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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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japanese sailor moon region 2 dvd cover

Sailor Moon DVD

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Vol.1

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The first Region 2 Japanese Sailor Moon DVD impressed with amazing image quality, clear sound and Sailor Moon's awakening!


The front cover features a very well drawn image of Sailor Moon with her moon kitty companion, Luna against a white backdrop. The Japanese logo for the series is placed on the bottom while the words "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon" are displayed in a circular design behind the main character. Overall it's designed very well and looks great. The rear cover is rather jammed but this is rather normal with Japanese releases. Basic info on each episode is listed as well as the usual DVD stats.

The Menus

The DVD menu loads very fast and is super easy to navigate (even if you can't read Japanese) but there is one rather big flaw, Sailor Moon Japanese Region 2 DVD #1 Main Menu the main menu is really badly designed. With all of the still images of Sailor Moon available I have no idea why they decided to crop an image from the opening credits. Not only is the choice of image rather random but it's also edited extremely unprofessionally. It almost looks as if the "designer" had never used Photoshop before and simply used the feather tool to crop the image in 2 minutes.

From my experience Japanese DVDs usually have much blander designs than their Western counterparts but the creation of this menu just looks lazy which is Sailor Moon Japanese Region 2 DVD #1 Chapter Select Menurather shocking considering what a high profile anime series this is.

The Chapter Select menu looks a bit better though with some nice (though at times random) music playing and small touches such as the different flower borders that adds to it's value. It is a little jarring though how different the main and chapter menus are in style.

Kudos to the production team though for cutting the episode up into so many parts. Hard core fans who want to watch certain scenes will definitely enjoy this feature.

The Special Features

Unfortunately as is in keeping with Japanese DVD releases the special features are pretty bare-bones. We do though get creditless versions (strangely called "Non-Super") of the first opening and closing credits which most fans will appreciate as well as 15 second teasers for each episode.

The Episodes

The episodes are what these DVDs are about and Moonies will be very pleased with what we have here. All the episodes have been digitally re-mastered and the image quality is the best it's ever been (Check out my screencap comparison here to see just how big the difference is). The sound while still in it's original Mono has also been cleaned up considerably and sounds great. All the episodes areSailor Moon Japanese Region 2 DVD #1 Image Quality Screencap in their original uncut Japanese audio form and while there are no subtitle options for English speakers, most Sailor Moon fans shouldn't have too much of an issue understanding the plot. As well as the epic first episode of the anime, the funny radio episode and the unusual gym episode Moonies are also treated to not one but three Missing Episodes that were cut from the English adaption of Sailor Moon; original episode 2, original episode 5 and the original episode 6.

It's great to see these three missing episodes though with the inclusion of these episodes you literally get 6 episodes (an entire DVD) into the anime without any mention of any other Sailor besides Sailor Moon and this may prove a little frustrating for a few people if you're doing a marathon and want to see Sailors Mercury and Mars. These three episodes also aren't of the best quality with the script being very poor and incredibly predictable and cliche. Good to see though and it's definitely great that you can own them on DVD. There's just no way you'll be rewatching them as much as some of the more epic episode.

The Sailor Moon anime has never looked or sounded this great. The first episode alone makes this DVD a must have for Moonies. I only wish the other episodes on this disk were of the same quality which really could have made it something.

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new sailor moon english manga #1

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Codename: Sailor V #2 (15th Nov)

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Every episode and special in one official box for the first time!

Release: 22nd Sept

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