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Episode 161

SM SuperS

Day of Night

Jap.161 "Coming Terror! The Dark Queen's Evil Approach"

Nehelenia is losing her patience. She looks at Helios' unconscious body and wonders if he could possibly stop her in his current state and wonders whose dream he's hiding in.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Day of Night She places her hands on the mirror and reaches her hands through it, trying to enter our world. Suddenly a ray of sunlight hits her hand and burns it. She realises that she must cover this world in darkness to be able to enter it. She laughs as a spider begins to spin it's web.

Meanwhile the girls and Darien are watching Rini run in a marathon. The girls decide to meet Rini and Darien after the race and go to play some video games at Crown Arcade. Sailor Moon SuperS: Day of Night While they're walking Ami walks through a spider web.

After the race Darien walks with Rini to meet the girls. Suddenly a spider creates a web right in front of him and as he walks into it he collapses in pain. Rini panics but Darien promises her that he feels fine.

At the arcade the girls see the spider web in Amy's hair and wonder Sailor Moon SuperS: Day of Night where it came from. They then see a spider web up in the ceiling and think it's strange as it's Winter and most spiders come out in Spring or Summer.

They then realise that they're late run to meet Rini and Darien but are too late so Rini yells at them. As they leave Fruit Parlor Crown, another spider web appears in front of Darien and he collapses again. Rini tells the girls that this is the second time this has happened.

Elizabeth runs outside to see what's happening. She tells them that she's seen spiders everywhere lately. Amy thinks something unusual is happening.

That night Rini talks to Pegasus who tells her that the Dark Force hasSailor Moon SuperS: Day of Night finally begun to make it's move on this world and that soon they'll be able to find him. He tells Rini that he can't risk involving her any further and putting her life in danger and begins to disappear.

Rini holds onto him and screams that he can't leave her and that she'll help him no matter what. Pegasus stays.

The next day as the spider webs cover the entire city, Serena and the others try to pin point where the evil energy is coming from. Amy uses her computer and realises that the Dead Moon Circus Tent is at the centre of everything.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Day of Night The head on over there and are surprised to see the four girls from the Coming of Age Festival surrounded by unconscious civilians and floating Dream Mirrors.

They quickly transform into their Amazon Quartet forms which surprises the girls but as they continue to remove more mirrors from people around them the girls see no choice but to reveal their own identities and transform.

As they do so the Quartet attack them. Sailor Venus and Jupiter Sailor Moon SuperS: Day of Night attack with Venus Love and Beauty Shock and Jupiter Oak Evolution but the Quartet quickly negate their effects. Tuxedo Mask arrives but quickly collapses once again, weakened.

Suddenly Zirconia's voice summons the Quartet to the tent and announces that the main event is about to begin. The Quartet teleport away.

The Sailor Scouts decide to follow them and end this once and for all but Pegasus appears and tells them not to go just yet.

Interesting Facts

In Native American mythology the spider webs are related to dream catchers which could explain their relation to Queen Nehelenia.

The song that plays while everyone is transforming in the Japanese version is "Sailor Team no Theme" (direct translation "The Sailor Team's Theme"). The song in the English version actually used the exact same tune as "Sailor Team no Theme" but the lyrics were slightly different. The English song has no name as it was never released on CD though a lot of people called it unofficially, "Let's Fight".

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