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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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Sailor Moon

Episode 3

Sailor Moon

Slim City

Jap.4 "Usagi will teach you! The way to get slim."

We start today with a racy shot of Serena's legs as she weighs herself on the bathroom scales. She's soon horrified though to see that she's gained a whole half pound! She lets out a loud scream which not only scares her family but also Luna who had been relaxing on the roof.

Sailor Moon: Luna She tells them all that she has to lose weight and refuses to eat any food. Her mother tells her that it's unhealthy to starve herself and she, along with Serena's father and brother joke that she'll burn it off on her regular late runs to school every morning. Luna isn't much help and draws Serena a picture of a super chubby Sailor Moon to get her to realise that she's not as fat as she thinks she is.

In the Negaverse, Jadeite has recently discovered how vain humans are and tells Queen Beryl about his latest plan to collect the energy people put into exercise. Beryl agrees with his plan, agreeing that humans are such vain creatures and sends him off to start straight away.

Sailor Moon: Miss Haruna The next day Serena tells Molly and her friends how she's decided to go on a diet. They all think that's amazing and agree to go on a diet as well. One of her friends however tells them that they shouldn't stop eating. What they should do is cut out all the junk food in their diet instead. Serena and Molly simply ignore this though and start dreaming about how much thinner they'll be.
As if on cue, Miss Haruna arrives and walks into the school. All the girls comment on how amazing she looks. Melvin pops out of nowhere and says that she's started going to a new gym and shows them all some photos of her working out he got from her purse. Molly realises that she wasn't carrying a purse so she and Serena chase him to find out how he really got those photos.

Sailor Moon: Serena's friends Serena ends up tracking him down and he confesses that he borrowed a camera from the library and took the photos himself. Serena doesn't care however and asks him which gym Haruna goes to.

Having found out the gym name, Serena, Molly and their supporting characters all become members with Jed (Jadeite ins disguise) overworking them and then sending them all downstairs to the "Relaxation Pods" which are obviously alien chambers designed to suck up energy.
Luckily Serena has stopped working out before the others and was having a bath elsewhere in the gym.

Sailor Moon: Andrew On her way home, Serena who had been skipping meals is so hungry that she even asks a little boy for some of his snacks. He screams though and runs away. Feeling weaker and weaker Serena faints and is luckily caught by Andrew who takes her to the video arcade's back room and gives her a drink.

Andrew tells her that he's glad Serena passed out as now he's sure that he wants to be a doctor. Serena panics because she doesn't want him to go away but Andrew assures her that he'll be around for a while because he'll still have to study and go to university.

Sailor Moon: Miss Haruna Afterwards, Serena meets up with Luna in a park for a Sailor Scout meeting. Luna yells at her for being so irresponsible with her body but Serena ignores her and heads off to the gym. Luna follows her and finds while Serena is busy working out, Miss Haruna walking in a trance into the basement. Luna follows her and realises straight away that the Negaverse is behind the gym.

Luna yells at Serena to transform into Sailor Moon: Luna attacks Serena Sailor Moon and investigate but Serena's too preoccupied with working out. Luna pretty much attacks Serena and tells her to snap out of it and that the situation is serious. Serena asks Luna if she had contracted Rabies or something but finally transforms into Sailor Moon.

As Sailor Moon and Luna descend into the basement, they are horrified to find Jadeite! He tells her that he won't let her interfere again and sends a group of mind controlled gym instructors after them!

Sailor Moon: Negaverse baddies They chase Luna and Sailor Moon all over the place with Sailor Moon screaming for help the entire time.
Having had enough, Sailor Moon uses her Moon Tiara Magic attack and aims it at the instructors' tiaras. In one attack she destroys all of the tiaras and is happy to see that they're all normal guys who were simply being controlled.

Sailor Moon turns to face Jadeite but he manages to escape unharmed.

Back at the Negaverse, Queen Beryl demands to know how they were found out Sailor Moon: Serena so early in the plan. Jadeite tells her that he doesn't know but that he too is getting tired of Sailor Moon.

That night at Serena's house, her mother finds Sammy waiting outside the bathroom. She asks him what he's doing and he tells her that he's playing a joke on Serena by messing with the scale. Suddenly they both hear a scream. Serena can't believe that she's gained 300 pounds!

Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon chased by the bad guys

Monster of the Day

The Monsters of the Day today were simply mind controlled gym instructors who seemed to posses super human strength. As soon as Sailor Moon destroyed their tiaras though, they seemed to turn back to normal.

Interesting Facts

This episode gave us the first appearance of Serena's brother, Sammy.

In the back room of the Crown Arcade we can see "Sailor V" written in Japanese on the whiteboard behind Andrew and Serena.

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