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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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Live Action Sailor Moon:

Pretty Guardian

Sailor Moon

Act 38

Aired: 3rd July 2004

Princess Sailor Moon has just announced that she was the one who destroyed the world in their past lives. Sailor Luna, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus look on in shock.

At that same moment in the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl is explaining to Mamoru how the Moon Princess' power is linked to Queen Metallia's as we flashback to the final moments before the end of the world.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion are together in the destroyed Moon Temple. Suddenly a sword swings from off-screen and slashes Endymion, fatally wounding him.
Princess Serenity begins to cry and kneels before him. In her depression she screams out his name and releases a brilliant blast of white energy that engulfs the entire moon and planet Earth leaving them both as well as everything on them dead.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Back in the present, Princess Sailor Moon tells the Sailor Soldiers to leave her alone and teleports away.

On a rooftop overlooking Tokyo, Princess Sailor Moon appears in a burst of light. Within her mind, on another plane, Usagi approaches her and tells her how she and Mamoru first met and that they had had troubles as well such as Hina and their secret identities. Princess Sailor Moon then tells her that like her they were torn apart by outside forces as well.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Elsewhere in Tokyo, Motoki is packing a lot of supplies into his car when Nephrite accidentally walks by and knocks him, spilling everything everywhere. This makes Nephrite furious and he loses his temper making everyone around them look at them. He eventually gets talked into helping Motoki though becomes more infuriated by doing so and thinks he's more powerful than these normal humans.

In the Dark Kingdom, Mamoru is Live Action Sailor Moon: considering the possibility of killing Usagi to keep the promise he made earlier about never letting the planet be destroyed. Suddenly Kunzite appears and challenges him to a fight. Mamoru agrees but makes Kunzite promise that if he beats him, Kunzite will stop all this nonsense and work at his side towards a common goal. Kunzite agrees and they begin their duel.

On Earth, Minako and Artemis are lamenting the fact that the past is in fact repeating itself.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Elsewhere, Usagi shows Princess Sailor Moon the star locket Mamoru gave her. Princess Sailor Moon holds it to her chest and whispers Mamoru's name. She then gives it back to Usagi and tells her that if something should happen again she may not be able to control herself and could destroy the world once more.

With that, Usagi appears on the rooftop in her civilian form. Suddenly, numerous Youma appear, drawn by her power. She transforms into Sailor Moon and defeats them but is obviously going through a lot emotionally knowing that she could kill everyone she loves and destroy the world.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Much to Sailor Moon's surprise, Zoicite, Jadeite and Kunzite appear behind her. She braces herself for a fight, but they step aside and reveal Mamoru in the form of Endymion.

Sailor Moon speaks aloud Mamoru's decision not to let the world be destroyed as she remembers it.

Mamoru steps forward and draws his sword.

Interesting Facts

Princess Sailor Moon showed us her ability to teleport while playing the harp during this episode.

This episode saw the first appearance of the third closing bumper featuring Princess Sailor Moon however this is not seen at the end of this episode on the DVD! Instead the episode preview for the following episode is extended to show Ikuko messing around with Minako's manager and Usagi asking the audience "What's going on?" and the bumper is placed at the end of Act 40, the final episode on the disk.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon DVD #10 Cover

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