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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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Venus Wink Chain Sword [anime]

Japanese Name: Venus Wink Chain Sword

First Appearance: Sailor Moon S Opening 1

See Also: [manga]

In Brief: While never actually being used in an episode of the Sailor Moon anime, the first opening of the Sailor Moon S season suggests that Sailor Venus was originally supposed to gain that attack during that season. The Sailor Moon musicals also hint at this with the 1994 Summer Special Musical: Usagi's Road to Becoming a Soldier of Love also having Sailor Venus use the attack and the other Sailor's using the other attacks shown in this first opening. Several episodes early on in the Sailor Moon S season were dedicated to each of the Inners and it stands to reason that any of these would have given them their new attacks (This though is just my speculation).

Why the plan changed is unknown, though a possible theory may be that with Sailor Moon, Uranus and Neptune getting two new attacks and Sailor Pluto and Mini Moon getting one new attack each plus all the new transformations, the animation teams simply didn't have enough time to create the animation sequences for four new Inner attacks. Another possible theory is that the fans or staff simply thought the Inners didn't need new attacks and that their current repertoire was sufficient. It did take them until halfway through the fourth season, Sailor Moon SuperS until they were given new attacks with the possible reason for this being the dramatic change in animation style.

Cultural: "A Chainsword is a Close Combat Weapon which is essentially a sword with powered teeth that run along the blade like that of a chainsaw. Most versions make use of monomolecular-edged or otherwise razor sharp teeth. The weapon makes an angry buzzing sound as the teeth spin around, intensifying into a high pitched scream as they grind into armour.

It is a popular weapon of Imperial Guard officers, and boarding and assault parties - such as Space Marine Assault Squads, Chaos Space Marines, especially Raptors, and Eldar Striking Scorpions. "
-- Taken from Lexicanum

The Move: Sailor Venus twirls her chain around in a ferocious attack!

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