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Sailor Moon R: Trouble Comes Thundering Down

Episode 58

Sailor Moon R

Trouble Comes Thundering Down

Jap.64 "Going After the Silver Crystal! The Secret of Chibi Usa"

In the UFO, Catsy, Prisma, Birdsy and Avery are all doing make-up and gossiping about themselves when Rubeus enters and tells them of his new plan to capture Rini by making a lot of thunder which is apparently her greatest fear.

Sailor Moon R: Trouble Comes Thundering Down Prisma volunteers and immediately leaves through one of the mirrors and materialises in the air above Tokyo and summons a new Droid, Thunderclap which immediately begins to create a massive storm with lots of thunder.

Down in the streets Serena gets caught in the downpour and runs home. Once there she calls out to her mum but Luna appears and reminds her that she's out for the evening and that Serena has to pick up Rini from swimming practice.

Sailor Moon R: Trouble Comes Thundering Down At school, Rini is alone with two other children who's parents are also late though one by one they're picked up leaving Rini by herself. Eventually Rini gets scared by the thunder and runs away scared and frightened.

Moments later Serena arrives and can't find Rini anywhere. While running around she runs into Darien who offers to help her find Rini though only because Rini's a small girl and she may be in trouble.

Sailor Moon R: Trouble Comes Thundering Down Up from a cafe window, Amy and Lita see Serena and Darien running together and wonder if they're back together. Suddenly Raye and Mina walk in and are surprised to see Amy and Lita there. They all comment on how karmic this is and sit down to talk about Serena and other things.

Down below, Rini has taken shelter from the storm and hugs her Luna P ball. Suddenly as she's reminiscing of her life in the future she decides to go back there and presses Luna P's nose which activates a communication device to a mysterious woman. She tells Rini that she has to be strong and complete her mission. Rini ends the transmission and begins to cry. She grabs her key from around her neck and attempts to open the space time gateway but it backfires and rainbow laser beams fire everywhere.

Sailor Moon R: Trouble Comes Thundering Down Up in the cafe, the girls are all hit by the time key's light show and suddenly the whole place becomes zero grav! Rini begins to cry over this failed attempt and triggers her crescent moon beam that blasts into the sky and alerts Prisma to her location.

Thunderclap also sees this and immediately heads to the cafe and blasts her way into the store.

Sailor Moon R: Trouble Comes Thundering Down Luckily Sailor Moon arrives and begins to fight Thunderclap though not before Thunderclap shocks Sailor Moon several times with her lightning attacks.

Just when things look bad, Tuxedo Mask arrives and throws a rose through Thunderclap's drum, causing her to short out. Sailor Moon then uses Moon Sceptre Elimination which blasts her so hard that Thunderclap's body get's thrown out of the cafe window and flies through the air as it disintegrates down to it's crystal which is caught by Prisma.

Sailor Moon R: Trouble Comes Thundering Down Birdsy appears and comments on how tough Sailor Moon is and they both disappear.

Back in the cafe, Rini places her hand on her key and returns gravity to normal. They all begin to question her as to where she really is from and what she's doing but Tuxedo Mask intervenes and Rini runs to him.

Later on as the storm clears Rini walks around with Darien singing a song about Tuxedo Mask while Serena and the girls look on. Suddenly they spot a rainbow and they all begin to believe that everything will work out in the end.

Sailor Moon R: Trouble Comes Thundering Down

Monster of the Day

Thunderclap is definitely one of the craziest Droids to appear seeming to rely on the drum it carries for it's power and extremely vulnerable to attack once it was taken out of the picture.

It does bare mentioning though that she did have the ability to create massive storms so what she lacked for in defence was more than made up for in abilities.

Interesting Facts

This episode is kind of the first appearance of Sailor Pluto seen via the Luna P ball! Funnily enough though in this episode her voice was the same as Luna in the English version which could be due to a few reasons, one being they simply got confused and thought "Hey, Luna P = Luna!" or maybe they hadn't cast the role of Sailor Pluto yet as the episodes being dubbed at the time didn't reach as far as the episode in which Sailor Pluto appears in person. It could very well have been a "The audience won't see the Sailor Pluto episode so let's not leave them confused about this mysterious woman and just make Luna the person on the other end".

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