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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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Live Action Sailor Moon:

Pretty Guardian

Sailor Moon

Act 18

Aired: 7th Feb 2004

Sailor Venus is furious at Sailor Mars for letting the Youma get away. Sailor Mars yells at Sailor Venus that if she had fought better she wouldn't have had to come to her aid and let the Youma escape. Venus tells her that she's not strong enough and Mars rebuts by telling her that she was told nothing about being the Moon Princess' babysitter.

Live Action Sailor Moon: They both detransform and part ways. While in her car, Minako tells Artemis that she knows she hurt Rei's feelings but she she had to.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl is angry at Kunzite for not having gathered any more energy. Nephrite and Jadeite tell Beryl that they've managed to find the Moon Princess and crystal. Beryl commands them to combine their energies to complete their mission.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Elsewhere, Makoto has decided to take Motoki on a date though it's quickly revealed that her reason for doing so was to find out about Mamoru's girlfriend, Hina. Motoki seems hurt when he comes to this realisation but is cheered up by the present Makoto bought for his turtle. Motoki then tells her that however she knows that is interested in Mamoru should just forget about him because he has a fiance.

That night, Mamoru is watching the night skyline with Hina and remembers when the two were kids and had promised to marry each other. Hina tells him that she's found a perfect church for their wedding and that she wants them to go tomorrow. Mamoru doesn't seem too excited but doesn't want to hurt Hina's feelings.

Live Action Sailor Moon: At the church, Rei arrives with a huge bag of dog food for the dog. Minako then drives up and sees this and then drives off again to arrive later on with a car full of premium canned dog food. Rei then asks her why she didn't reveal herself to the other Sailor Soldiers as they spent a long time and energy searching for her. Minako simply tells her that it had to be this way.
The priest then enters and tells them that he's thinking of asking everyone at mass if they could help find a home for the dog they found. Minako and Rei both promise to design posters to advertise the dog and mass.

That night while painting, Minako asks Artemis why the Youma was at the church in the first place. Artemis tells her it was probably a coincidence but then Minako realises that a large amount of people will be gathering at mass and puts two and two together.
The next day at the church, Minako meets with Rei and Luna who are putting up Rei's poster and tells them that the Youma may be planning to attack at mass. Rei is shocked and tells Luna to call the other Sailor Soldiers right away.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Inside the church the priest has been possessed by a Youma who removes itself from his body and begins to drains everyone's energy, including Mamoru and Hina who had arrived to check out the church for their wedding!

Outside, Rei meets up with Usagi, Makoto and Ami who all transform and arrive at the church to battle the Youma. Jadeite and Nephrite also appear for a showdown as does, much to everyone's surprise, Sailor Venus, the Moon Princess!
All of the Sailor Soldiers strike their very first team pose and then split up to battle.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Sailor Mars and Venus run to the back room to destroy the Youma while Sailor Moon, Mercury and Jupiter remain to deal with Jadeite and Nephrite.

In the back room, Sailor Venus fires two quick blasts of Crescent Beam at the Youma which knocks it back a little, but the Youma once more blasts her and knocks her off her feet. Sailor Mars then suggests that they attack at the same time. Venus agrees and leaps over the Youma to the other side of the room and uses a new attack, Venus Love Me Chain while Mars fires off a Youma Taisan. Together they destroy the Youma.

In the main room, the others have also combined their attacks and sent Jadeite and Nephrite running back to the Dark Kingdom. Usagi walks up to the collapsed Mamoru and Hina and seeing them holding hands even while unconscious makes Usagi come to the realisation that being in love is a good thing no matter who it happens to. She holds out her hands and restores all of their energy as a powerful golden light glows from her palms.

Live Action Sailor Moon: That night, Minako tells Artemis that they won't have to stay separate for much longer if Sailor Moon continues to grow at this rate. Artemis tells Minako that the reason she can't make friends isn't because of the mission, it's because that she doesn't want anyone to be hurt when it happens. Minako looks forward and thinks to herself "Only half a year left..."

In the Dark Kingdom, black energy begins to fly around the room as everything starts to shake. Queen Beryl announces that the gateway that will lead them to Queen Metalia is now open!

Interesting Facts

Sailor Venus' ultra cool new attack, Venus Love Me Chain premiered in this episode!

This episode gave us the first time all five Sailor Soldiers have been gathered in one place! It was also the first time they had fought more than one General at a time.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon DVD #5 Cover

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