Sailor Moon #1 Manga Review

Version: First generation manga released by TokyoPop.
Language: English
Quick Rating: 4/5
Availability: The first generation release of the Sailor Moon manga by TokyoPop is now out of print though some copies can still be found on Amazon and other similar sites.

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Cover of TokyoPop's Sailor Moon manga Volume 1 featuring Bunny.

The Cover: A very very pink cover here so if you don't like that colour then it may serve as a deterent for you. However, this is the first issue of the Sailor Moon manga so it's reall an absolute must-buy if you're a fan. On the front we have a smiley Sailor Moon, amusingly doing the American "loser sign" with her fingers. It's obviously not intentional, just a Japanese cultural quirk, and I just noticed it writing this review but it is amusing nonetheless. On the back we have a happy picture of Tuxedo Mask holding Serena/Bunny.

In Brief: Now, I won't spoil this issue for those that havn't read it yet as, while the Sailor Moon anime is based off of the events that happen in the manga, the anime writers have taken a lot of creative lisence in bringing Sailor Moon to TV screens. The manga is more mature in several ways from characterisation (more sexual) and action (blood and suicide) to the overall drama of the story.

Basically, in this first volume we are introduced to Luna, Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, and finally Jupiter. The story is very simple here as it's basically setting the stage for the next volume and the series as a whole. There's nothing technically wrong with this volume but because I have seen how great this book can be (such as the superb SuperS/Dream arc) I had to mark it down to a 4/5 rating.

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