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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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Live Action Sailor Moon:

Pretty Guardian

Sailor Moon

Act 37

Aired: 26th June 2004

After the tragic turn of events at the end of the previous episode, the girls take the unconscious Usagi back to their room at Crown Karaoke.
After a short while, Usagi wakes up looking rather depressed over what has happened. Surprisingly, Rei quickly tells her that she can't let evil people from her past take away something so precious in her present. This cheers Usagi up and she recalls how Mamoru told her that he would come back eventually.

Live Action Sailor Moon: In the Dark Kingdom, Mamoru is sitting at a large dinner table with a very happy Mio. Mamoru looks very unhappy to be there but surrendered himself to the Dark Kingdom of his own free will so does not leave. Mio tells him the food is delicious and begins to nibble on a chicken's foot. Mamoru eventually gives in and begins to eat.

Elsewhere, Queen Beryl is wondering what has been causing Queen Metallia's power to increase so dramatically and comes to a conclusion... though doesn't voice it.

Live Action Sailor Moon: That night as Usagi sleeps, Luna is woken up by a strange light. Usagi's body has started to glow a bright gold! Before Luna can properly awaken though Usagi has disapeared! Luna transforms into her human form and runs around the neighbourhood looking for her. All Luna can find though is the beautiful sound of a harp being played.

The next morning, Luna still hadn't found Usagi so has gotten Ami to take her place so her mother doesn't worry. Just as Ami and Luna are talking though, Usagi's mother comes in and looks at Ami directly in the face. She then tells "Usagi" that's she's surprised she's up and breakfast will be ready soon. As she leaves a shocked Luna and Ami, she tells them that she's lost her contacts.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Downstairs while eating breakfast, Shingo, Usagi's brother, enters and is shocked to see Ami with Usagi's hairstyle but doesn't tell Ikuko and instead just mumbles to himself about Usagi being up to something again. Just then, Ikuko brings Makoto in who had dropped by who is speechless when she sees Ami impersonating Usagi. Later on, they go up to Usagi's room and explain the situation. Luna tells them that she thinks if they find the source of the music, they'll find Usagi. They then do rock, scissors, paper to decide who gets to take Usagi's place while the others look. Makoto loses.

Meanwhile, on the set of Minako's latest movie, Rei has met up with her to discuss Sailor Soldier business. Minako thinks that Princess Sailor Moon appeared due to the extreme situation that was going on with Mamoru. Just then a worker at the studio asks Minako who Rei is and she tells him she's the new actress and shoves a Nako Nako costume on her head.

Live Action Sailor Moon: As Ami runs around Tokyo looking for Usagi, she unknowingly runs past a reborn Nephrite who is now human and with memories of his time with Beryl. He stands up and begins to laugh maniacally though still can't understand why Beryl would kill him as he served her as well as he could.

Back in the Dark Kingdom, Mamoru has gone to meet with Kunzite, Jadeite and Zoicite. Zoicite pleads with him to leave the Dark Kingdom but Mamoru tells them he's staying for their sake. Kunzite then makes a move to kill Mamoru but is stopped by Zoicite who reminds them they were close in the past. Kunzite tells them he doesn't care any more as he blames Mamoru for their deaths and end of the world.

We then flashback to a time when Kunzite was training Endymion. Kunzite tells him he will always be there to protect him but he must learn to fight as well.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Back in the present, Kunzite tries once more to kill Mamoru but is stopped by Mio who reminds him what will happen if he should die. Mio then takes Mamoru to Beryl who tells him how she had wanted him to be hers since their past lives but the princess had stood in their way. She then tells him that a powerful source has been making Queen Metallia's powers grow and that that source is the Moon Princess!

Back in Tokyo, Rei asks Minako for details as to exactly what happened to the prince and princess in their past lives. Minako tells her the story of how Queen Beryl corrupted the people of the Earth and turned them against the people pf the Moon. She also says how Beryl had stormed the Moon Temple and that "something" had killed the prince and princess. Rei is surprised at this but Minako tells her that the only people that know what happened to them may be the prince and princess themselves.

Live Action Sailor Moon: They then get a call from Ami and join her, Makoto and Luna. Suddenly the harp music begins to play again and several evil Youma emerge from the ground. They all transform and fight them off with their star attacks. Ami notices that the Youma seem to be moving towards the sound of the harp so they all follow them.

After seeing where they're going, they finish them off and then notice Princess Sailor Moon, glowing and sitting atop a wall playing her harp. She then stops and tells them that she was the one that destroyed the world in the past.

Interesting Facts

The harp/ sword used by Princess Sailor Moon appears to be exactly the same as the toy sold around the time the show was on the air in Japan. It's doesn't even look like a replica. She could very well be using one of the toys off the shelf. The toys obviously didn't come with the kick arse special effects though.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon DVD #10 Cover

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