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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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Live Action Sailor Moon:

Pretty Guardian

Sailor Moon

Act 44

Aired: 14th August 2004

Rei has accused Minako of not yet having awakened as a Sailor Soldier despite her being their leader and telling them all to awaken. Makoto tells Rei that even if it's true she's still their comrade.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Minako, denying these accusations, tells Artemis to tell them that she's awakened. Artemis, now put on the spot hesitates but finally says she has awakened. Rei tells Minako that she just put Artemis in a very uncomfortable position as it was obvious he just lied for her.

In the Dark Kingdom, Mamoru is in pain. He had stayed with Usagi longer than he had promises Queen Beryl. Zoicite helps him to his bed and tells him that he should have at least pretended to be respectful of Beryl.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Queen Beryl meanwhile, is angry and a bit sad as she's beginning to realise that Mamoru's heart may never truly be hers. Jadeite appears in front of her and tells her that he wants to be with her to comfort her in her time of need. She allows this though Zoicite quickly enters and tells Beryl that if she is going to take Mamoru's life she should take his instead.

Beryl tells him that if he takes the princess' life she will consider his offer.

In Tokyo, Usagi has gone to visit Naru in hospital who is still in a coma due to having her energy taken by Queen Metallia. Usagi recalls Naru's words of encouragement.

Live Action Sailor Moon: At Crown, Nephrite has recently felt his powers returning as Metallia has become more and more powerful. He holds out his hand and causes a large burst of energy to blast from it. Motoki enters and asks what he did, but before he can answer, Ami enters and gives them both cookies she had baked. Motoki takes one and pretends to like them. She offers the bag to Nephrite too. After one bite he begins eating the rest right out of the bag while happily saying that they taste awful and are really bad. Motoki thinks he's strange but Ami laughs a bit, enjoying him liking her cookies.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Suddenly, Minako enters incognito, shows a Luna yearly pass and walks to the Sailor Soldier's karaoke room. Motoki recognises her and stands there in shock. Ami runs after her.

Rei and Makoto are already in the room when Minako enters. Rei immediately begins arguing with her and even Makoto over how they can't just fight for their past lives' mission. Ami runs in right behind Minako followed by Luna in human form holding Artemis.

Minako tells Rei that if that is how she feels then she's not needed here. Rei tells them that she will continue to fight though if she can't change the past what chance do they all have and then leaves.

Live Action Sailor Moon: In the Dark Kingdom, Mamoru tells Zoicite that he must not understand what he has done. He reminds Zoicite that he came to the Dark Kingdom to save their lives and that anyone who is willing to sacrifice their lives must have lives that weren't worth anything in the first place.

Back in Tokyo, Usagi is attacked by a Youma previously created by Zoicite to kill her. She transforms and begins to battle it but it is strong. Sailor Venus, Jupiter and Mercury arrive but another super strong Youma created by Queen Metallia appears and they're all separated with the Sailor Soldiers fighting one and Sailor Moon chasing after the other one.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Sailor Venus, Jupiter and Mercury manage to destroy their Youma with their star attacks though as soon as the Youma disappears Sailor venus begins to feel weak and collapses onto the ground.

At that same moment, Zoicite has appeared to help Sailor Moon and has been skewered by his own creation. Sailor Moon then destroys it and takes Zoicite to a quiet place to rest.
While dying, he tells Sailor Moon that trying to kill her was a betrayal to his master and that he always wanted to serve him properly. He plays one final song which reaches the ears of Nephrite, Jadeite, Mamoru and Kunzite who has at that moment decided to free himself of Beryl's curse by running himself through with his own sword.

As he finishes his final performance, his hand drops and his whole body begins to glow. Suddenly he transforms into a piece of zoicite that floats in the air for a second before landing in Sailor Moon's palms. It cracks in two and then dissolves into a thousand tiny bits of dust that blow away in the wind.

Zoicite is dead. Kunzite has taken his own life and Sailor Venus has collapsed.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon DVD #11 Cover

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