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Sailor Moon SuperS: A New Nightmare

Episode 150

SM SuperS

A New Nightmare

Jap.150 "Amazoness! The Nightmare From Behind the Mirror"

In the Dead Moon Circus a mysterious dark figure appears in a large mirror. It's the Queen of the Dead Moon, Nehelenia. She commands Zirconia to find the holder of the Golden Dream Mirror of Elysion which Pegasus is hiding in and boastsSailor Moon SuperS: A New Nightmare that once they have him she can once more become the true queen of the Moon Kingdom.

At Crown Game Center, Rini and her friend Melanie are watching Andrew put up posters in the arcade for the new circus in town, the Dead Moon Circus. The two girls rave about how they want to go and wish that they were old enough to go by themselves.

Serena and Darien enter and say hi to everyone.

Sailor Moon SuperS: A New Nightmare Over the other side of the arcade, four strange girls are playing a shooting game. Andrew is amazed at how well they're playing. The four girls then stand up and walk over to Rini and tell her that she shouldn't be in a rush to grow up as the best dreams people have are the ones they have as children.

The four girls walks out of the building chanting "Don't dream that you're all grown up. Big dreams are meant just for kids".

They then return to the Dead Moon Circus where all the Lemres join in the chant. Zirconia appears and commands them to stop.

The four girls then introduce themselves one by Sailor Moon SuperS: A New Nightmare one as; Para Para, Besu Besu, Cele Cele and Jun Jun before Besu Besu leaps towards Zirconia and attacks him! For a moment it looks like she may win but Zirconia quickly blasts her to the floor.

He tells them that he won't stand for insubordination and that if they try something like that again they will be finished. He then gives them the photo of their next target who happens to be Rini's friend Melanie and tells them that they must look for the Golden Mirror.

The four girls, the Amazoness Quartet, quickly decide that it's up to Besu Besu to get the girl as she was the one that failed against Zirconia.

Besu Besu quickly goes back down town and tracks down Rini and her friend and gives them free tickets to the circus as an apology for being rude before.

Soon Rini, Melanie, Serena and the other girls are all at the circus.

Sailor Moon SuperS: A New Nightmare As the show starts the Amazoness Quartet see Melanie. Cele Cele agrees to grab her and begins performing a hypnotic trapeze act and hypnotises Melanie and makes her walk in a trance, as soon as the show's over, out of the tent to where the Amazoness Quartet are waiting.

Rini tells the girls something's wrong with her and they all run after her. When they see the Amazoness Quartet surrounding her outside they all transform.

Besu Besu uses her red ball and a cue to blast Melanie and reveal her Dream Mirror which isn't the Golden Mirror they're after.

The Sailor Scouts then announce themselves.

Besu Besu summons her first Lemres, Gara Gara Sailor Moon SuperS: A New Nightmare who takes the form of a huge snake! She commands it to eat the Dream Mirror as they need to reduce the ammount of places Pegasus can hide in.

Gara Gara swallows it. Sailor Mini Moon leaps up at it's mouth in an attempt to get the mirror out but it's no use.

Super Sailor Mars blasts it with Mega Mars Fire Blast which hurts it.

Super Sailor Mini Moon and Super Sailor Moon then use Crystal Twinkle Bell and Moon Gorgeous Meditation to destroy Gara Gara and save the Dream Mirror which they return to Melanie.

Sailor Moon SuperS: A New Nightmare The Amazoness Quartet teleport away.

Later in their spa, the Quartet joke about their mission and how they still plan to defeat Zirconia. Jun Jun tells the others that she wants the next mission.

Elsewhere Zirconia talks once more with Queen Nehelenia and tells them he thinks the Amazoness Quartet want to keep the Golden Mirror and Pegasus for themselves and that he thinks they should kill them. Nehelenia tells him not to worry about them too much and that she will reward him once she has become the true queen of the Moon Kingdom.

Sailor Moon SuperS: A New Nightmare

Monster of the Day

Gara Gara was Besu Besu's first Lemres and was a huge and powerful one. It's huge snake like body made it one of the biggest (if not the biggest) Monster of the Day the Sailor Scouts had ever faced.

It's worth noting that it was the first Lemres to swallow a Dream Mirror and thus, also the first to shatter in a new style once defeated by Super Sailor Moon's Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Interesting Facts

The Amazoness Quartet made their first full appearance in this episode as did Queen Nehelenia.

While being called "Mega Mars Fire Blast", the fire attack used by Super Sailor Mars was simply a super powerful version of her first attack given a more dramatic name for the English Version. Personally I like the name.

This was the first time we had seen the Crown Game Center in the Sailor Moon SuperS season.

This episode gave us our first mention of the Golden Dream Mirror and also a name for the land Elysion where Pegasus comes from.

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