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Episode 160

SM SuperS

Tomorrow's Big Dreams

Jap.160 "Dream to be an Adult! The Amazoness' Bewilderment"

The Amazon Quartet and all the others in the Dead Moon Circus are laughing about how Zirconia has no idea what he's doing and that he's looking older and older every day.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Tomorrow's Big Dreams Zirconia hears them all and appears, scaring all of them away.

He commands the Amazon Quartet to check out a Coming of Age festival in Azabu Juban.

Elsewhere Mina begins to tell Serena and the others about the very same festival and says that it would be a great thing to volunteer for. The girls all agree but once they get to theSailor Moon SuperS: Tomorrow's Big Dreams building to help out they're greeted by several sexy young men and it becomes apparent that Mina had other reasons for "volunteering".

Once they get inside they meet the Amazon Trio who, like them is in their civilian forms. They all quickly become friends and help each other out hanging decorations and arranging flowers.

Luna, Artemis and Diana ask if they can help but Lita whispers to them that their Sailor Moon SuperS: Tomorrow's Big Dreams new friends might not react well to talking cats.

Once they're all finished the Amazon Quartet realise that they have no idea what a Coming of Age festival actually is and say that they don't want to grow up because when you do you lose your childhood dreams. This surprises the girls.

The next day the Amazon Quartet come back for the festival and help out the girls as the audience takes their seats. They all split up into smaller groups and bit by bit the Quartet laugh at the girls' dreams and refuse to understand why they should Sailor Moon SuperS: Tomorrow's Big Dreams give up their childhood dreams by growing up.

Suddenly Para Para and Jun Jun, alone in the main hall, transform and summon the Lemres, Biri Biri. Besu Besu and Cele Cele transform and join them. The girls, now separated from them transform into their Sailor Scout forms and confront them.

Para Para creates miniature dolls that remove the Dream Mirrors of every audience member. Biri Biri then flies over the seats and Sailor Moon SuperS: Tomorrow's Big Dreams begins eating all the mirrors.

The Sailor Scouts fight them and seem to be evenly matched. Biri Biri begins to power up an electrical attack but shocks himself. Tuxedo Mask arrives and gives Sailor Mini Moon the chance to use Crystal Twinkle Bell and Sailor Moon to destroy Biri Biri with Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Tomorrow's Big Dreams All the Dream Mirrors return to their owners and the Amazon Quartet retreat.

Back in her mirror, Queen Nehelenia is furious and walks past the body of Helios, promising to conquer the planet soon.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Tomorrow's Big Dreams

Monster of the Day

Biri Biri was a fish based Lemres who had a cool tail whip physical attack as well as an electric attack though he only managed to hurt himself with this.

He was defeated by Super Sailor Moon's Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

It's worth mentioning that he was the only Lemres in the show that was summoned off screen.

Interesting Facts

Coming of Age Day is actually a very popular national festival in Japan held every year on the second Monday of January to commemorate those who have turned, or are turning 20 years old. For more information on this festival, check out this page on Wikipedia.

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