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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal

Act.12 Enemy - Queen Metalia -

Original Air Date: 20th December 2014

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.12 enemy - queen metalia -

Sailor Jupiter transforms and attacks Queen Beryl and the evil Tuxedo Mask with Supreme Thunder. The fight begins anew and threatens to destroy the Control Centre so Sailor Mercury uses Hyperspatial Sphere Generate which sends everyone except for Luna and Artemis to some sub-dimension.

Sailor Venus attacks Queen Beryl with Venus Love Me Chain and Sailor Mars uses Akuryo Taisan. Their attacks are blocked and Queen Beryl attacks everyone with her hair. Sailor Venus refuses to give up and summons the holy sword. She frees herself and the others from Beryl’s hair and attacks her. Queen Beryl knocks Sailor Venus back.

Sailor Moon picks up the sword and together they all lunge at Queen Beryl. Sailor Mercury scans Beryl with her visor and detects that Beryl’s necklace is the source of Queen Metalia’s power that is keeping her alive. Sailor Moon attacks it with the sword but it doesn’t break.

Sailor Moon begs for Tuxedo Mask to come back to her. Her love for him purifies the sword which begins to glow and shatters Beryl’s necklace.

Queen Beryl begins to disintegrate and recalls her love for Prince Endymion in her past life on Earth.

As she vanishes, Queen Metalia commands Tuxedo Mask to grab the sword and return to her through a portal she just opened. Tuxedo Mask grabs the sword and escapes. Sailor Moon runs after him and the portal closes before Sailor Venus and the others can follow.

As Sailor Moon confronts Tuxedo Mask, Luna tells her via the communicator that she must remove the part of the Imperial Silver Crystal that’s within Tuxedo Mask’s body to make the crystal powerful enough to defeat Queen Metalia.

Nearby, Sailor Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter are tracking Sailor Moon and flying to her location. They land and are met by Kunzite, Jadeite, Zoisite and Nephrite. They plead with them to remember who they really are and as their memories start to return, the four Sailor Guardians attack them with Sailor Planet Attack and completely heal them.

Kunzite and Venus’ eyes meet and as Kunzite whispers her name, Queen Metalia blasts him and the others, killing them.

Sailor Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter begin to cry but quickly stop as they realise there’s no time and they immediately head off to help Sailor Moon.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.12 enemy - queen metalia -

As they fly towards their princess, they see her in the middle of a fight with Tuxedo Mask. Sailor Moon leaps towards Tuxedo Mask and slashes him with the sword. She then kisses him goodbye, wonders aloud if their tragedy will always repeat itself and then turns the sword on herself in suicide.

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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Vol.6

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More information in the Sailor Moon Crystal DVD and Blu-ray Shopping Guide.

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