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Sailor Moon R: Much Ado About Babysitting

Episode 47

Sailor Moon R

Much Ado About Babysitting

Jap.53 "Mamoru and Usagi's Rebellion as Baby Sitters"

Things start off rather quickly in this episode with Alan and Anne, probably being inspired by the energy captured from the children in Kindergarten Chaos decide to target babies!

Sailor Moon R: Much Ado About Babysitting They immediately summon a Cardian, Scalker who teleports to a childcare centre in town where, as luck would have it, Serena and Amy are walking by and saying hi to a friend of theirs who has a baby called Jordan.

Scalker appears and releases enormous shiny strands which begin to drain all the energy out of the childcare workers, mothers and horrifyingly the babies. Before Amy and Serena can do anything though the Cardian disappears with all the energy it had drained.

Sailor Moon R: Much Ado About Babysitting Darien, who had also been passing by, tells them to call an ambulance to take everyone to the hospital.

Later on, it's revealed that everyone at the childcare centre is in a coma while they regain their energy. Amy tells Serena and Darien that due to overcrowding the hospital does have anyone to look after Jordan (who had been protected by his mother). Darien offers look after him until his mother is better. Serena also offers to help. Amy warns them how difficult it can be but they both seem set on the idea.

Sailor Moon R: Much Ado About Babysitting That afternoon Serena and Darien go through the chaos of making formula, changing nappies and trying to get Jordan to stop crying. Eventually he does and they both relax and enjoy the baby experience. Serena then decides to get him to walk but Darien tells her that he can't even talk yet. They two fight and Serena storms off and wonders if Darien will ever remember their past together and if possibly he could hate her now but is not telling her to save her feelings.

The next morning, Luna is surprised to see that Serena is already out of bed... on a Saturday! Turns out she's gone baby shopping with Darien and Jordan. Anne sees them from a distance and becomes insanely jealous.

They then run into Amy, Mina and Lita who tease her about having a baby and the tell her that Raye's doing a fire reading to determine the Cardian's next target.

Sailor Moon R: Much Ado About Babysitting Serena goes with them. During Raye's fire reading the Cardian's face appears in the fire. Raye then tells them that the Cardian's energy is peaking and that the Sailor Scouts should be ready at a moments notice.

The next day Darien is shocked when Anne arrives at his apartment to help out with Jordan. Things don't go to well though when Darien tells her that she doesn't have to help. Anne becomes furious and storms out. Unfortunately Serena was coming in at the time and jumps to the conclusion that Darien has chosen Anne over herself. Suddenly Jordan stands up and walks across the room. Serena and Darien become ecstatic and hold hands and jump up and down.

Sailor Moon R: Much Ado About Babysitting Amy then drops by and tells Serena that they have to go as Raye has sensed the Cardian is in action again. Serena and Amy run to another childcare centre and are horrified to see Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mars and tons of babies having their energy drained. Serena and Amy transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury.

They begin to attack the Cardian but it seems to be too strong!

Sailor Moon R: Much Ado About Babysitting Luckily the Moonlight Knight appears and distracts the Cardian with a white rose and a speech about believing in yourself. Sailor Mercury, now really motivated stands up and performs a new attack, Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze which completely freezes the Cardian.
Sailor Moon then performs her Moon Sceptre Elimination which completely destroys it.

Eventually Jordan's mother recovers and Serena and Darien go to the hospital to meet her and giver her Jordan back. As she thanks them and leaves Jordan speaks! He looks around and says "Darien.... Meatballhead!". Serena and Darien begin to dance, proclaiming that they're geniuses.

Sailor Moon R: Much Ado About Babysitting

Monster of the Day

Scalker seemed to be a rather powerful Cardian as seen by her defeat of Sailor Jupiter, Mars and Venus.
Besides the ability to fly and teleport to different locations she could also release long golden threads which would drain the energy of anyone it touches. As the energy was being drained from her victims a bright orange/yellow sphere would encase them.

Eventually she was destroyed by Sailor Moon's Moon Sceptre Elimination which probably wouldn't have been possible if Sailor Mercury didn't freeze her with her new Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze attack.

Interesting Facts

Obviously this episode gave us our first look at Sailor Mercury's Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze attack.

An obvious change made in the English adaption was the manly voice over of Jordan, an obvious homage to the classic comedy movie series, Look Who's Talking. Another change was the removal of the scene where Jordan pees all over Anne's face (the real reason why she left Darien's apartment). Strangely this scene was included in the footage for the Sailor Moon Says at the end of the episode making one wonder if it's removal was for censorship (offensive on tv in the early 90s?) or time limits (the episode could only be so long).

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