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The following is an archive of a previous site welcome message saved here for prosperity.

Welcome to Moonkitty.NET

If this is your first time visit to Moonkitty.NET, welcome! If you've been here before or even with this site since 1999 when it was called, "Artemis: The Myth, The Legend, The HERO." a BIG WELCOME BACK and thanks for sticking with me!

Moonkitty.NET has gone through several transformations (for a more in depth look at previous layouts and directions, check out the Site History section.) but I seem to have finally settled down on the current theme, that of being a large source of Sailor Moon news and information not only on the show, but also on other Sailor Moon websites by inviting Sailor Moon webmasters and webmistresses to post their site's updates on Moonkitty.NET's main page to help create a more cohesive online Moonie community.

The site seems to have also advanced technologically by adding a Site Feed, a better newsletter, a Live Journal Feed (thanks, Hoshi!), Paid Advertising and several other features that I think really make it stand out from the older generation of Sailor Moon websites.

As with every site though, there will always be features that are under construction or "Coming Soon". The Moonkitty Profiles are a constant project of mine. Having actually finished them for a previous layout, I made the tough decision of redoing them completely! As I write this, only "Pink Kitty"'s mini site has been completed (though I do love it). As I've registered the domain for several years, there's pleanty of time for me to complete the other eight; Artemis, Nyan Nyan, Luna, Hercules, Luna P, Diana, Tin Nyanko and Sailor Mau. Wish me luck!

Not only has Moonkitty.NET changed and evolved, my love and appreciation for the subject matter has also expanded while I finally got to watch all of Sailor Stars (only a few months ago in 2005!!!) and since being in Japan I was lucky enought to catch the live action Sailor Moon tv show live on tv Saturday mornings and see the final two Sailor Moon Musical productions!

It's amazing that for an anime/manga that, compared to say, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, is rather old, the fanbase and even the official companies are still, after all these years so active! Here, in late 2005, the official Japanese Sailor Stars DVDs are being released for the first time, there's still talk of more Sailor Moon musical productions and new fansites are constantly popping up every day while I'm still discovering sites that have been online longer than this one for the first time!

I have loved running Moonkitty.NET and have met some amazing people during it's run. I look forward to actually finishing several sections and expanding it further as the online Moonie comminuty continues to evolve and expand. Wish Moonkitty.NET luck as it heads into it's 7th year (as of April 2006) and more Sailor Moon goodness.

Cheers & Take it easy,


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