Sailor Moon: Sailor Venus' Past, Minako's Tragic Love

Japanese Episode 42 (Missing Episode)

Sailor Moon

Sailor Venus' Past, Minako's Tragic Love

Amy, Raye and Lita are at Crown Arcade investigating the Negaverse and trying to find the entrance that all the monsters are coming though to get to Tokyo.

Serena and Luna arrive late and appologise. Luna says they checked out the candy store but found nothing. Serena begins to complain that she's tired and hungry but Sailor Moon: Sailor Venus' Past, Minako's Tragic Love Luna reminds her that she ate a lot at the store they were just at.

Artemis and Mina then arrive and say that the bathhouse they were investigating turned up nothing.

Suddenly the computer screen begins to flash and switches to a view of the Sun. On it's surface the sunspots are spreading over the entire surface! Artemis and Luna tell the girls that the same thing happened right before the Moon Kingdom was destroyed in the past.

In the Negaverse Malachite informs Queen Beryl that he has found a policewoman in England who may know the secret identity of Sailor V. Beryl tells him to proceed as Sailor Moon: Sailor Venus' Past, Minako's Tragic Love Sailor V must be connected to Sailor Moon.

All of a sudden Queen Metallia stirs and extends giant pink energy hands that surround the stunned Darien. She announces that he has the same kind of energy as herself and that she will give him her powers.

Later that night, Serena is in bed and talking to Luna. As she stands up to eat a dumpling, Artemis jumps through the window and knocks the whole dumpling down her throat. As Serena continues to choke, Artemis tells Luna that Mina has disapeared after getting a phone call from a woman called Katarina.

Sailor Moon: Sailor Venus' Past, Minako's Tragic Love Elsewhere, Mina is visiting her friend Katarina in her hotel room. Katarine seems to know Mina is Sailor V and asks if she can introduce her to the other Sailor Scouts. Mina says that what they're dealing with is too big of a problem for her to help and that she doesn't want her to be put in any danger.

Mina then notices the necklace Katarina is wearing and comments on it. Katarina tells her that she always wears it as it was a birthday present from her.

Mina asks how Allan is and she tells her Allan wanted to see her as well. Mina then leaves.

Malachite then appears and tells Katarine who is apparently under his control to transform into her monster form, Papillon and chase Mina as asking nicely obviously isn't helping. She does so and bursts out of the hotel window and attacks Mina.

Mina transforms into Sailor Venus but Papillon is too strong and captures her in an energy butterfly attack.

Sailor Moon: Sailor Venus' Past, Minako's Tragic Love Luckily Serena, Luna and Artemis arrive. Luna tells Serena to transform into a sailor with Moon Disguise Power and get a nearby speed boat started so they can escape. Serena does so while Luna and Artemis attack Papillon and free Sailor Venus.

They all then jump in the speed boat and escape. Sailor Venus asks them how they found her and Artemis and Luna explain how they went to every hotel which had a Katarina checked in and came across this one.

Papillon suddenly appears behind them but Serena manages to speed up the boat and outrun her.

They decide to hide on a cruise ship that has docked nearby. Once on board they quickly hide in the dining hall as Papillon arrives.

Luna then asks Mina about the monster and why she had referred to her as Katarina. Mina tells them the story of how when she as Sailor V she had heard of one of the Negaverse's monsters in London and went to investigate. While there she met Allan whom she fell in love with.

Sailor Moon: Sailor Venus' Past, Minako's Tragic Love Also while there she met Katarina and the two became good friends. Together with Allan and Katarina the three of them became very close but one day while investigating a crime with Katarina she had a grenade thrown at her which blew up the building she was in. Luckily she managed to escape into a side alley but Katarina who had been standing out front assumed she had been killed and begins to cry.

Mina then watches as Allan arrives and comforts her. She then realises that Katarina and Allan had fallen for each other and then decides to leave them with each other and return to Tokyo.

Serena finds this story very sad but before they can talk about it Papillon returns. Serena transforms into Sailor Moon and attacks with Moon Tiara Magic which knocks Papillon over and Sailor Moon: Sailor Venus' Past, Minako's Tragic Love blasts the necklace off of her.

Sailor Venus picks up the necklace and opens the locket which contains a photo of herself, Katarina and Allan. Sailor Venus begs Sailor Moon to save her as she's only been turned into a monster because she knew Sailor V. Sailor Moon says she doesn't understand and that she thinks she shouldn't be saved because they were friends and she stole her boyfriend.

Sailor Venus begs and says that she's the woman Allan fell in love with. Sailor Moon finally agrees and heals Papillon with Moon Healing Activation.

Later Mina stands by herself looking out at the ocean with a photo of herself, Allan and Katarina. She decides that it's time to let go of him and that all that matters is that they're happy.

Mina let's go of the photo which flies away in the ocean breeze.

Sailor Moon: Sailor Venus' Past, Minako's Tragic Love

Monster of the Day

In the episode preview that showed the Monster of the Day my first thought was how similar it looked to Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon in the Sailor Stars arc of the manga. Funnily enough the character is actually called Papillon and is constantly surrounded by small butterflies similar to the character in the manga. I can't help but wonder if the manga character which was created four years later was inspired by this one and that this Monster of the Day is the reason Heavy Metal Papillon never made it into the anime series. This is just speculation on my part though.

Sailor Moon: Sailor Venus' Past, Minako's Tragic Love The other monster seen in this episode was shown in Sailor V's past while she was in London and appeared to be a regular criminal who transformed into a monster. Whether a member of the Negaverse caused the transformation is unknown but Sailor Venus does recall that the reason she was in London was to track down a Nega Monster.
This green monster could transform it's limbs into sharp shapes and was defeated by Sailor V's Sailor V Kick.

Interesting Facts

This episode showed us for the second time Sailor V using Venus Crescent Beam Smash and was the first time we saw Sailor V perform her Sailor V Kick though it's name was never stated.

Japanese anime is never adverse to showing non Japanese characters speak a language other than Japanese. It's surprising then that the little English girl Sailor V saved in London thanks her with "Arigatou!".

For the self proclaimed "Soldier of Love and Justice", Sailor Moon telling Sailor Venus that Katarina deserves to die for stealing her boyfriend seems just a tad hypocritical don't you think? And a bit extreme!

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