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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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Episode 4

Sailor Moon

So You Want to be a Superstar

Jap.7 "Usagi's Reconsiders! The Way of Stardom is Tough."

There's a new pop idol in town called Saphron. Serena sees a poster of her on her way to school and when she gets there everyone's talking about her. Melvin even shows everyone a poster he has of her and prides himself on being a member of her fanclub.

Sailor Moon: Serena and Molly Queen Beryl in the Negaverse is aware of this woman's popularity and plots to use her to gain an enormous amount of energy for the Negaforce!

Later that night, Serena and Molly begin to practice a dance routine so they can become pop idols just like Saphron. They throw on a cassette of a Sailor Moon remix and begin singing the theme song while waving their arms about and dancing badly.

Sailor Moon: Melvin Sammy opens the door and asks them what the hell they're doing and tells them how bad they are. Molly says that they could use him as a backup dancer which scares him away. Eventually Serena and Molly end up fighting over how bad each of them are and they both agree to find new partners.

Molly eventually convinces Melvin to dress up in drag and be her dance partner. Melvin's a bit shy at first but quickly gets the feel for the part and begins to enjoy it a little too much.

Sailor Moon: Another teacher Back at Serena's everyone's watching a show with a man and a monkey on tv. Suddenly Serena gets an idea. She'll make Luna her new partner!

Meanwhile at Saphron's place, Saphron is having a shower. All of a sudden a Negamonster appears and ties her up completely in blue goo causing her to pass out in her bathtub. The monster then takes the form of Saphron and puts on a big event down town the next day.

Sailor Moon: Hypnotised policeman and manager A huge crowd gathers to watch Saphron and she quickly reveals that she'll be throwing a competition with the winner being a pop idol just like her! Unknown to everyone, weird waves flowing from the stage and immediately begin to hypnotise people. The crowd quickly becomes hyper motivated and the quickly pair up for the competition.
At the back of the crowd a man runs forward claiming to be Saphron's manager and wondering why she's here. A policeman runs with him. Before they can do anything though they become hypnotised and begin dancing and doing handstands together and agree that they want to be pop idols too.

Sailor Moon: Melvin While this is happening, Serena is running as fast as she can to get to the presentation. Luna stops her though and yells at her to get real and start acting like a Sailor Scout. Serena cries and runs away and tragically runs into Darien who makes her even more unhappy.

At school the next day, everyone is acting weird and being creepy competitive. Molly is practising writing her autograph and other girls are practising their routines. Melvin hands out streamers and they all celebrate becoming celebrities.

Sailor Moon: Hypnotized policeman and manager The next day everyone tries out in front of Saphron and no matter how bad the performance, everyone seemed to qualify for the final round! Saphron tells everyone that she'll see them there and secretly grins over how much energy she'll get.

The final round is help in a major hall and even though Serena isn't competing she's decided to go and look anyway. Up on the stage all of the contestants are under the impression that all the seats in the hall are filled when in reality it's an illusion of the Negaverse.

Sailor Moon: Serena When Serena gets there she sneaks in the back door and finds that Saphron has drained all of the energy from everyone! Saphron sees her and scares her away. Serena runs for her life and hides in the ladies toilets. Luna runs after her and tells her to be brave and transform into Sailor Moon. She does so and runs back to the hall.

When she gets there she puts up a good fight but is quickly overpowered and frozen by the monster. Luckily Tuxedo Mask appears out of nowhere and throws a rose at her which breaks the ice. While the monster is flying after Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon uses Moon Tiara Magic and slices the evil being in half, destroying her.

All of the energy is returned to the performers and they appear to be their normal selves again though have no idea what the're doing on the stage.

Sailor Moon: Serena That night in Serena's bedroom, Serena still thinks that it would be amazing to be pop idol. Luna however is sick of all this and tells Serena that she should be using her energy to complete her homework instead.

Serena screams out "Homework?!?" and sticks out her tongue as a circle zooms in on her head and the pink moon and star curtains close.

Sailor Moon: A Nega Monster

Monster of the Day

This Negamonster seems to be nameless. Despite this though she is incredibly powerful with the ability to morph into other people, shoot out blue gooey string from her mouth or even a kind of ice breath.
She's also seen hypnotising people in this episode though it's unknown weather this was part of her power or simply a general trick of the Negaverse.

Interesting Facts

During the party in the classroom the shot of Melvin is cut short as a blue streamer is thrown towards him. During the Sailor Moon Says at the end of the episode though, the shot is complete and shows him coping the streamer right in the face and knocking him over.

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