Sailor Moon: The Sailor Warriors Die! The Tragic Final Battle

Japanese Episode 45 (Missing Episode)

Sailor Moon

The Sailor Warriors Die! The Tragic Final Battle

Having what could well be her last dinner with her family, Serena decides to cook curry and rice for them.

Her father is surprised and happy that she went to all this trouble but Sammy is sceptical and asks her to try it first. Serena takes a mouthful but her eyes begin to water and she cries out that it's too spicy.

Sailor Moon: The Sailor Warriors Die! The Tragic Final Battle Later that night at Raye's temple, Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita, Mina and Artemis all meet to prepare for their final battle with Queen Beryl.

Serena asks Raye if she'd kissed Chad goodbye yet but Raye tells her it's none of her business. Serena cries and says that she was only thinking about Raye because if something happens to her she may regret it.

Lita tells Serena that nothing will happen and that she shouldn't think like that. Lita then says that she's already planning on another big romance after they win this fight. Amy says that she may as well which surprises all the girls.

Luna then tells the girls to transform. As they're transforming into Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus, Luna and Artemis tell them that Sailor Moon: The Sailor Warriors Die! The Tragic Final Battle they'll stay here because they're injured and that they don't want to get in their way.

Artemis says that they'll be going directly to Beryl with the Sailor Teleport.

The Sailor Scouts then hold hands and silently summon their energy as Artemis yells out "Sailor Teleport!". In a burst of light the girls dispear. Luna wishes Serena good luck.

Somewhere freezing cold, the Sailor Scouts materialise. Sailor Mercury, using her computer and detects which direction to walk in (towards the obviously evil massive purple cloud).

In the base Queen Beryl asks her minions who wishes to kill the Sailor Scouts. Five female warriors step forward who call themselves the "DD Girls".

Back outside a captured Tuxedo Mask appears before the Sailor Scouts. Sailor Moon runs towards him but Sailor Jupiter, Mars and Venus jump on her and tell her it's a Sailor Moon: The Sailor Warriors Die! The Tragic Final Battle trap. Sailor Mercury uses her computer to see if it's the real Tuxedo Mask and just as she finds out he's a monster the Tuxedo Mask fires massive tentacles at the girls.

Sailor Moon does her dramatic speech and says that he should be ashamed playing with a girl's heart. The Tuxedo Mask then tells Sailor Moon that he loves her. Sailor Mars begins to respond that he must be a fool thinking they'd fall for the same trick twice but Sailor Moon falls for it and runs towards him. Venus, Mars and Jupiter stop her again.

Sailor Jupiter begins attack but the Tuxedo Mask transforms into Andrew causing her to pause long enough for the Andrew to transform into it's DD Girl form and capture her. The other four DD Girls appear and together they grab Jupiter in her tentacles and lift her up into the sky. Sailor Moon and Mars begin to fire up their attacks but the DD Girls move close to Sailor Jupiter, making it too dangerous for them to fire.

Sailor Moon: The Sailor Warriors Die! The Tragic Final Battle Sailor Jupiter yells at her friends to forget about her and to go to Queen Beryl. She then powers up a powerful Jupiter Thunder Crash and blasts them all.

As the smoke clears the girls see the blast has crystallised the ice they were standing on and that it's trapped two DD Girls within it. Unfortunately Sailor Jupiter has become seriously injured and lies close to death at the top of the crystal. She whispers to Sailor Moon to go fight Queen Beryl and to cheer up. Sailor Jupiter then closes her eyes and passes away.

Sailor Moon screams out that she can't leave them.

Sailor Moon begins to cry and suggests that they should have just given Beryl the Imperium Silver Crystal in the first place because then Lita would have still been alive. Sailor Mercury slaps Sailor Moon but quickly appologise and says that she shouldn't let Sailor Jupiter's death be in vain.

Sailor Moon: The Sailor Warriors Die! The Tragic Final Battle Sailor Mercury then detects the DD Girls approaching and tells Sailor Mars, Moon and Venus to go ahead as they'll need their strong attacks in the final battle. They say goodbye and slowly walk away.

All alone, Sailor Mercury stands ready for her final battle. Suddenly a giant wall of lava blasts out of the ground. Mercury quickly uses Mercury Bubbles Blast to freeze it but is quickly attacked again by a larger larva attack. Sailor Mercury uses her computer and finds out that the larva is an illusion created by one of the DD Girls' crowns but the heat it creates is real. She then uses Mercury Bubbles Blast once more to protect herself from the larva's heat before she's engulfed by it.

The three remaining DD Girls blast Sailor Mercury. Struggling, Mercury grabs her computer and slams it into the leader's crown, destroying her ability to create illusions. The larva explodes and the DD Girls fly away angry as Sailor Mercury falls to the ground and dies.

Far away, Sailor Moon senses Sailor Mercury's death and begins to cry. Suddenly the ground beneath her begins to glow. Sailor Venus pushes her out of the way and is Sailor Moon: The Sailor Warriors Die! The Tragic Final Battle caught by one of the DD Girls. Sailor Moon offers to give them they crystal but Venus yells out that if she does that she'll never forgive her. Sailor Venus is then pulled underground. She raises her hand and performs a Venus Crescent Beam at point blank range which destroys the DD Girl and causes a massive explosion.

Sailor Moon begins to cry again as she sees Sailor Venus' lifeless body on the crystallised ice.

Sailor Mars tells Sailor Moon that even though they fought a lot it was still fun. Sailor Moon cries out that she doesn't want her to die as well. Sailor Mars quickly shifts into happy mode and jokes that noone said that she was going to die and that she'll beat the two remaining monsters by herself and catch up with her soon.

As the two DD Girls arrive, Sailor Mars tries to attack with Mars Fire Ignite but they're too fast and fly into the ground beneath her feet. The ice then rises up and collapses on top of her. Sailor Moon stands there in shock over the loss of everyone she loves.

Sailor Moon: The Sailor Warriors Die! The Tragic Final Battle Suddenly a DD Girl flies out of the ice and begins to release a volley of tentacles at Sailor Moon. Luckily Sailor Mars destroys it with a Mars Fire Ignite from beneath the ice.

Sailor Moon runs towards the ice realising that Raye is alive but the remaining DD Girl under the ice blasts Sailor Mars and then appears above the ice with her lifeless body in her tentacles. Surprisingly Sailor Mars, still alive grabs several of the tentacles and tells the DD Girl cooly that she isn't finished yet and blasts her into oblivion with a super powerful Mars Fire Ignite.

Sailor Mars then looks at Sailor Moon and tells her that she wishes she had kissed Chad goodbye as she said. Sailor Mars then closes her eyes. Dead.

Sailor Moon sits down on the ice, in complete shock over what has happened and begins to cry. Suddenly a hand is placed on her shoulder and a voice tells her to cheer up. Sailor Moon turns around to see Sailor Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Mars in ghostly forms. They tell her to keep going and that she'll never be alone.

Sailor Moon gets up and begins running towards her destination, determined to succeed.

Elsewhere, Darien has finished being healed and rebrainwashed. He stands up and smiles.

Day of Destiny

Monster of the Day

The Doom and Gloom Girls have many powers. Among them are flight, the ability to change into other people (ala Tuxedo Mask and Andrew) and the power to change their arms into long tentacles that can stretch long distances.
All five Doom and Gloom Girls were killed by Sailor Jupiter, Venus and Mars. Mercury, lacking any offensive attack at this time was unable to take any out. It looks as if Jupiter killed two, Venus killed one and Mars killed the final two.

Interesting Facts

Obvious cuts from this episode that didn't make it into the English version were the deaths of Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Mars, Serena's curry cooking and several extended dialogue scenes that were shortened. The final shot of Darien waking up was also removed.

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