, what was it like working with this legend?

Anthony Quinn was an incredible performer. I learned a lot from him. It was a wonderful experience. To stand on stage singing in his ear was like this real? Am I really doing this?

You're also a fantastic singer and have a new CD, ....If the Waiting Takes Years which sounds incredible. How much time went into the production of this gem?

Thank you Brad. It was so great to record. I love being in a recording studio. It's my favourite way to express myself. It's really a very spiritual experience. The project took a little under two years, including a CD release concert.

Voice Acting, Acting and Singing... is there anything you can't so?

Who knows what's in store. You learn something new everyday. I'm sure there is plenty to do yet.

Thank you so much again! Before we finish, I have to ask, "Who's your favourite Sailor Moon character?"

My favourite Sailor Moon character is........ well, I did like Tuxedo Mask. I think everyone had a crush on him. Hahaha But all in all I have to say your highness....... Queen Beryl.

Thanks again!

Thank you Brad , my pleasure.

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