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Episode 164

SM SuperS

One in the Hand

Jap.164 "The Golden Crystal Appears! Nehelenia's Spell"

Darien is in pain. Diana is concerned for her future king.

Sailor Moon SuperS: One in the Hand Artemis and Luna recount how they had heard a legend of an evil queen that had tried to conquer the entire universe so she was sealed away by Queen Serenity. They wonder now what had happened to free the evil queen.

Elsewhere trapped in a limbo prison, the Amazon Quartet remember how they had found Nehelenia's mirror while playing in the Amazon and how she had given them each magical balls that would help them stay young forever and keep their childish dreams. Sailor Moon SuperS: One in the Hand They also remember how she had told them that if the balls were to ever break, they would lose their dreams.

In her mirror, Nehelenia brings Sailor Mini Moon's body down and blasts it with a bright pink energy blast that frees her Golden Dream Mirror. Pegasus is then summoned which Nehelenia quickly returns to the body of Helios. Nehelenia smiles, having finally brought the mind Sailor Moon SuperS: One in the Hand and heart of Helios together at last.

Mini Moon and Helios reach for each other but Nehelenia tears them apart and rips the Golden Crystal from Helios' forehead. To Mini Moon's horror Helios fades away.

Back in the Dead Moon Circus tent Zirconia is Sailor Moon SuperS: One in the Hand battling the Sailor Scouts. He creates a massive illusion of hundreds of other Zirconias but Sailor Mercury sees through this illusion by realising that the winged eyeball, Zircon had not been copied. She attacks with Mercury Aqua Rhapsody and destroys the illusion.

Zirconia then summons the Amazon Quartet from their prison but before they can do anything he wraps them up in some magical cables and begins to drain them of thei power to make himself stronger.

Sailor Moon SuperS: One in the Hand Mercury realises that their power is in their balls and tells them to break their balls to free themselves. The Quartet hesitate and explain that they'll lose their dreams if they do. Sailor Moon explains that by growing up they don't lose their dreams, they gain new ones.

They all decide together to do it and smash their balls. Having none of Nehelenia's magic to drain, Zirconia releases them and retreats.

He finds his queen at her mirror holding the Golden Crystal. Sailor Moon SuperS: One in the Hand She laughs and then tells Zirconia that she's not impressed with his constant failings. She reaches her hand through the mirror, now finally strong enough to do so, causing Zirconia's hand to glow a bright red. As she pushes the rest of herself through the mirror Zirconia's entire body begins to glow and disappears.

Nehelenia proclaims the curse to be broken as the Moon goes into full solar eclipse.

Interesting Facts

Zirconia was revealed to be a kind of reflection of Nehelenia in this episode that could exist in this world while Nehelenia was inside her mirror. Once outside Zirconia could no longer exist and disappeared. Things are a bit more complex than this though so keep watching!

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