Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie: Black Dream Hole

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Black Dream Hole

The Nine Sailor Warriors Gather! Miracle in the Black Dream Hole

In a foreign country while a town is asleep, a mysterious man walks through the streets playing a flute.

One by one the children of the town wake up in a trance and follow the man onto a strange boat that flies up into the sky and disappears.

Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie: Black Dream Hole Back on the ground, a boy dressed in white watches from the shadows.

The theme song then begins playing as the title flashes across the screen.

One by one we're shown childhood memories of Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita and Mina as each of them takes their photo taken.

Serena is walking to school but trips and hurts herself only to be cheered Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie: Black Dream Hole up by a puppy. Raye beats up two boys while the photographer (possibly her father) looks on in disbelief.

Amy cooks with her mother while Mina mimics characters on tv and Lita dives through some grass in search of some insects.

We then get a glimpse of a photo album holding all of these photos as well as new ones including Trista, Amara, Michelle, Darien, Sammy, Serena's mother, Luna P, Luna and Artemis.

Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie: Black Dream Hole Back in the present all the girls are at Lita's apartment making cookies. Serena burns her hand trying to open the oven door to see if the cookies are done and Rini yells at her.

Mina is happily eating all the chocolate chips but Raye tells her to stop because they need them all for the cookies and Serena ate all the others.

All the girls look over at Amy who is using the bottom of a glass to decorate her cookies with an imprint. She explains that her mother taught her how to do this when she was young.

Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie: Black Dream Hole The clock then chimes 3 o'clock and Lita says to herself "3 o'clock Monday". The girls ask her what she's talking about because it's Saturday so she tells them how her mother used to make her cookies when she was young and that now it's become a tradition with herself to eat a cookie at 3 o'clock every Monday. Everything thinks this is really nice.

Raye announces that memories are great but everyone should be looking towards the future. Mina joins in and says that she's looking forward to Valentines Day and is sure that they'll all be happy when it arrives.

Serena and Rini then get their cookies out of the oven. Serena's look great while Rini's look all burnt. Serena laughs and Rini but Rini tells her that it's the taste that counts. Serena tries one of her own and discovers that it taste really bad. Everyone else tries Rini's and to their surprise they taste really great! Serena is upset and tells them that Darien is sure to eat hers.

Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie: Black Dream Hole Later that day as Rini walks down the street with Diana on her head and holding her bag of cookies and she sees a boy dressed in white with magical wings on his back. She runs up to him but when she gets to him she sees that he's just a normal boy.

Diana leaps across to the boy's shoulders breaking the ice and the two become friends.

Rini asks him what he's doing here and he tells her that he's watching the people come out of the sweet store and is amazed at how happy they look when they leave. He then tells Rini how much he loves this town and that the sweets in the window look so happy and almost as if they were going to dance. Rini looks at them but tells him that to her they just look like sweets.

Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie: Black Dream Hole The boy, who introduces himself as Peruru, pulls out a flute and begins to play it. Magically the cookies in the window begin to float around. Rini is very impressed and gives him her cookies before she leaves and says goodbye.

At Darien's apartment Serena arrives and notices that Darien's wearing a new shirt. She asks him where he got it and is told that he bought it while shopping with Rini the other day. Serena becomes upset and asks him who he likes more, her or Rini. Darien sees Serena's cookies and changes the subject to making hot cocoa.

Suddenly the news report begins to talk Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie: Black Dream Hole about all the children that are disappearing all around the world. Serena and Darien suspect something suspicious is going on.

That night as everyone sleeps, that mysterious music that was heard at the beginning of the movie begins playing. Rini who had been asleep, wakes up in a trance and walks out of the house. Diana goes and wakes up Serena who contacts the girls and they all meet up. Their their horror, all the children in town are sleep walking in one direction. Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie: Black Dream Hole They all suddenly become aware of the music playing and follow it to the giant airship that's parked in a playground.

Serena sees Rini and grabs her. Unfortunately she won't wake up so Serena has to slap her to snap her out of it. The other girls try to stop the rest of the children from boarding the ship but are unable to.

The mysterious man playing the flute on the ship sees the girls and stops playing. All the children pass out.

He throws a handful of candy at them which transform into Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie: Black Dream Hole "Bon Bon Babies" which attack them. The girls do an okay job of fighting them off but realise that there's no chance of them defeating them. Luna yells out for them to transform so Amy, Raye, Mina and Lita do.

Serena and Rini are unable to though as they're being chased by a Bon Bon Baby.

Sailor Venus sees this and attacks the Bon Bon Baby with Venus Love and Beauty Shock which reverts it back to it's candy form.

Rini and Serena then transform into Super Sailor Mini Moon and Super Sailor Moon.

Super Sailor Moon then defeats one of the Bon Bon Babies with Moon Tiara Magic while Sailor Mars and Mercury defeat two with a water and fire attack (which were probably Shine Aqua Illussion and Mars Fire Ignite.).

Sailor JupiterSailor Moon SuperS The Movie: Black Dream Hole then also defeats one with Jupiter Thunderclap Zap.

The man on the ship then plays a different tune which places all of the Sailor Scouts in a dream world where they all get transformed into small versions of themselves. Artemis, Luna and Diana yell at them to wake up but it's no use.

Luckily Tuxedo Mask arrives and stops the music, freeing them. He then goes to Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie: Black Dream Hole attack the man but is knocked back by a burst of magic and then thrown over the edge of the ship by a Bon Bon Baby.

The Sailor Scouts then introduce themselves. Peruru appears and yells at the mysterious man who apparently is called Popupulan. Peruru tells him to stop what he's doing.

Suddenly the lights on the front of the ship project an image of a woman called Badianu. Peruru tells her that he disagrees with what Popupulan is doing. Badianu tells them to take the children at Sailor Mini Moon to Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie: Black Dream Hole Dream Castle and vanishes.

Popupulan releases another army of Bon Bon Babies at the Sailor Scouts. Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury hit a few with Jupiter Oak Evolution and Mercury Aqua Rhapsody but the Bon Bon Babies quickly reform.

Tuxedo Mask tries to defend Mini Moon but is severely injured and thrown against the side of the ship. Mini Moon is then taken onto the ship that takes off.

Jupiter throws a Jupiter Thunderclap Zap at it but it's Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie: Black Dream Hole no good. The airship flies away with Mini Moon on board.

Sailor Mars and Venus stop Peruru and demand to know who he is and what's going on.

Up on the airship, Mini Moon is awake while all the other children are in a trance. Suddenly their airship is joined by two more which head towards a castle that magically appears in the sky.

All the airships land on the castle grounds and all the children run into the shadows. Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie: Black Dream Hole As Mini Moon walks closer she sees that all the children had been captured and are now sleeping in glass boxes. Suddenly she's zapped with black lightning and pulled down a hole towards the centre of the castle to where Badianu is.

She tells Mini Moon that she senses strong dream energy coming from her and explains that she needs the dream energy of children to power her Black Dream Hole that will hopefully grow large enough to swallow this entire planet.

Back in Darien's apartment the girls tend to Darien who is severely injured. He asks Serena how Rini is and she lies and says that she's fine. Peruru tells them that they should go and using his own airship Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie: Black Dream Hole they fly towards Badianu's Dream Castle.

As they get closer though and it reveals itself to them the three other fairies, Popupulan, Oranja and Pananu fire cannonballs at the ship, almost destroying it. As they fire a second one, Sailor Mercury freezes it with Shine Aqua Illussion.

As they roughly land the three fairies summon more Bon Bon Babies which attack them. Sailor Jupiter and Venus attack with Jupiter Thunder Crash Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie: Black Dream Hole and Venus Love Chain Encircle but there's topo many of them.

As the Sailor Scouts are backed towards a cliff they're saved by Uranus World Shaking which destroys a lot of them.

Sailor Uranus, Neptune and Pluto then introduce themselves. Sailor Pluto then attacks with Pluto Deadly Scream Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie: Black Dream Hole which destroys the remaining Bon Bon Babies.

Popupulan demands to know how they found them. Sailor Neptune holds Deep Aqua Mirror and reveals that they found it through it's powers. She then attacks with Submarine Reflection which reveals that the flutes are the sources of the fairies' powers.

Sailor Uranus then destroys Oranja's flute with Space Sword Blaster, Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie: Black Dream Hole transforming him into a pink bird which flies away. Sailor Mars then destroys Pananu's flute with Mars Flame Sniper reverting him back to an orange bird.

Sailor Uranus jumps up to Popupulan and demands to know what's happening. He defends himself by saying they're just helping children be children forever and then begins to play his flute again. Uranus cuts it with her Space Sword, destroying it and transforming Popupulan into a blue bird which flies away.

All the Sailor Scouts then get on Peruru's airship and ride Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie: Black Dream Hole it to the centre of the castle to confront Badianu.

When they get there Badianu tells them they're not welcome. She opens her giant hand to reveal Mini Moon who is having her energy drained. Peruru charges towards her but is shocked by an energy field. Sailor Mars attacks it with Mars Fire Ignite but it's no use.

Peruru and Sailor Moon board his airship and try to barge through it. Badianu then begins draining all of the energy from the children, Mini Moon and even the Sailor Scouts causing them all to transform.

Sailor Moon sees Rini's cookies that she had given to Peruru and tellsSailor Moon SuperS The Movie: Black Dream Hole him that Rini made these with her love and that eating one will give her the power to succeed. She eats one and then they both charge Badianu's forcefield.

She ship blows up, horrifying all the Sailor Scouts. When they look up though they see that the head of the ship survived as did Sailor Moon and Peruru.

Badianu then reveals that she is in fact part of the Black Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie: Black Dream Hole Dream Hole and takes Mini Moon and merges with it!

Sailor Moon follows her and flies up into the black hole.

As soon as she enters Badianu sends to into a dream world. She arrives in Darien's bedroom. Darien tells her that everything's okay and that Rini just needs to rest and that everything is alright now and they can stay here forever. Serena suspects something is off and asks Darien who he loves the most, her or Rini. Without even thinking he tells her that he loves her the most and doesn't care about anyone else. Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie: Black Dream Hole Sailor Moon then picks up Rini and cries out "Moon Crisis Power!", causing her Imperium Silver Crystal to glow and free her from the dream.

The light of the crystal shines down to the Sailor Scouts, giving them their energy back. Badianu attacks Sailor Moon again and again causing the crystal's light to fade. Sailor Moon closes her eyes and asks the other Scouts for their power.

One by one they think of Sailor Moon and send their planets' powers to her. This new power lights up the crystal which transfers some energy to Rini's crystal, reviving her Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie: Black Dream Holeand transforming her back into Sailor Mini Moon again.

They both hold out their hands and silently summon their own individual Kaleidoscopes! The hold hands and together attack with a powerful joint Moon Gorgeous Meditation which rips right through the Black Dream Hole and pushes them out the other side.

As soon as they're out the Black Dream Hole shrinks, fades and disappears. Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie: Black Dream HoleThe Dream Castle just as quickly begins to fall apart and explode so all the Sailor Scouts and Peruru get the children onto the remaining airships and take them home.

The next morning Sailor Mini Moon says her farewells to Peruru while the others look on. Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie: Black Dream Hole Peruru tells her that he's a Dream Fairy and that he'll always be near her protecting her dreams. He then gives her his flute.

Mini Moon leans forward and kisses him on the cheek. Peruru blushes and flies off into the horizon.

Sailor Moon walks up to Sailor Mini Moon and together all nine Sailor Scouts watch the sunrise.

Interesting Facts

While the storyline and characters in the movie are not based on any manga arc, the character designs were actually designed by Naoko Takeuchi and can be seen in one of her artbooks.

The opening flashbacks gave us our first look at Amy's mother and possibly Raye's father.

This Sailor Moon movie gave us our first anime appearance of Sailor Neptune's Submarine Reflection and Sailor Uranus' Space Sword Blaster. We also got to see Super Sailor Mini Moon use Moon Gorgeous Meditation and Super Sailor Moon use Moon Tiara Magic an attack that Super Sailor Moon only used once in the anime series.

The main shopping street where Peruru meets Rini and where Rini later sleepwalks down is called "Dream Road" and is located in Azabu Juban as stated in Japanese on the street's sign. With a name like that it's most likely a fictitious location created for the film but you never know.

The song that plays throughout the film and during the end credits is called "Morning Moon de Aimasho" ("Let's Meet the Morning Moon").

In the English version during the confrontation with Badianu, Sailor Jupiter's voice can be heard coming out of Sailor Uranus' mouth. Oops!

The person originally slated to direct the SuperS movie was Kunihiko Ikuhara (who directed the Sailor Moon R movie) and the story he had planned was very different than the final product! It was originally going to be based around Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus and feature Sailor Uranus riding a black Pegasus and Sailor Moon having to fight her on a white one. It sounds really cool and it's a shame it never came to be! You can read the full interview with Kunihiko Ikuhara here. The person who did end up directing the film was Hiroki Shibata who also directed several episode of the anime and the Sailor Moon S movie.

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