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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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SailormoonSuperS: The Movie

Audio: English and Japanese
Subtitle: English
Content: One 60min Movie
Quick Rating: 4 / 5

US$10.42* - Original Release
US$9.38 - Geneon Sig Series Release

The Cover: Personally my favorite cover out of the three feature films. A great picture of SuperSailormoon which is no suprise as the SuperS season had the best animation out of the whole series. Small gold foil cresent moons hovering within the gold foil border and the red foil "SuperS" really make this cover stand out from the many other anime DVD titles I have.

The Menu: Incredible. This menu is on par with anything the hollywood studios bring out. When the disk loads we are treated to a still picture of SuperSailormoon in mid-Gorgeous-Meditation pose. An animated "lens flare" floats around the end of her wand creating a simple yet very effective....well, effect! The background features an equally impressive animated map. This menu actually maintains the feel of the film!

Extra Stuff: Heaps here! We have the intro used in the EDITED VERSION released on VHS, which is basically a music video of clips from all three films to the English Sailormoon Theme Song. There's also individual profile pages for all 10 Sailor Soldiers, Tuxedo Mask and Artemis, Luna and Diana! Each profile page features attack video clips of the respective character plus the usual information. Also in the Extra Stuff is a picture gallery of stills from the SuperS Movie and a seperate section dedicated to the Sailor Soldiers' transformations!

The Movie: Easily the most enjoyable and light-hearted out of the three feature films, this one focuses, much like the SuperS Season, on Sailormoon and MiniMoon. But fear not. If you're not a fan of either of these characters there are some stunningly animated scenes with the other Sailor Soldiers. Speaking of the animation, I can say without any hesitation that the animation in this film is as good if not greater than anything Disney has released to date.
But what about the audio? Well the English dubbing is actually pretty good! All the actors who worked on the dubbing of the first two seasons are here and many of them have improved considerably. The only actor I had a problem with was the actress who did Sailormoon; at times she sounded like she was trying too hard to sound dramatic. An example of this is when they're approaching the castle and she says; "Looks tough guys! Not too late to turn back!". Some might not think twice about how she said it and might actually like it but to me it just sounded wrong. Anyway the English is in Stereo and if you don't like it you can watch the film in it's original Japanese format with or without subtitles!

The only major gripe I had with this disk is that it wasn't in it's original widescreen format! Half the film has been cut out (visually) from each side and it doesn't look like Pioneer will be releasing a widescreen version anytime soon at all! This is the reason I didn't give this disk 5 / 5. I want to see the entire film, as I'm sure many other fans do. It really annoys me how companys convert films to the tv format for all those morons out there who don't like the black lines on the top and bottom of their screens!

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