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Sailor Moon R: Birth of Wicked Lady

Episode 78

Sailor Moon R

Birth of Wicked Lady

Jap.85 "Birth of the Dark Queen, Black Lady"

The Sailor Scouts, Tuxedo Mask, Luna and Artemis gather in the gardens at the top of the Crystal Palace. They still can't find Rini who has gone missing. Tuxedo Mask Sailor Moon R: Birth of Wicked Lady suggests that she may be playing hide and seek with them and that they should split up and look for her.

Meanwhile Rini is in the company of Wiseman who is using his magic and mind powers to turn Rini to his side. He tells Rini that noone loves her and that she has always been alone.

Rini tells him that he's wrong but Wiseman makes her remember an instance when she fell over and her mother and father refused to help her get up because they wanted her to learn how to do it herself. Wiseman twists this around and makes Rini think it was because they didn't love her.

Sailor Moon R: Birth of Wicked Lady Wiseman then makes her recall a time in her past where her mother and father were away on business and not with her for her birthday and everyone else tells her that they're too busy to spend time with her.

Rini becomes furious with everyone as dark black energy begins to swirl around her and transforms her into an adult version of herself called Wicked Lady.

Sailor Moon R: Birth of Wicked Lady Wiseman introduces Wicked Lady to Prince Diamond who is shocked at the Nega Moon symbol on her forehead. After a bit of hesitation, he accepts her into the family.

As Wiseman and Wicked Lady leave, Sapphire approaches Diamond and tells him that he suspects Wiseman used Emerald in an experiment that killed her and that they shouldn't trust him. Diamond doesn't buy it however and convinces Sapphire not to worry about it.

Back in Crystal Tokyo, Sailor Pluto has appeared via hologram and tells everyone that Rini is now in the past and not herself. She then sends them all back to the past. Sailor Moon R: Birth of Wicked Lady Tuxedo Mask asks her if she can tell them more about the future such as what caused the whole planet to freeze over but Sailor Pluto refuses to divulge anything and tells them the most important thing is to live in the present.

As they arrive, they're all happy to be back but don't have time to relax as Diamond and Wicked Lady have planted a massive crystal in the ground that begins to grow to a massive side. The run to it's location but are stopped by Wicked Lady. None of them seem to recognise who she is but when Luna P begins to react and float towards her and converts it's own crescent moon symbol into the Nega Moon symbol they realise that this woman is Rini!

Sailor Moon R: Birth of Wicked Lady Wicked Lady transforms Luna P into a black parasol and blasts everyone with a black energy blast while telling them that none of them love her. Sailor Moon stands up and uses Moon Crystal Healing Activation which makes Wicked Lady remember what happened in the past after she was upset over noone remembering her birthday; everyone threw her a surprise party!

Wicked Lady begins to revert back to Rini, but Wiseman appears and tells her that Sailor Moon is trying to trick her with an Sailor Moon R: Birth of Wicked Lady illusion. Wicked Lady then comes to her senses and disappears with Wiseman as the huge crystal begins to grow even bigger.

Sailor Moon promises herself that she will return Rini to normal.

Interesting Facts

The first appearance of Rini's very popular adult form, Wicked Lady and the evil Luna P!

The Japanese written on Rini's birthday cake in the flashback simply says "Happy Birthday Small Lady".

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