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Sailor Moon: Match Point for Sailor Moon

Episode 11

Sailor Moon

Match Point for Sailor Moon

Jap.14 "A new formidable enemy, the evil coat of arms Nephrite."

With Jadeite out of the way, the second general of the Negaverse steps forward, Nephlite! He tells Queen Beryl that Jadeite failed because he tried to take too much energy from too many people at the same time and that his new plan is to take just as much energy from individuals.

Sailor Moon: Match Point for Sailor Moon Beryl asks him how this can be done and he tells her that all humans are ruled by the stars and that once in a person's lifetime, their power peaks. He will detect which people are at their peak and steal their energy at the precise moment their energy reaches critical mass.
Queen Beryl has her doubts but lets him carry out his plan.

Nephrite quickly sets up base in Tokyo by materialising a spooky dark mountain forest Sailor Moon: Match Point for Sailor Moon in the suburbs and begins scanning the stars for his first target. It take long.

At that very moment, Serena and Molly are watching a girl called Katie play tennis. Molly seems to very into watching her and even screams out that she's her older sister. Serena's confused as she thought Molly was an only child. Molly explains that her and Katie's mums are best friends so her and Katie grew up together and think of each other as sisters.

Sailor Moon: Match Point for Sailor Moon Out of nowhere, Nephrite arrives in his civilian guise as Maxfield Stanton. All the school girls immediately start swooning over him. Nephrite leaps over the tennis court's fence and asks Katie's opponent to lend him her racket. She lends it to him and watches as he performs a super fast serve at Katie. The ball hits Katie's racket so hard that she drops it and hurts her wrist. Nephrite walks over to her and kneels by her racket, infusing it with Nega-energy to increase Katie's power ten fold.

Katie picks up the racket and immediately begins to play harder and faster. The more she plays with the racket the more powerful she becomes and eventually her personality begins to change as she becomes meaner and meaner. Molly looks worried.

Sailor Moon: Match Point for Sailor Moon That night, Luna consults Central Control about the enemy. Central Control tells Luna that the enemy are from another dimension called the Negaverse and that they're trying to gather as much energy as possible.

The next day, Luna calls a Sailor Scout meeting to talk about the enemy. Amy and Raye seem very interested in stopping the Negaverse, but Serena just wants to relax and take up the latest fad, tennis! Everyone tells her to be more serious and to get her act together.

Sailor Moon: Match Point for Sailor Moon Soon after the meeting, Molly comes around to Serena's house. She's very upset and wants to talk about Katie. Apparently she's like a completely different person.
We now get a corny flashback sequence with a rather strange young Molly playing tennis. This flashback seems to do the trick however as Serena suggests they both go and talk to Katie.

When they get to the tennis courts they Sailor Moon: Match Point for Sailor Moon find Katie scaring the Hell out of two male tennis players. She's screaming at them to play but they're trying to tell her they've had enough. Serena and Molly intervene and tell her to stop being like this.

As the two men run for their lives, Katie screams for Serena and Molly to get out of the way. Katie's power begins to peak. She holds up her racket and manages to fire a powerful energy beam right at them both. Molly is knocked unconscious.

Sailor Moon: Match Point for Sailor Moon Suddenly, Nephrite summons forth Tensi, the demon that had been growing within Katie to maximise her energy. Serena transforms into Sailor Moon and tries to attack the monster but she is trapped almost immediately within a bizarre tennis ball and thrown all over the court.
Luckily, Tuxedo Mask appears, attacks the monster and causes the giant tennis ball to disappear. Tuxedo Mask proposes to Sailor Moon that they work together to defeat this monster. Sailor Moon, hearing this, snaps out of her fantasy world featuring Tuxedo Mask and gets ready for action.

Sailor Moon: Match Point for Sailor Moon They both work well as a team, dodging energy blasts and staying on top of the situation. Tuxedo Mask throws a rose that seems to stun Tensi for a while but then suddenly collapses, somehow injured. Sailor Moon moves to help him but is stopped by Tuxedo Mask yelling at her to not worry about him and attack the monster while it's stunned.
Sailor Moon uses Moon Tiara Magic and completely destroys the monster. Luna, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars who had just arrived at that very moment are very impressed by Sailor Moon's ability to defeat a monster by herself.

The next day, Katie seems to be back to normal and Molly tells Serena that Katie doesn't remember anything that happened the day before. Katie, now friends with Molly again asks Molly to play a round with her in tennis. Molly races over and serves a ball but it hits Serena right in the face and knocks her out.

Sailor Moon: Match Point for Sailor Moon

Monster of the Day

Tensi is the first astrologically based monster from the Negaverse to be brought forth by the peaking of a human's powers in the series. It caused Katie to become angry and manifest extra strength before it came to full power and just before it was released from her body exhibited the ability to fire energy blasts from a simple tennis racket.
Once in full power, Tensi had the bizarre ability to trap Sailor Moon within a giant tennis ball and could cause it to bounce all over the place with the power of it's mind. It was defeated by Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Magic attack.

Interesting Facts

While Episode 10 gave us our first look at Nephlite surprisingly we now get our first look at Zoicite!

Around the late 90's, early 2000's, tennis become so popular in Tokyo that teenagers and even adults were seen carrying tennis rackets around with themselves in public even if they didn't actually play the sport. The anime, manga and musical series, Prince of Tennis was created in part due to this interest in the sport and fuelled the public's passion for it even more.

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