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Sailor Moon SuperS: The Trouble With Love

Episode 136

SM SuperS

The Trouble With Love

Jap.136 "Protect Mamoru! Jealousy of Usagi the Ninja"

All the girls are studying in Darien's apartment.

Sailor Moon SuperS: The Trouble With Love Darien his helping Amy with her math and the two seem to be bonding quite a bit over each others' intelligence. This makes Serena jealous and she jumps in between them. The others tell Serena to stop being silly.

Diana then smells smoke and runs to the balcony where she sees lots of black smoke. She screams out it's an inferno which causes all the girls to panic and results in Raye tripping over and spraying Darien's place with the fire extinguisher. Raye offers to let Darien stay at one of the spare rooms at her temple while his place gets cleaned so he Sailor Moon SuperS: The Trouble With Love can finish his report for work.

Diana offers to stay with him to calm down Serena who doesn't trust Raye with her boyfriend.

At the Dead Moon's circus tent the Amazon Trio ask Zirconia why exactly they're after Pegasus but he tells them not to question his orders and commands them to find him. At their bar they soon decide to target Raye.

That afternoon Darien arrives at Raye's temple and introduces Sailor Moon SuperS: The Trouble With Love himself to Raye's grandpa. Chad spies on this introduction with the girls and begins to panic. They mention that Raye and Darien used to date which makes Chad go crazy.

That night Darien decides to have a warm bath. Hilariously Raye walks in on him and sees him completely naked. Chad sees her see him naked and freaks out more. As Raye gets back to her room she runs into Serena whos' dressed up as the "Red Ninja" spying on her and the two quickly get into a fight over what Raye saw.

Chad heads outside and heats up the bath water to extra hot to get his revenge onSailor Moon SuperS: The Trouble With Love Darien.

That night, Rini talks to Pegasus who explains that love makes people act strangely.

The next day, Grandpa takes Chad out to find himself a girlfriend. They both fail miserably.

At the temple Raye is approached by Tigerseye who quickly straps her down and summons her Dream Mirror. He checks it and finds lots of beautiful dreams though no Pegasus.

Sailor Moon SuperS: The Trouble With Love Serena and Rini who had been spying on her, transform. Tigerseye retreats and leaves his Lemres, Misegaiko to take care of them.

Darien and Diana hear the noise but think it's just a joke and ignore it.

Sailor Mercury and Venus luckily arrive and attack with Venus Love Chain Encircle and Shine Aqua Illusion as does Sailor Jupiter who attacks with Jupiter Thunderclap Zap.

Super Sailor Mini Moon Sailor Moon SuperS: The Trouble With Love then summons Pegasus with Crystal Twinkle Bell and Super Sailor Moon then defeats her with Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

That afternoon the girls, Diana, Darien and Chad have drinks in Crown Fruit Parlor. Chad appologises for not being able to save her because he wasn't there. Raye's snobs him but tells him that he's forgiven.

Sailor Moon SuperS: The Trouble With Love

Monster of the Day

Misegaiko was a very cool Japanese inspired Lemres. Unfortunately all of her attacks were very weak water splashes that didn't do much in the way of damage.

She was very easily defeated by Super Sailor Moon's Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Interesting Facts

Chad and Raye's grandfather appeared for the final time in the anime in this episode, hence the huge amount of screen time they both had compared to Raye who was the target of the episode. This episode was also the first (and final) time Darien had met Grandpa and Chad in person.

This episode had a lot of similarities to the the first episode of Sailor Moon S such as Raye being targeted in an almost identical way and Raye's humorous visualisations of her many dreams.

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