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Sailor Moon SuperS: Dream Believer

Episode 157

SM SuperS

Dream Believer

Jap.157 "Pegasus is Gone?! Swinging Friendships"

Rini and her friends are walking along a river when a boy comes wheeling down the hill on a bike with wings and smashes over the rails into the water. They all recognise him as a student from their school, Hiroki and check to see if he's okay.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Dream Believer After he gets out of the water he explains that it's his dream to fly. They offer to help him but he tells them it's his dream and he wants to do it himself.

That night Rini tells Pegasus about Hiroki's dream and Pegasus becomes interested and asks if he could see it. He reminds Rini that he can't appear in her world for long periods of time and says that he must stay in his dream world. Rini realises that she knows so little about Pegasus after all this time and begins to doubt her friendship with him.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Dream Believer The next day Rini takes the Stallion Reve with her in a basket so Pegasus can watch Hiroki fly. Serena surprises her by showing up also. Rini's other friends as well as Amy and the other girls also arrive.

Hiroki, having repaired his bike tries again but crashes once more into the water. They all run down to help him. He tells them again that it's his dream but eventually Rini's friends convince him to let them help and they quickly become friends with him.

This makes Rini think about what real friendship Sailor Moon SuperS: Dream Believer is and once more thinks about how little she knows about Pegasus.

That night Rini sits outside with the Stallion Reve and asks Pegasus about his true identity and where he comes from. Pegasus says that all he asks is that she trust him and asks her once more to do so before disappearing. Rini becomes upset.

On her way home she runs into Serena and Darien. Serena asks her what's wrong and Rini yells at her for always being nosey. Rini then realises that she may have been too nosey with Pegasus and that not knowing everything about everyone doesn't mean you're not friends and you can't trust them. Rini runs home.

The next day Rini goes to watch Hiroki fix his bike. Besu Besu then appears floating on a ball dressed on old school pilot gear. Rini and Hiroki tell her that she looks really suspicious especially since she's floating in Sailor Moon SuperS: Dream Believer mid air.

Besu Besu reveals her true form and knocks Rini down the hill before firing her red ball at Hiroki, revealing his Dream Mirror, which isn't the gold one she's looking for.

Rini transforms into Super Sailor Mini Moon and realising she has no other weapon or attack in her current form, holds out her Crystal Carillon which miraculously releases an attack very similar to Pink Sugar Heart Attack. It doesn't do much damage though Besu Besu still calls forth her flying Lemres, Pao Pao Girl.

Super Sailor Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus all arriveSailor Moon SuperS: Dream Believer just in time.

Sailor Mars and Mercury attack together with Aqua Rhapsody and Mars Flame Sniper whcih stuns the Lemres and Besu Besu.

Mini Moon goes to summon Pegasus but remembers that he was angry with her and may no longer trust her. Sailor Moon tells her that no matter what's bothering her, everyone still loves her. Mini Moon realises then that she was silly for thinking Pegasus would abandon her so Sailor Moon SuperS: Dream Believerquickly and that their friendship was so fragile.

Mini Moon and Moon then finish the Lemres off with Crystal Twinkle Bell and Moon Gorgeous Meditation. Besu Besu retreats.

That afternoon, they all watch Hiroki fly successfully.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Dream Believer

Monster of the Day

This crazy flying elephant (wtf?) Lemres took a bit of damage before being defeated by Super Sailor Moon's Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Interesting Facts

This was the only time in the anime that Super Sailor Mini Moon used the Crystal Carillon in an attack. The move was given no name and happened in real time though it did appear to be very similar to Pink Sugar Heart Attack.

This episode featured the first combination Super attack which featured Mars Flame Sniper and Aqua Rhapsody in a joint projectile attack.

Hiroki's bike was called the Saint Louis after a famous real world airplane.

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