Sailor Moon S: Who's Really Who?

Episode 124

Sailor Moon S

Who's Really Who?

Jap.124 "The Horror of the Approaching Shadow. Eight Soldiers in Tough Battle"

Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus head towards Mugen School to take down Mistress 9 and the Death Busters.

Sailor Moon S: Who's Really Who? Inside, Doctor Tomoe is looking over a larger version of the glass dome that contains the other galaxy while talking with Mistress 9 who activates a forcefield around the entire building.

Outside, Sailor Mars senses this moments before it happens though it becomes visible second later.

Suddenly Mistress 9 activates all off the Daimon pods left in the laboratory! Without anything to join with they turn into their pure Daimon Heart Snatcher forms and pour out of the building! The thousands of Heart Snatchers swarm the Sailor Scouts who try to fight them off with several attacks but it's not until Sailor Moon uses her Moon Spiral Heart Attack that they're Sailor Moon S: Who's Really Who? given a moment to breathe.

Sailor Mercury scans the building with her goggles and decides that the only way to get in is to use Sailor Teleport.

They don't have time to perform the move however as the swarm of Daimon Heart Snatchers begin moving forward again. Sailor Moon uses Moon Spiral Heart Attack once more to beat them back.

Before they get attacked again they try to do Sailor Teleport but just before they start it, Mistress 9 reaches her hand through a portal and grabs Sailor Moon's neck and attempts to pull her to her through the portal. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus try to save her, Sailor Moon S: Who's Really Who? but the approaching Heart Snatchers cover and attack them and finally electrocute them all, forcing them to let Sailor Moon go and in seconds she disappears.

Luckily for the four remaining Scouts the Heart Snatchers, under Mistress 9's control, fall back and become part of the force field surrounding Mugen School.

Up in the air, Sailors Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are approaching by helicopter. Neptune places her hand on Uranus as they prepare themselves to complete their mission. Sailor Pluto wishes to herself that everyone is safe no matter what team they're on.

Suddenly the Heart Snatchers surrounding Mugen School see the helicopter and lunge towards it, capturing it in mid-air, wrapping Sailor Moon S: Who's Really Who? it up and causing it to short out. Sailor Uranus, Neptune and Pluto scream as they're all electrocuted and then... the helicopter explodes.

As Sailor Uranus and Neptune open their eyes the see that time has frozen. Above them Sailor Pluto holds her Garnet Rod which is glowing. She tells them that she has frozen time which is a taboo and one that she will be punished for. She begins to tell them something about the true Sovereign but before she can, Sailor Uranus and Neptune are teleported past the force field into the Mugen School as time starts up again and the helicopter explodes, killing Sailor Pluto.

They both look up at the explosion shocked over the loss of Sailor Pluto and then continue on their mission.

Sailor Moon S: Who's Really Who? Inside, Mistress 9 seems to be struggling with Hotaru's spirit. She hides this from Tomoe however and commands him to take out the invading Sailor Scouts while she gets the Chalice from Sailor Moon. She then transforms into Hotaru and teleports away.

Outside the building the Inners realise that they can't teleport inside without Sailor Moon. When Mercury realises that the Heart Snatchers surrounding the building are expanding they decide to use the Sailor Teleport power to communicate with each other and create a force field of their own to keep the the Heart Snatchers from invading this world.

Sailor Moon S: Who's Really Who? They all set up at equal distances around Mugen School and summon the power of their planets.

At that same moment Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune make it to the entrance to the new throne room and are greeted by Doctor Tomoe. Suddenly a monster erupts from Tomoe's body (which falls to the floor). Sailor Neptune says that they were right in assuming that Tomoe was simply a tool for them.

Sailor Uranus attacks the monster with Uranus World Shaking which causes it to explode. The pieces though absorb into several weird monster suits lining the walls. They all come alive and attack them. Sailor Neptune uses Neptune Deep Submerge but it does very little.

Sailor Moon S: Who's Really Who? As they resort to physical fighting they eventually get overpowered. When all seems lost they hear Sailor Pluto's voice who tells them to use their Crystal Treasures. Th Space Sword an Deep Aqua Mirror suddenly appear in front of them and the monsters disintegrate in their presence.

Sailor Neptune holds up the Deep Aqua Mirror which freezes all of the monsters and identifies the main leader. Sailor Uranus then activates her Space Sword and plunges it into the eye of the main monster. It dies and with it all it's minions follow suit.

Sailor Pluto's voice tells them to keep going and be careful. Sailor Uranus and Neptune thank her and wish her the best.

Sailor Moon meanwhile has just woken up from being dragged through the portal and sees Hotaru lying not too far away. She walks up to her. Hotaru tells Sailor Moon that she heard Doctor Tomoe saying that if Super Sailor Moon made the Chalice shine it would be the end for them. Sailor Moon says she'll do what she can but that she will take her with her. Hotaru thanks her, mentioning Sailor Moon S: Who's Really Who? her civilian name Serena. Sailor Moon realises that she had never told Hotaru that she was Sailor Moon and that someone else is speaking.

Hotaru stands up and transforms back into Mistress 9.

Sailor Uranus and Neptune make their way into the room and Sailor Moon once more tells them not to hurt Hotaru's body.

Mistress 9 suddenly turns and speaks to the galaxy behind her and tells it to wait just a moment as she has some loose ends to tie up first. Sailor Moon, Neptune and Uranus are shocked that there's someone even more powerful behind this.

Mistress 9 laughs and introduces them to Master Pharaoh 90 who will soon plunge the world into silence.

Sailor Moon S: Who's Really Who?

Monster of the Day

For the first time we got to see the true raw form of the Daimon Heart Snatchers! Red, high speed, electrical attacks, can change their forms... and they're EVERYWHERE!!! EVERYWHERE!!!

Interesting Facts

This episode gave us our first true look at the being inhabiting Doctor Tomoe's body.

Despite claims to the contrary, the move performed by Sailor Neptune and her Deep Aqua Mirror was not her Submarine Reflection attack. Likewise, Sailor Uranus' Space Sword attack in this episode was not Space Sword Blaster.

This episode however did give us our first and only look at the anime version of Sailor Pluto's "Time Stop" attack.

While an obvious effort (even in the Japanese version) had been made to hide any physical contact between Sailor Uranus and Neptune in the first five minutes of this episode Sailor Neptune places her hand on Uranus' with no artistic censoring involved. Maybe they waited until the audience was comfortable with them or perhaps they knew that they were only in the show for another few episodes so it didn't matter if people complained about it or not because they won't be on air much longer anyway. Another theory is that they simply waited for the climax to really show their affection.

Pretty much every image on the cover for the Sailor Moon: Full Moon Collection CD Soundtrack was taken from this episode.

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