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Who is Central Control?

Throughout the first season of the Sailor Moon anime, Luna corresponds to a mysterious being called "Central Control".

who is central control In Episode 33, Little Miss Manners (or in the Japanese version, Episode 37, "I'm to be a Princess? Usagi's Strange Training") Central Control is revealed to be none other than Artemis.

Something rather strange that happened a few episodes later in Episode 39, The Past Returns though made this very confusing as Artemis himself tells Luna "Central Control said we'd find a portal into the Negaverse here". This was an error of the English version writers as in the Japanese version (Episode 44, "Usagi's Awakening! A Message from the Ancient Past"), It's Sailor Venus who actually discovers the portal (off camera).

This doesn't make the English version of this scene completely nonsensical though as fans of the Sailor V manga will know that Artemis and Sailor V in fact talked to their own "Central Control" called "Boss". The identity of this person was never really revealed anywhere in the manga though a few clues point to it being Queen Serenity (or her modern form that exists on the Moon anyway).

In the English version, Artemis may simply be referring to his own Central Control, Boss.

Another interpretation could simply be that they used the Central Control computers to find the portal.

Thanks to Miss Eku for asking this question via email.

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