Sailor Moon S: Tainted Tea Party

Episode 104

Sailor Moon S

Tainted Tea Party

Jap.104 "The Arrival of the Tiny Pretty Soldier"

Rini has returned from the future! She formally reintroduces herself to Serena and the girls and hands Mina the letter her mother wrote. Mina reads it and tells everyone that it says Rini's mother (the future Serena) thanks them for looking Sailor Moon S: Tainted Tea Party after her daughter. She then shows everyone the letter and says that she could barely understand it at all due to Serena's bad writing.

Raye and Serena then get into a fight but stop when Rini mentions that her mother said that as well as training the other reason for her being here is to make precious friendships.

Rini then leaves to begin her training.

Sailor Moon S: Tainted Tea Party As she's walking around Tokyo she meets a boy who she thinks seems nice. Unfortunately he soon begins acting weird and pulls down his pants to give her a full on flash! The boys mother quickly appears and drags him away.

A little disheartened, Rini continues walking around and sees a tea master and immediately thinks that she's really beautiful and that she would be a good friend. She loses sit of her however and runs into Darien! She runs up to him and jumps on him to say hello. Serena appears and sees this and Rini deliberately begins talking about how she wants Darien to herself to tick Serena off.

As the three of them sit down Darien gets sick of the two of them fighting and yells at them to get along. Amara and Michelle who happen to be in the area say hello to them all and invite them to join them at a tea ceremony. Darien begins to politely refuse but Serena and Rini quickly enthusiastically agree.

Sailor Moon S: Tainted Tea Party When they all get to the tea house, Serena's surprised to see how formal the place is and is completely out of her league compared to Amara, Michelle and Darien who know how to act in such a ceremony.

Getting a bit bored, Rini stabs Serena's feet which had fallen asleep. Serena stabs Rini in kind and a stabbing war breaks out. Darien tells them to behave and they do.

Suddenly the tea master begins a juggling act with a priceless antique. Michelle and Amara explain that the tea master is doing it to relieve tension in the room as she knows how nervous the ceremony can be for first timers.

Serena begins to freak out over the priceless antique and stands up make sure she doesn't drop it. Her feet are still asleep however and she falls and knocks the antique out of the tea master's control. Amara, Michelle and Darien all jump up and grab it but tread on Serena in the process.

Sailor Moon S: Tainted Tea Party Afterwards, Serena, Darien and Rini all relax at a cafe. Darien tells them to be friends and after a little hesitation Serena and Rini agree and shake hands.

Later on, Serena and Rini decide to go back to the tea master's place to try and be her friend for Rini's sake. As they're getting closer though they see Eugeal drive past them. Rini races to the tea master's house and transforms into Sailor Mini Moon but trips and falls over in the process.

Serena meanwhile can't get through the hedge and gets stuck. Luna yells at her to hurry up but it's no use. A bird lands on her backside and begins to peck at her.

Sailor Moon S: Tainted Tea Party In the courtyard, Eugeal has blasted the tea master and taken her Heart Crystal. Sailor Uranus and Neptune appear and take the crystal but realise that it's not the one they're after and leave.

Eugeal then summons her Heart Snatcher, Tagama but when she appears Uranus and Neptune disappear, leaving Sailor Mini Moon to fight by herself. Eugeal retreats.

Sailor Mini Moon attacks Tagama with Pink Sugar Heart Attack but it fails to work. She tries once more and succeeds in releasing the attack but it's range is too short. Slowly she creeps forward towards the Heart Sailor Moon S: Tainted Tea Party Snatcher who has completely forgotten about her and eventually zaps her.

Serena meanwhile has finally managed to get through the hedge and transforms into Sailor Moon. She attacks Tagama with Moon Spiral Heart Attack which reverts her back into her tea pot form and then returns the Heart Crystal to the tea master.

The next day, Serena and Rini decide to return once more to see how the tea master's going but as they get closer they see Amara and Michelle running away from the building. As they enter they're shocked to see the tea master dressed up as a Sailor Scout and raving about Sailor Moon inspired her.

Rini and Serena run away.

Sailor Moon S: Tainted Tea Party

Monster of the Day

Tagama was well mannered Heart Snatcher who possessed some liquid projectile attacks though these attacks had to be made first in her tea pot.

She was defeated by Sailor Moon's Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

Interesting Facts

The boy who dropped his pants in this episode is a direct reference to a very popular anime in Japan, "Crayon Shin Chan" and it's main character who constantly drops his pants and dances. Much like South Park in English speaking countries when it first began airing, numerous parents constantly voice concern over the series' effect on young viewers.
Also of note is the fact that the boy and his mother's Japanese voice actors were the same ones that voice Shin Chan and his mother in "Crayon Shin Chan". The Japanese voice actors for Sailor Mercury, Jupiter and Mini Moon voiced the parody characters, Sailor Iyaan, Sailor Bakaan, and Sailor Mufoon in episode 109 of "Crayon Shin Chan".

In the original Japanese version, the tea master was in fact a male but the English version changed this most likely due to the fact that the character looked like a woman even before the cross-dressing finale and that it would be hard to avoid that fact.

Possibly just a coincidence or maybe deeper meaning, the pavement Rini was standing on in the park featured a design very similar to that of a Heart Crystal.

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