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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad (Google+ / Facebook)

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Update: The Sailor Moon anime is currently off the air in Australia. The Sailor Moon manga has been re-released though and can be bought in Australian book stores and several online Australian retailers!.

This page will be updated with more information (and newer information) regarding Sailor Moon as we get towards the airing of the New Sailor Moon Anime in 2013.

Australian Air Times: Sailormoon first started airing in Australia in 1994 on Channel 7 (and Prime) on what was then called "Agro's Cartoon Connection". This program ran on weekday mornings from 7am - 9am and featured cartoons, competitions and numerous goosing of the hostess' which eventually lead to the show being cancelled and replaced with a group of 5 young twenty-somethings.

In late 2001 The Big Breakfast (as the new show was called) was replaced with a music video show and on Sept 12 a regular news program replaced the music show. In early 2002 Cheeze TV on Channel 10 bought the free to air rights to Sailormoon and started airing it.

So far only the first two seasons of Sailormoon (up to the defeat of Wiseman and the revelation of Rini being Serena's daughter) have been screened on "free to air" tv however all four currently dubbed seasons (Original, R, S and SuperS) and the three movies are shown on a regular basis on Australia's Cartoon Network and FoxKids

Free to Air

Currently not airing.

Pay TV

Fox Kids from Monday to Friday at 7:00am and at 3:30pm

Buying Sailormoon in Australia: Because buying Sailormoon in Australia is more complex than buying it in American, I have created this section to explain the best, cheapest and easiest ways for Australians to get their daily dose of Sailormoon.

DVD Cover Sailormoon Original & SailormoonR DVDs: These two series can be found in almost any store in Australia for AU$24.95 and they contain on average 7 episodes per DVD making them a worthy investment. Unfortunately for perfectionists they have English audio only but for me that's not really an issue and besides the US (Region 1) versions didn't have the original tracks either. Speaking of the US (Region 1) version Madman Entertainment improved the Australian (Region 4) version with better, easier to navigate menus and crisper chapter selections! If you can't find these in store I reccomend They're an Australian based company and they offer FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY! I've used them before and will definitly be using them again.

The First Cover SailormoonS, SuperS and Movies DVDs: Buying the 3rd (S) and 4th (SuperS) seasons and the movies is a bit more tricky for Australians than buying the first two seasons as none of these DVDs have been released locally (in Region 4 DVD format). I bought my copies from Amazon, a HUGE American online store with a great reputation.
Now the catch is that when buying an American DVD it will be in a region that most Australian DVD Players can't play. Most Australian players play Region 4 DVDs, American players play Region 1 DVDs. So before buying Region 1 dvds make sure to check that your DVD player is Multi Regional (can play all region DVDs). If it is, great. If it isn't you can either buy a new DVD player or you can go back to the place you bought it from and ask for a "chip" which can make it multiregion, however this will void your warranty AND some TriStar Region 4 DVDs can only be played on Region 4 machines. Charlie's Angels and Stuart Little are two examples that spring to mind.
My solution was buying a Playstation 2 which can play DVDs and buying a special crack CD from an import store (Cartoon Gallery, Imperial Arcade in Pitt St Mall, Sydney) to make it multi region. That way I can play all my Region 4 movies on my DVD player and watch my Region 1 DVDs on my cracked Playstation 2. And, hey I got a game system out of it too! And now I can also play Final Fantasy X! ;)

Kinokunia (the largest book store in Australia, located on the top floor of the Galleries Victoria in Sydney (opposite the QVB) has just started stocking Region 1 (and 4) dvds and they are selling for REALLY cheap prices (around the same as a local Region 4 dvd!). Definitly worth checking out!

If you don't have a DVD and don't want to buy a DVD player you can also get VHS of the movies and series from Amazon and almost ALL VHS Players can play them. Just make sure it has NTSC Playback written on it somewhere.

Manga Cover Sailormoon Manga: Very easy to get. Pretty much all Comic shops stock the Sailormoon manga and even a few book shops! Though if you're already ordering some DVDs or VHS from Amazon you might as well pick up some manga there as well. It's much cheaper to buy from America than Australia (damn tax!).
If you want to get the original version (with Japanese text) I'd try Chinatown or maybe an import store but don't keep your hopes up, they're very hard to come across unfortunately.

Sailormoon CDs: Most Australian music stores USED to stock the first two English Sailormoon CDs but I'd be VERY suprised if a store still had some copies left. If you ask at the desk they should be able to order them in for you.
If you're after the Japanese cds I'd try Chinatown first for the cheapest prices then if all else fails order from Amazon and then try an import store (as they're always more expensive).

Australian Links: Here is a list of sites that I thought Australian Sailormoon and Anime fans might find of interest.


Australian SM Information

Definitly the main resource for the Australian Moonie. Updated on regular basis with Australian and Sailormoon news.

AU SM Fan Community
Has a great listing of Australian Sailormoon fans so you can organise meetings and screenings! Also updates regularly with info and everyone on the message board is actually nice!

Australian Anime Conventions

A very cool annual convention. Features voice actors and premieres anime movies and episodes! Get's better by the year!

Australian Anime Groups

ANU Magical Girl Club
Run by the same babe who runs the AU SM Fan Community. Basically an anime group that screens magical girl anime at the Canberra Uni.

ANU Anime Society
A popular anime club in the same uni as mentioned above.

Australian TV Channels

Channel Ten
Has a mini site for Cheeze TV which airs Sailormoon (sometimes).

Fox Kids Australia
Airs Sailormoon sometimes.

Cartoon Network Australia
Airs Sailormoon sometimes.

<-- information --

new sailor moon anime in 2013

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal anime title logo

A NEW Sailor Moon anime called, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal is coming in July 2014! For all of the latest information on this exciting new anime, check out my New Sailor Moon Anime Information Page which will be updated constantly with news and images. I've also created a Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Anime Episode Guide.

sailor moon podcasts

Sailor Moon News Roundup Episode 003: The third episode of the Sailor Moon News Roundup! We finally got to see some artwork from the new anime and it now has a title! Also a new Sailor Moon musical announced and loads of Sailor Moon merchandise continues to fill our Moonie lives with joy! Listen to the podcast and read the full episode notes here.

iTunes Listen to Stitcher

hot sailor moon merch

bandai tamashii nations sailor mercury figuart zero figure / model

Bandai Tamashii Nations
Sailor Mercury Figuarts Zero Model! / /

sailor moon 20th anniversary memorial tribute cd

Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary
Memorial Tribute Album

CD: / / /
AUS iTunes / UK iTunes / USA iTunes

In celebration of Sailor Moon's 20th Anniversary in Japan, the manga is being released for a third time in special extra large volumes with colour pages and brand new covers!

3rd gen japanese kanzenban sailor moon manga #9 cover featuring princess serenity and prince endymion
Sailor Moon #9

3rd gen japanese kanzenban sailor moon manga #10 cover featuring sailor moon, mercury, mars, jupiter, venus, pluto, uranus, neptune and saturn
Sailor Moon #10

Sailor V #1
(26th May)

Sailor V #2
(26th May)

Check out my 3rd Gen Japanese Sailor Moon Manga Shopping Guide page for more information and shopping links on other volumes!

official sailor moon moon stick prop replica!
Official Moon Stick Replica! /

bandai tamashii nations figuarts zero sailor moon figure / model
Bandai Tamashii Nations
Sailor Moon Figuarts ZERO Model!

Japanese Release (19th Mar)
Pre-Order NOW on!
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USA Release (22nd Apr)
Pre-Order NOW on!

Petit Chara Sailor Moon Outers
6 Character Box Set

Pre-Order NOW on!
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bandai tamashii nations sailor venus s.h. figuarts model / figure bandai tamashii nations sailor venus s.h. figuarts model / figure
Bandai Tamashii Nations
Sailor Venus S.H. Figuarts Model!

Japanese Release (19th Apr)
Pre-Order NOW on!
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USA Release (21st May)
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bandai tamashii nations sailor jupiter s.h. figuarts model / figure bandai tamashii nations sailor jupiter s.h. figuarts model / figure
Bandai Tamashii Nations
Sailor Jupiter S.H. Figuarts Model!

Japanese Release (19th July)
Pre-Order NOW on!
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USA Release (28th Aug)
Pre-Order NOW on!

For other Sailor Moon figures, check out the Sailor Moon Tamashii Nations Shopping Guide

For a complete listing of all the new official Sailor Moon merchandise, check out my Sailor Moon Shopping Guide.

new sailor moon dvds

Pretty Guardian
Sailor Moon
Super Special DVD-BOX

Read My Review
Buy on
Buy on
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japanese sailor moon 20th anniversary anime dvd box set Japanese
20th Anniversary
Anime DVD Box Sets

For more info, my reviews, images and shopping links check out my Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary DVD Box Set Shopping Guide.

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new sailor moon manga

English Sailor Moon Manga: The Sailor Moon manga has finally been re-released in English! Here are both the current volume and the next one. For more information on this release as well as reviews and shopping links to other volumes check out my Sailor Moon English Manga Shopping Guide.

sailor moon manga box set volumes 1 to 6

Sailor Moon Manga Box Set #1

Contains Sailor Moon manga volumes 1 to 6. / / / /

sailor moon manga box set volumes 7 to 12

Sailor Moon Manga Box Set #2

Contains Sailor Moon manga volumes 7 to 12. / / / /

new sailor moon costumes

sailor moon costumes

Get ready for Halloween with new, official Sailor Moon costumes and accessories! All listed with images and shopping links in the Sailor Moon Costume Shopping Guide!

new sailor moon t-shirts

new tuxedo mask tank top

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more new sailor moon t-shirts here

moonie mailbag

"Will the old voice actors return for the new Sailor Moon anime in 2013?"

"Which is your favourite Sailor Moon pairing?"

"What is Sailor Neptune's mirror attack in the Kaguya manga arc?"

have a question?

sailor moon episode spotlight


Act 12

Sailor Venus and Artemis finally reveal themselves to the others... but who's the Moon Princess?

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Can't find what you want? Search with this search box. There's heaps of content below the surface. Sailor Moon Says! ;)

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