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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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gifts & awards

My little page for storing gifts and awards that Moonkitty.NET or myself have gotten. Note: I do NOT accept gift or award graphics from strangers or for competitions that I haven't entered.


Fallen Angel Ceres was the first person to send me this 10 year site birthday present! Thanks so much! Really nice!

Alex made me this very cool Easter card! Totoro reference! Yay! (Edit: Oops! Apparently it's a bunny!)

Usagi sent me this lovely easter pressie! Cheers!

Noa gave me this really well designed Valentines Day present!

Usagi sent me this charming Valentines Day pressie! Cheers!

Noa rang in the New Year with this ver nice card! Happy New Year!


Icera sent me this beautiful icon as a Christmas present this year. I love it!

Elly also sent all her affiliates for her other site, Ballads & Bows this Christmas card! Two cards! Woo Hoo!

Elly from the recently relaunched Sailor Moon Funny Faces Gallery sent me this nice Christmas card. Thanks!

In December, Moonkitty.NET won the award for Best Writing in the first Deep Submerge Awards! Such an honour and definitely a highlight of 2008! Thank you everyone who nominated and voted for me!


After completing my live action Sailor Moon guide, Icera sent me this great edit of the avatar I used when I announced it's completion. Thanks so much Icera! Best affiliate ever!


Icera really outdid herself this year! On Christmas eve she sent all her affiliates two homemade buttons for their sites! What a great Christmas pressie!!!

Got this on the 22nd December 2006 for Christmas from my affil', FallenAngelCeres! Merry Christmas!

Got this on the 16th April 2006 for Easter and it was such a nice suprise! I wasn't expecting this at all! Cheers FallenAngelCeres!


Probably the biggest honor Moonkitty.NET has recieved, The Site of the Month Award at the excellent Deep Submerge Directory in October 2005!

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new ENGLISH sailor moon manga!
new sailor moon english manga #1

Sailor Moon #1 (13th Sept)

Codename: Sailor V #1 (13th Sept)

Sailor Moon #2 (15th Nov)

Codename: Sailor V #2 (15th Nov)

Sailor Moon #3 (17th Jan)

Sailor Moon #4 (13th Mar)

more manga info and shopping links here

new sailor moon dvds!

Live Action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Super Special DVD-BOX

Every episode and special in one official box for the first time!

Release: 22nd Sept

more pgsm dvd info and links here

moonie mailbag

"How long does it take to read all the Sailor Moon manga?"

"What happened to Luna, Artemis, Diana and Serena's family after Sailor Stars?"

"Are there any Sailor Moon ripoffs?"

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Living in Japan isn't cheap and a lot of time and effort goes into creating content for If you appreciate and want to help me cover the costs of running the site (and paying rent and taxes!) please think about a donation. Words can't express how appreciative I will be. will never be a pay site.
A BIG thank you to sassyNpunk for donating! Moon Prism Power!

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sailor moon on twitter sailor mon on facebook sailor moon on youtube sailor moon site feed

This site is purely a fan site used for entertainment and educational purposes and does not make any claims to the Sailor Moon series or it's characters which are 1991-present Naoko Takeuchi, PNP and affiliated parties. All written content on this site though is created by myself 1999 - present and is free for use though please don't copy and paste it and claim it as your own. aims to promote the Sailor Moon series and encourages the purchasing of official merchandise wherever possible and discourages piracy in any form.

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