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Sailor Moon R: A Knight to Remember

Episode 43

Sailor Moon R

A Knight to Remember

Jap.49 "Who's the White Rose For? The Moonlight Knight Appears!"

Lita is meeting up with her friend, Ken when both of them are attacks by a lion Cardian sent to gather energy from Alan and Anne! Ken throws himself in front of Lita to save her but ends up being thrown over the side of the rail where they are standing suffers serious injuries.

Sailor Moon R: A Knight to Remember The Cardian then disappears with the energy it has gathered. Ken is rushed to the hospital but he has lost so much blood that a transfusion is needed. Lita volunteers to give him her blood.

Later while Lita lies in a bed besides the unconscious Ken, Serena and Amy ask Lita how she knows him. Lita tells them how Ken has always been there for her no matter what as she remembers when her last boyfriend broke up with her and he was there to comfort her (as "Rainy Day Man" plays in the background).

Meanwhile in their apartment, Anne and Alan scheme to use the lion Cardian once more as it did so well the first time and laugh about how they're really lovers but to everyone else they're brother and sister.

Sailor Moon R: A Knight to Remember At Raye's temple Serena, Luna and the girls discuss how to track down the lion Cardian who attacked Lita and Ken. Lita is furious and swears to defeat it.

That night, Serena reflects on Lita and Ken's friendship and remembers that she still has to awaken Darien's memories.

The next day Serena finds Darien on the street and shows him a slide show of drawings of their past life in the Silver Millennium that she had drawn by herself. Anne shows up and laughs at how she will never get Darien with fairy tales like this. Darien meanwhile has run away from both of them.

Sailor Moon R: A Knight to Remember Back at Raye's temple, Lita, Mina and Amy are watching Raye pray to the temple's fire for a vision. Suddenly an image of the lion Cardian appears and they all realise that this is a job for the Sailor Scouts. They all transform and run out of the temple to track it down.
On their way out they pass Serena who they tell to transform and come with them. Serena transforms into Sailor Moon but then notices that Sailor Jupiter is looking very weak due to giving blood and begs with her not to come. Sailor Jupiter agrees not to but comes anyway and leaves the fighting to her friends.

Sailor Moon R: A Knight to Remember Unfortunately when they catch up with the lion Cardian it defeats Sailor Venus, Mars and Mercury and pins down Sailor Moon.

Suddenly out of nowhere a white rose appears followed but a mysterious man who introduces himself as "The Moonlight Knight". Sailor Moon wonders if he's really Tuxedo Mask but doesn't get long to ponder this as he leaps into action and attacks the Cardian with a powerful sword throw which completely knocks the lion out. The Moonlight Knight then disappears as fast as arrived.

Sailor Moon R: A Knight to Remember Sailor Moon, still wondering who this mysterious person was doesn't notice the lion Cardian regaining conciousness behind her. It leaps at her and manages to pin her underneath itself.

Sailor Jupiter then sees no choice and deciding to help her friends, uses a super powerful Jupiter Thunder Crash that frees Sailor Moon and completely destroys the lion, reverting it into it's card form which dissolves into black smoke.

All the girls are very impressed with Sailor Jupiter who is relieved to have defeated the monster who attacked her best friend.

Sailor Moon R: A Knight to Remember The next day, Lita and the girls watch from afar, Ken leaving the hospital with a friend. Serena asks Lita if she wants to check up on him but Lita replies that Ken has always looked over her and now it's her turn for her to look over him.

That night, Serena reflects on Lita and Ken's relationship and then begins once more thinking about herself and Darien. She feels certain that the Moonlight Knight is Darien she just doesn't know what to do about it and wonders where he came from.

Sailor Moon R: A Knight to Remember

Monster of the Day

This cool lion Cardian was the first Cardian to actually successfully steal energy and then return to Alan and Anne to be turned back into it's original card form for use later in the series. This is interesting as it shows that the cards they have are a kind of storage device, not magical items that are released and never returned.

The lion Cardian (no name given) seemed to absorb energy through it's mystical circle that hovers near it's body. When the Moonlight Knight destroyed it it passed out though it managed to carry on without it and attack Sailor Moon.
It was destroyed by Sailor Jupiter's Jupiter Thunder Crash.

Interesting Facts

This was the first appearance for the Moonlight Knight who is a character unique to the anime version of Sailor Moon. Who is he really? Stay tuned to find out!

While DiC had a tendency to edit out a lot of the violence or blood in the series, a surprising amount was still left in despite what the anti-dub Moonies say. One example in this episode is the shot of Ken after his fall. A surprising amount of blood can easily been seen around his body, emphasising how serious his injuries were.

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