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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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Sailor Moon R DVD

Sailor Moon Vol8

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The second season of the Sailor Moon anime continues with new characters, new attacks and a new transformation!

Region Differences

The DVD used for this review is the Region 4, Australian / New Zealand version which seems to contain the same episodes taken from the same source as the Region 1, North American DVD but with a fresher redesigned navigation menu that actually lists the episodes in numerical order rather than the "title only" approach used by the Region 1 designers. The Region 1 menus were also static and silent while the Region 4 ones are animated with music in the background (more on the menus further down this page). Basically, if you buy the Region 1 DVD you'll be getting the same disk that's reviewed on this page, just with these small differences.


The cover features a piece of artwork created for the Region 1 DVD cover though with one major difference, the inclusion of a disk number on the spine and the front top right corner!
The Sailor Scouts all look rather good, though slightly different due to the artwork being created stateside. The back cover shows screencaps of several episodes in yellow star shaped frames against a dark purple and pink background featuring the Doom Tree itself which ads a very foreboding feel to it. There's also a dramatic (though simplified) description of the basic story arc contained in the episodes.
The six episodes contained on this DVD are also listed which is nice when you have a craving to watch a certain episode and can't remember which DVD it's on.

Sailor Moon DVD #8 Main Menu

The Menus

The menus, well the one menu anyway, is very nice. It features the same artwork used for the DVD cover but with the added novelty of an animated background full of evil purple bubbles. It's actually quite nice to look at. An instrumental version of the English Sailor Moon Theme Song also plays in the background keeping the menu upbeat and quite enjoyable to let loop while you get ready for your Sailor Moon marathon.

The menu loads immediately with no delay whatsoever and the episodes, once selected begin playing right away. Navigation is very easy due to the fact that everything is on the main page.

The Special Features

Unfortunately there aren't any Special Features on this DVD which is a shame, but then the Japanese DVDs didn't really have any Special Features either. There is though an Easter Egg to be found if you click on the disk number star next to the "Sailor Moon" title which is a basic static screen of disk credits. Not much, but it's something.

The Episodes

With Anne and Alan both attending Serena's school more time is spent with her classmates, teacher and school events which may sound boring at first but offers some of the best episodes of the season concerning character relationships.

A Knight to Remember introduces us to a new hero for the Sailor Scouts and explores the drama Serena is feeling being unable to confront Darien about the previous season's finale.

Sailor Moon DVD #8 Quality Sample Screencap VR Madness features some great love square and family comedy as Serena, Anne, Alan, Darien and Serena's brother and dad all end up in a new virtual reality computer game. What starts off as a "Monster of the Day" type episode ends with a huge twist that will shock everyone. Seriously the ending of this episode is probably the biggest surprise in the whole run of the Sailor Moon anime.

Cherry Blossom Time is one of the most popular episodes in the series for several reasons; it features cherry blossom season (sakura season), Sailor Moon gets a new transformation and attack and a figure from Serena's past life returns.

After Sailor Moon gets her new attack, it only seems fitting that the other Sailor Scouts get one as well and that's exactly what happens in the following three episodes, Kindergarten Chaos which focuses on Sailor Venus, Much Ado About Babysitting an average episode but worth watching if you're a Sailor Mercury fan, and Raye's Day in the Spotlight which is a must watch for any Sailor Mars fan or fan of the English Sailor Moon songs, two of which premiere in this episode.

As a whole, this DVD offers some of the best episodes in the R season especially if you like the "downtime" episodes more than the action ones (not that there's not a lot of action) and new attacks and transformations. Well worth a look.

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